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Hot Times In The Dugout

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One summer night, I was sitting on my bed, scrolling through my phone. I went to my chat list looking for somebody to talk to. I hit my friend Jay's name because we hadn't talked in a while. Jay and I were friends from school, he being a grade higher than me at the time (he was a senior while I was a junior).

Me: "Hey dude"

Jay "Hey what's up?"

Me: "Nothing much..what about you?"

Jay: "Just hanging out..bored as fuck"

I asked him how his summer was going and what he had been doing lately. I asked him about his girlfriend and how they were doing. Jay said they were having problems, that he was getting tired of her. She went to the same school as us and I knew exactly what he meant. She was annoying, clingy and super emotional. I told him I understood. He said "At least the sex is good" to which I responded "Well at least there's that!" We started talking about sex and what we had for with girls. Eventually we started talking about our dicks. Jay asked how big I was, to which I said "6 inches". I reciprocated, and he replied "7." "Wow I said." He said "Impressed?" I said "Very!" He asked if I had ever done anything with a guy. I said "No, but I wasn't against it." And then it all started...

Jay: "Well, have you ever wanted to?"

Me: "I've thought about it."

Jay: "You maybe want to hang out some time?"

I knew what he was getting at.

Me: "Sure."

We arranged to meet the following weekend at the only place we knew was private, our schools baseball dug out.

Jay was 5'9, about 140 pounds, tan and muscular. Not insanely ripped, but he had a well toned body. We both played basketball and baseball and had the bodies to show for it. I was 5'7 and about 130 pounds at the time. I was less toned than Jay but had the same tanned skin.

It was July so there was no one there. I got there at about 8:30, Jay showed up about ten minutes later. We hugged and caught up for a little bit before anything happened.

Jay: "So....are we gonna do something?"

Me: "Let's do it..."

We walked over to the inside of the dug outs and sat on the bench. We both dropped out shorts and began masturbating. Even though he was soft, I could clearly tell he wasn't lying about the seven inch remark. About five minutes passed and we were both hard. We looked at each other, I then leaned in an began making out with him. His tongue slipped into my mouth, wrapping around mine and sliding up the middle of my tongue. That loud, moist sound of a kiss echoed in the dug out.

Still kissing, I grabbed a hold of his dick, stroking it up and down. His dick was thick, a real destroyer. His hairless balls were as soft as a new blanket, and fit perfectly in my hands. He slipped his hand down to my dick, jerking up and down. Pre cum was oozing from both out dicks, which we used as lube. After about twenty minutes of kissing and jerking, I motioned him to stand us and I knelt before him. I shoved his dick in my mouth, back and forth. The taste of pre cum tasted delicious in my mouth. My hands explored his body, his abs, his arms and his back side. His ass was perfectly sculpted and hair free. I deep throated him, holding his dick all the way in my mouth for about six seconds before I gagged it up, now it was completely wet.

I stood up, kissing him as I went up. We were both completely nude at this point, feign each other up as we made out. I couldn't believe what I was doing. He motioned for me to lay down on the concrete, not something I was too thrilled about, that was until I figured out he wanted to 69. He took my cock and sucked it dry of all pre cum. His tongue circled around the tip of my dick like it was making laps around a track. He traced all the way from tip to my balls with his tongue, sucking on my balls like they were strawberries. It was heaven. I was surprised neither of us had came yet.

He asked me if I was open to more. I eagerly replied "Fuck yeah." He stood me up, walking towards the bench. He positioned my leg up on it while one leg stayed planted on the concrete. He bent down behind me and began eating me out. It was like no other sensation I had ever felt before. I had played with my ass before, sticking my fingers and toys up there, but never a wet tongue. He slipped his finger in there, going all the way in and then pulling out. All the way in then pulling out. Over and over again. I nearly came upon each insertion. After five minutes of finger play, he turned me around, frenching a little bit.

We stood side my side, fiercely jerking each other dicks. I came, then him. It was the biggest orgasm I had ever had. It felt like ten pounds of cum had exited my body. It shot clear across the dug out, some hit the fence while the rest went out into the grass of the field. His orgasm was equally impressive, shooting further than mine, but he turned to me mid blow, some hitting my leg. His hot cum running down my leg was a better feeling that a hot shower. Our dicks, now limping, hung down, both fire engine red. We sat down, kissing and feeling up each other's chests.

Jay: "How was that?"

Me: "Pretty great..."

Jay: "Let's do this again?"

Me: "Obviously."

We both cleaned up, got dressed and drove away. We did this a few more times before summer was over. Once school started, our time together was compromised due to work and sports, but each time we did get together, it got hotter and riskier. Stay tuned...



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