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Hot Nights in Nyc

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True story


Right after college, I got a job in NYC. My best friend in HS (Ken) and I got a dumpy one bedroom four story walkup apartment. For the first 6 months he got the bedroom, and I had the pullout couch in the living room. We switched the second 6 months. One hot August weekend, Ken's former college roommate came to stay the weekend. Our apartment had no AC, just window fans, and the heat was oppressive. When Paul arrived, we were sitting in the living room in just our shorts drinking beer trying to stay cool. Paul ripped off his t-shirt, grabbed a beer and joined us. He was an impressive sight, Beautifully toned chest, smooth except for a small blonde treasure trail down his evident abs into his shorts. Firm pecs with large pink nipples. We had a couple more beers, and decided to hit the bars in order to cool down, and try and get laid.

Ken hooked up with a girl he had been fucking on and off for the past couple of months, but Paul and I struck out. Ken had headed back to the apartment about 1:00, but Paul and I hung around a while longer. About 2:00 we headed home, with good buzzes. I pulled off the couch cushions and threw them on the floor for Paul, and pulled out my bed. I pulled off my shirt and pants and plopped onto my bed in just my boxers. It was too hot to use the sheets. Paul stripped down, then pulled off his underwear. I looked over and saw a very impressive piece of cut meat hanging over two low hanging nuts. Paul laid down on the cushions, and started slowly playing with his dick. He said he was so fucking horny, then he asked me if it was okay with me if he jerked off. I must have stammered out a response, because he sat up on his elbows and looked at me, and said if I was bothered about it, he would just go to the bathroom. Then he said, when Ken and I roomed together we used to always beat off around each other, it was no big deal. I assured him it was no big deal with me, and to whack to his heart's content. I flipped off the light, but was still able see Paul on the floor with the streetlights coming in through the open window. He started slowly kneading his dick, while rubbing his chest with his left hand. I was so hard watching him, I lifted up my ass, and pulled my boxers off, and started slowly jerking off too. Paul looked up at me, and said it was way too hot on the floor, and would I mind if he could share the sofa. Soon he was right next to me, slowly jerking off. He complimented my dick, which was funny as it was considerably smaller than his, and then reached over and grabbed it. He gave it a couple short jerks, and said 'cute little fella'.. I felt shocks shooting down my spine, it felt so hot to have him touching me. He grabbed my hand and put it on his dick, and said feel mine. Withing seconds we were each slowing jerking each other off. After a couple of minutes he said he wanted to rub them together, so we turned on our sides and pressed our dicks together. We ground against each other, and the mixture of the sweat, the heat, and the precum it felt so good. He slid up so that his dick was on my stomach, and my dick was between his legs. He started quickly humping my slickened stomach, while my dick slid in and out between his legs. He had his hand on my ass, urging me to pump with his thrusts. I leaned into his chest and licked his big pink nipple, and he moaned for me to suck it. I licked sucked and teethed his hardened nipple as the thrusts became quicker. Sweat was pouring from both of us as we got closer to cumming. He whispered he was real close, and begged to suck his nipple. I went to work on that bad boy, when all of a sudden I felt his finger playing with my asshole. Then he plunged it deep into my butt, and hit my prostate. I immediately started cumming buckets, he gasped and coated my chest and stomach as well. We both rolled over on our backs, panting and recovering from an incredible orgasm. He reached down and grabbed his t-shirt, and wiped up his load from my chest, then wiped off our softening dicks. Then he said... by the way... Ken and I never jerked off together in college, laughed and plopped back down on the cushions.

We hooked up again early the next morning. Those were my first gay experiences, and definitely the best.



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