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Hot Young Trainer at the Hotel

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Man, I need to travel more often!!!! Unreal encounter!


My family, mom, dad and I had to travel out of state for a wedding, and we stayed at a nice hotel. I got my own room. I'm about 6'1', 200 lbs., fairly toned, but not really muscular, short dark hair, killer smile, and cute, at least I've been told.

We got to the hotel about noon, and had the rest of the day free, so I headed down to the workout room. It was pretty elaborate, and even had a guy walking around giving tips, assistance with the machines, etc. He was 21 and hot as all getout. Tanned complexion, shoulder-length hair, beautiful eyes and teeth, very buff all over, in shorts and muscle shirt.

Being close in age and both outgoing, we hit it off and talked for awhile, since it wasn't crowded at all. He said he got off at 5, and asked if I'd like to catch dinner and a movie or something. Sounded better than hanging with my folks!

We had a blast over dinner, and he commented that he also did masseuse work. I asked how much, and he said he'd trade massages with me for free. I have to admit, I suddenly got wood!! I mean, this guy was stunning and his personality just melted me. I've dated lots of pretty girls, but this guy was, frankly, better looking than any of them. I think being on 'vacation' in another state, and away from the parents, added to my feeling of freedom and lack of inhibition.

We headed back to my hotel room, and he said go ahead and get undressed as much as I want, and lay down on the bed. Meanwhile, he started doing the same, till he was down to his boxers. I said I'd give him a rubdown first.

I rubbed his back and shoulders, sitting on his legs, when suddenly he rolled me off for a sec and slid off his boxers. Then he laid on his back, with a massive boner straight up on his stomach. Without saying a word, I slid my underwear off, exposing my rock-hard member, and sat back down on his thighs. After slowly running my fingers lightly over his belly, I just took hold of his throbbing dick and he let out a moaning sigh.

He rubbed both his hands up my meaty thighs, looking right into my eyes and smiling. I wanted more contact, and slid my body down beside his, and we then faced each other. Simultaneously we leaned in for a kiss, which turned much more passionate than I could ever imagine. Our legs intertwined, and our dicks rubbed together, sending shockwaves thru my body and head. We began feeling every portion of each other's bodies we could touch/grab, while keeping our lips and tongues probing. I've got kind of a soft, fleshy bubble butt, and Jeff couldn't seem to take his hands off it. He squeezed and rubbed and slid his fingers down my crack, which drove me into a near frenzy.

After a few minutes, our grinding became even more intense, and I lost it, crying out with a soaking orgasm. It sent Jeff over the edge, as he held me tight and I felt his dick pump out streams of hot cum all over our stomachs and pubic hairs. As this release happened, we nearly tore each other's lips off, we were kissing so madly and loudly (I thought the people in the movies were just faking all that noise, but in the midst of this unexpected first-time encounter, we were as involuntarily loud as we dared be).

We drifted off to sleep shortly after that, huddled together, but woke up when some doors were slamming in the hall. We showered, washing each other and kissing some more, laughing at what had developed from a seemingly-innocent dinner conversation. We agreed it was the most sensuous thing that had ever happened to either of us, and promised to get together the next day after the wedding.

Care to hear what happened....?



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