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Hot Soccer Coach Fuels Girls Fire

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I love masturbating and do it quite regularly. I would like to share a story that started in the spring of my junior year of high school.

I was on the school's soccer team and our coach was a hottie to the extreme. I'm pretty sure all of us girls were in love with him at one point during our high school careers playing for him. His eyes, his chisled pecks, his superman jawline, his grin and sexy voice, all of this made him the sexiest man any of us had ever seen in our young lives.

Anyway, it was the night before we had a tournament, which meant an early departure from school in the morning. So I invited Susan (a fellow teammate, not her real name) to sleep over. We ate pasta with my family (parents, and my then 15-year-old sister, Kate and my 12-year-old brother Adam). My family had rented a movie and Susan and I stayed up till around eleven before heading up to my room so we could get some good sleep for tomorrow's soccer tournament.

After brushing our teeth and all that, Susan and I turned off the lights and hopped onto my full sized bed. We were both dressed in short soccer shorts and t-shirts, no bras. This wasn't the first time Susan had ever stayed over, so we were real comfortable with each other. I had seen her naked many times just like she had seen me, locker rooms, changing either at my house or hers, and we had had many blunt discussions about sex and boys.

So as we lay beside each other on my bed we went through the usual chatter about boys at school and girls we liked or didn't like. Then we reached our favorite topic, our coach and how hot he was. We both went on about how great it would be if we were his age and could date him, and what it would be like to kiss him, and what it would be like to be wrapped in his strong arms, etc, etc.

Then we speculated a little dirtier and thought about what his penis must look like, and what it would be like to give him a blow job! (At this point in my life I had not even come close to giving a boy a blow job, much less having any other kind of sex, and I'm pretty sure Susan hadn't either, but we sure liked talking about such things!)

Then suddenly Susan said, 'When I masturbate I think about him!' I had of course been a closet masturbator for years when Susan said this, but I had never talked about it or admitted it to anyone like Susan just had. Susan must have registered my slight shock. 'Do you think about him too when you touch yourself?' Susan asked. I was still silent, but I think I was grinning.

'Oh, come on Aimee! Don't even try to pretend you don't masturbate!' Susan balked. I finally gave in, 'Would you keep it down! Of course I masturbate, Jeesh... .' 'How do you do it?' asked Susan now sitting up, the conversation now becoming electric. 'Well, I usually turn over on my belly and rub my pussy through my underwear,' I answered.

'You ever slid anything in?' Susan asked. 'No, not yet,' I answered. 'Have you?'

'Yeah. I tried a raw carrot once!' Susan admitted and we both erupted into quiet giddy laughter. 'How did that feel?' I quickly asked. 'It was different. I don't know if I was doing it all right. What I really like to do to get myself off is to hump the arm of our couch in the family room. I have to wait for everyone to be out of the house of course. But one night I was so horny, I crept down when everyone was asleep. I stripped totally naked, put my t-shirt on the couch arm to soak up all my pussy juice, and then I straddled the couch arm and rocked my pussy back and forth in the dark. It was an even bigger turn on knowing that my family was just upstairs sleeping and that if any of them came down I'd be totally caught.'

Listening to Susan's story was making me soaking wet. I was already moist just talking about our coach, but now... I was not only wet, but very, very turned on. 'I wish I could've seen you pull that off,' I said, probably after swallowing hard. 'Have you ever seen anyone masturbate, or have you ever done it in front of anyone else?' Susan asked softly. 'No, have you?' I answered, my heart rate increasing realizing where this was going.

'Neither have I,' Susan whispered back. 'Do you want to watch each other do it right now?' I was on fire. There was nothing I wanted more at that moment than to see Susan nude and masturbating in front of me and then for me to do the same in front of her. 'Yes. Let's watch each other. But let's get totally naked.'

As Susan started taking her shorts and t-shirt off I got up and plugged in my old night light into the wall near the bed. The night light gave the room a nice orange glow. I could see Susan's full breasts and dark brown nipples in the faint light. Her panties were still on, cotton and white, and I could see her wetness seeping through a little right at the mouth of where her vagina should be.

I took off my shirt and shorts and my panties all right away and stood naked at the foot of the bed in front of Susan. Susan could see my erect pinkish nipples and down my tight belly to my whispish dirty blonde pubic hair that was trimmed at the edges, although I let the rest of it grow wild. (I still keep a raging bush today. I know it might be out of style, but I love having a hairy pussy! I love stroking it and having my juices matt into it.)

'How do you want to do this?' Susan asked as I joined her on the bed.

'I want to watch you,' I said. 'OK, I'll start,' Susan said and leaned back. Her head was propped up on my pillows as she opened her legs and began stroking her clit, tentatively at first, then more aggressive. She would give me long looks and then look again to her own leaking and stimulated vagina.

Meanwhile, I lay next to her, her leg touching me, watching in total overload. I was stroking myself lightly, but my full attention was on Susan. She was definately far off on her journey. At times you could tell she was enraptured with her own stimulating sensations. We didn't talk. But when she would look at me, she would grin. I knew exactly what that grin meant. 'I love that you're seeing me like this' said Susan's grin. 'this is ten times more erotic with you watching me' continued Susan's grin. 'Watch my pussy, watch my fingers, watch my sweaty tits heave and my lips curl as I push myself into orgasm,' Susan's grin said.

Susan's legs and inner thighs were sweating and her sweat was smearing on my leg as well. Then her eyes closed and she started to gasp and her belly started to spasm as her hips bucked. Without really thinking I held one of Susan's breasts as she came, playing with her nipple. She never protested the groping.

When Susan's rapture was finished she lay exhausted for a few minutes. While she rested, I began in earnest on myself. After watching Susan my overstimulation was complete. As I feverishly rubbed my clit I knew it would not take long to climax. Then I noticed Susan was no longer lying down but watching me with a devilish grin. Her gaze seemed to be devouring me. Devouring the sight of me lustfully abusing my pussy lips. Devouring the sweet squishing sounds that were spurting from my vagina everytime I put a fevered finger into myself. I was close... getting closer... With Susan watching... I think I was starting to make little animal noises.

Then Susan lurched forward and said, 'whoa, whoa, whoa, don't come yet, will you let me do something to you as you come?' 'What are you talking about?' I nearly growled because of the state I was in. 'Can I do something to you?' Susan asked again as I continued to finger and rub myself. 'Will it feel good?' I moaned. 'It does for me when I try it,' Susan answered. That seemed good enough for me. 'Do whatever you want to me,' I consented.

As I continued my masterbatory rubbing and fingering, Susan parted my legs wider and then reached down and stuck her right index finger into my anus. It was incredible. She moved it around and I felt a welling sensation compound itself upon the orgasmic sensations that were already coming. As she continued tickling my inner bowels I started the most amazing climax of my life to that point. It seemed to last forever. I was biting my lip so hard it started to bleed. When my crisis was over I laid spread eagled and nude on my bed. Susan gave a quick giddy laugh and then hopped off the bed quickly put her shirt and shorts back on (no underwear) and ran off to the bathroom to pee and wash her finger.

This was the start of a few masturbation adventures that Susan and I shared together. I hope to share two more with you. One is the most erotic event of my life (so far!) and the other is noteworthy because we got into serious trouble.



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