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Hot Wanking With a Hot Friend

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This happened about three years ago when I was 15


My name is Zach and I'm pretty fit and slim. I'm about five foot seven inches with an uncut dick and my friend Jacob is my height, slim like me and we both play sports. My dick is about five and a half inches hard and his was about six inches. We are both straight and both have girlfriends.

Anyway, this was one day after practice and he came over to my house just to hang out and my dad had left us alone at the house to go pick up some pizzas for us. The pizza place was on the other side of town so we had a lot of time to ourselves. So my dad left and we were watching a baseball game on tv and Jacob went to the bathroom and when he came out you could see his bulge. It was kinda awkward him sitting next to me so I asked him 'do you wanna go let that out in the bathroom on your own?' he said 'let what out?' I just stared and said 'you know' and looked down at his crotch. We both just laughed and he said 'oh my, I didn't think it was noticeable.' So I just told that it was ok and that I didn't mind, you just try and make him comfortable.

I told him that he could just pull his dick out and start wanking right there on the couch if that made him feel better. He said ok and pulled his six inch dick out uncut fully erected and I just stared at it and he asked 'do you wanna feel it' and I didn't hesitate, so I jumped up and grabbed it and it was warm! I've never had a dick in my hand so I didn't know what to do with it! He told me to start jacking him off. So I did and he let out little moans here and there. He started to touch my crotch and it felt really good. He said 'let me get these off'. So he took my baseball pants off and I had my jock strap on and put his hand down there and rubbed my pubes and it felt so good and he kept going lower and lower.

I started to have pre cum and so did he since I was still jacking him off. I started to moan and told him to jack me off as much as he can. I started to speed up jacking him off and he blew his nice warm cum all over my hand and his chest and it didn't take me long for me to blow my load. We both had our shirts off so we licked the hot cum off each other and he used some to finger me a little bit and it felt so good! Then I cummed again. He licked it off me and then we heard the garage door open. It was my dad with the pizza's.

We grabbed our clothes and he ran to the bathroom and I ran to my room and cleaned up and we both came out and looked at each other and started to laugh because we both liked what had just happened. That night he ended up spending the night and the same exact thing happened but this time with a little bit of porn.



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