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Hot Tub Jets

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God those jets felt amazing...


Having rented a cabin with some friends recently, I had a great weekend to enjoy my friends' company (including their hot wives) as well as the hot tub at the cabin.

With other activities going on all weekend and little privacy, I never got around to getting in the hot tub nor had I had the chance to relieve any sexual tension. So, the last night we were there, after everyone had gone to bed, I decided to try to take care of both desires. Part of the reason I hadn't been in the hot tub yet was that I didn't bring a bathing suit, but that was what I considered a decent enough excuse to be in the hot tub naked if anyone should wake up and catch me.

I slipped out into the cold mountain air and stripped down to my bare ass and climbed in. There are few things as exciting to me as being naked in water or naked where I can be caught. The fact that I was doing both at the same time had my heart pounding. I got the jets going and spent some time trying out the different seats as each had a different number of jets and had them positioned differently. Having read some stories on Solo Touch of women having so much fun with hot tub jets, I was excited and determined to try for a 'hands free' hot tub jet orgasm.

I hoped to position myself where I could keep an eye on the door so I could see if anyone was coming. Fortunately, the most convenient jet for my naughty plan was on the lower part of a seat positioned such that watching the door wasn't too difficult. Before I settled on that one though, I enjoyed floating around naked and twisting and turning my body and pushing and pulling myself closer to various jets from different positions. One seat had a lot of jets on the back part of it, so I laid back, propped my legs up, and allowed 9 jets to tease my crotch and ass for a few minutes.

Finally, I decided to slink back down into the water onto my belly and find that perfect jet so low on the seat. I found out quickly that pointing my penis directly at it was uncomfortable as the jet shot water up it rather than around it. Ouch! Anyway, I found that positioning my penis upright so the jet would vibrate the underside (and the underside of the head when I got a little better control) was the ideal angle.

Still, until I was fairly erect, my dick wouldn't stay in place until I decided the orgasm didn't have to be entirely 'hands free' as long as I let the vast majority of the stimulation come from the jets themselves. I didn't want to actively stroke my cock or pump my hips if I could help it. I was curious to see if I could get off purely from outside stimulation. At times I even imagined myself in a situation where I might be unable to move for one reason or another and a female doctor, nurse, friend, etc. tortures me by 'making' me cum against my will as I desperately try to remain faithful to my wife.

Anyway, I found that if I just held the tip of my cock with a finger and my thumb on either side and carefully lowered my crotch into the jet stream, it didn't take long to get a raging erection and to start involuntarily moaning. Again, I tried to keep my hips still, but occasionally would involuntarily thrust them ever so slightly or flex my penis. I was quickly horny beyond control and it was to the point that I didn't care if someone came out and caught me (I'm getting horny all over again thinking about it).

Also running through my mind were the horniest days of my life as a teenager with my first girlfriend and our first sexual experiences together. It was no challenge to envision her and all her sexuality getting herself off in a hot tub just as I was doing. I dreamed of her catching me and getting in to do the same to herself. I tried to prolong the experience by trying a few of the less convenient jets, but soon came back to my favorite.

Again, with moans slipping out and hips locked as tight as possible (most of the time), I got lost in the experience. Truly not caring if someone walked and and saw the obvious climax, I closed my eyes and felt the orgasm building. God, that jet felt soooooo good. The intensity of the vibrations was just unrelenting and my penis had no choice but to erupt into an incredible orgasm.

After cleaning up what mess I could find, I used the restroom, got back into the hot tub (this time in my boxers), and enjoyed a soft drink. It wasn't long before the boxers were bothering me and I took them off again. Not intending to masturbate again, I floated around and enjoyed the freedom of nudity in a hot tub. All it took was one jet accidentally grazing my crotch to send my mind racing again. Before I knew it, I was back to that same jet, lost in my newest, favorite way to masturbate. Guess I have to save up for a hot tub now...



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