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Hotdog in a Bun

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I'm 40 and have been masturbating regularly and enthusiastically since before puberty. I've always had a healthy libido which has increased since my early 30s, and the frequency and length of my sessions have increased accordingly. I typically masturbate daily, but during particularly horny periods and if time alone permits, I may pleasure myself two or more times a day (especially when I don't have a lover).

I absolutely love the feeling of a cock filling me up, so my toy of choice is a silicone dildo about 7' long and 2' in diameter. I arouse easily and usually get really wet during sex and masturbation that I'm lubed sufficiently. If not, I'll use a bit of almond oil on my dildo, but don't require repeat applications since once I get going , my juices drip down my inner thighs. The silicone retains my body heat and moisture making my dildo feel oh so nice, warm and wet...closer to the feeling of a real cock snuggly penetrating my tight pussy!

I usually start on my back and will fantasize about about a current lover, someone new I desire, or a memorable past lover. The seduction scenarios vary. I'll caress my breasts until my nipples get hard. I'll remove my panties and play with my clit with my fingers. When I start to get moist and as my arousal increases, I'll straddle two or three stacked pillows, spread my legs wide apart with knees bent and thighs hugging the pillows. I manually spread my pussy lips and wedge the dildo lengthwise between as if placing a hotdog in a bun. I place the dildo with the head pointing towards my anus. I then embark on an incredibly pleasurable ride, ususally sitting upright at first, eventually leaning over the pillows. I employ a combination of movements, including rocking, sliding, back-and-forth, side-to-side, up-and-down motions to optimize the friction on my clit and opening of my pussy. I hug the dildo with my pussy lips. The variations and possibilities are endless and the sensations are intensely satisfying.

The pillow setup renders my hands free to explore other erogenous zones. The dildo begins to marinate in my juices and as I get increasingly wet, the juices start dripping down the insides of my upper thighs. I repeatedly bring myself to the verge of orgasm building up to a cresendo until I cum with utterly delicious intensity.

I'll pause to bask in the waves of sheer pleasure until I'm in a completely tranquil state. Often I'll repeat it all to experience another amazing clitoral orgasm.

When my pussy is nice and wet again, I'll penetrate it with my dildo and then embark on another incredible joy ride where my pussy is the star attraction. Once I'm penetrated, I love to sit upright and move up and down so that the dildo slides in and out of my pussy getting wetter and stickier with each motion. I also love to lean forward on the pillows and grab them with my thighs, pushing the ends of the pillows towards my ass until I feel the dildo really deep. I move the dildo thrusting slowly and rhytmically and then faster and vigorously in and out with my hip motions, increasing the pressure on my g-spot until it ejaculates. I imagine my lover fucking me hard and deep doggy style, his balls slapping against my ass, both of us moaning in ecstacy. When time permits, I can go on for perhaps an a hour or more of this pleasure, either teasing myself until I cum intensely or I cum over and over.



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