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Hotel Encounter

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What happened when I stayed in a hotel on the east coast and met a very attractive divorcee


Thanks to those who responded to my recent post End to End in which I described a recent meet up with a guy in a nearby town. Being Bi I have had some very satisfactory contacts with women over the years and indeed my wife is sufficiently into mutual masturbation to make our sex play very satisfying. I thought readers might like to hear of an encounter I had before I was married which led to my companion acting out her fantasies.

At the time I worked for a company which was involved in marine survey work and my job took me up and down the east coast of the UK in connection with the search for oil and gas. Normally if the job involved sea going I would live on the particular ship which was doing the work, however on this occasion the company chartered a day boat with no accommodation so I was booked into a hotel in a seaside resort, the idea being I would go out every day on the boat and return to the hotel in the evening, which meant an early start every day.

The hotel was medium size with about a dozen rooms. On the first day I noticed a really attractive woman who I guessed to be about 40 with a nice body, natural blonde hair and really good legs. Over the first week I found out she did a variety of jobs in the hotel, one of which was to cook early breakfasts so as I was the only one about at that time she got into the habit of having a cup of tea with me while I ate. It was clear we got on well enjoying a similar sense of humour, and I found out she was a divorcee living alone. At the end of the week, I had the weekend off, so I plucked up the courage to ask her out for a drink and she accepted.

When we met she looked great in a nice skirt, blouse and jacket with shoes that weren't too high but sufficient to accentuate those great legs! At first our chat was on general terms her work, my work families etc. But as the drink took hold it became more personal and eventually we got to the subject of fantasies. We had already got to the point where we had admitted to each other that we masturbated, she because she was without a partner at the time, me because I was away all the time. Anyway, she told me that one of her fantasies was to play with herself in front of a man while he jerked off. I think the reader will guess what's coming!!

We floated out of the pub on a sea of booze and went back to her house. Once in the kitchen she poured some more booze and we faced each other. I leaned against a table and she, a couple of feet away, leaned against the work surface. She said "Ready?" I said "OK" and she slowly lifted her skirt to her waist. I was right the legs were superb! She put her thumbs into her panties and slowly lowered them to just above her knees and then spread her legs as far apart as they would go. She was shaved and she slowly moved her hands to between her legs and began stroking while looking straight at me. By now my cock was straining and when she said "Your turn" I needed no more encouragement. I kicked of my shoes and dropped my pants. I stroked myself through my boxers for a few minutes then pushed them down to reveal myself and continued to stroke my cock. She reached up and undid the top few buttons on her blouse and lowered her bra cup to reveal a beautifully shaped breast which she played with. We stayed like this for a long time watching each until I found myself getting close and said so. "Wait", she said "Let's go into the lounge, there's something else I'd like to do".

She kicked her shoes off, slipped out of her pants and led me into the lounge. There was a low slung settee and she sat on it with her bottom right on the edge. She then spread those fantastic legs and used her hand to open herself to me. "Use your cock to stroke me", she said. I knelt between her legs and with my cock in my hand I ran it up and down stopping at her clit to stimulate it more. She had her hand on her mound and when my cock was up there she reached down and pushed the head hard against herself, squeezing it hard which always gets me! I tried to enter her but she said "No keep on wanking me". I was getting closer and closer and I could tell she wasn't far away either as her breath was speeding up and her hips were moving up and down against me. It was a fabulous situation with those gorgeous legs on either side of me and my cockhead getting the finger treatment. I couldn't hold out any longer and said so. "Do it, I'm there", She cried "Shoot on me"! And I did wave after wave hit me and I came all over her clit and mound. She clamped me with her legs and groaned and bucked as she came off.

It seemed to take ages to calm down and when I looked down I realised what a mess I'd made. I'm not normally a big shooter but she had really got me going! She told me where the downstairs wash room was and I went to clean up. When I got back she had been up to the bathroom and cleaned herself up as well and was sitting on the settee in just her blouse and those great legs curled under her. So we sat and talked for a bit before I spent the night with her, having more great sex.

We saw a lot of each other during my stay and masturbation played a big role in our sex. When I had to go we promised to phone and write and keep it going. However, inevitably as I was travelling a lot, the calls and contact got less and less and in the end petered out. It's a shame but I will always look back on those few weeks with great pleasure.



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