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Hot Little Sister

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This was the best day ever!!!!


So I am 21 years old and bi. I have had these fantasies about my little sister for sometime now. She is 18 and a virgin at that. I have always thought of her tight wet pink pussy and the late night joys we used to have as small girls (back when we were young).

One day I went to get something out of her room, I had opened the door and she had just got out of the shower, she was naked. She quickly grabbed her towel to cover herself and I paid no attention to the fact that she was a bit embarrassed and alarmed that I had just barged in. I closed the door behind me and asked her if we could talk for a minute. I had been thinking of the day I would finally get to fuck her for months now. She said that it was fine so I walked a little closer to her and I was standing right in front of her. I touched her shoulder and told her how pretty she was. I asked her if she has sex yet and as usualy she told me no. She had a boyfriend so I figured they might have done something by now. She explained that they didn't even fool around but that she masterbated a lot. I asked her how much and to my surprise she told me at least once a day if not more!

As we were standing there I looked at her for a moment and then I stuck my hand out to remove her towel. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that she just needed to trust me. I threw her towel to the ground and there she stood in front of me... that milk white skin, so petite, her breasts so big and beautiful... her nipples were so hard and pink... I was starting to get wet.

I stood back and looked at her body for a moment, then I walked closer to her. I moved forward and started to kiss her, she seemed uneasy. I told her that it was ok and if she didn't want to do this we wouldn't. Then she actually kissed me back! I was amazed! I started to rub her pussy... god she was so wet! I told her I would be right back and I ran to my room... when I came back she saw what I had in my hands and her eyes grew huge with pleasure! It was my trusty dildo, a nice sized pink penis! She was actually lying back on the bed at this time.

I went over to her and lay on top and started to kiss her again, caressing her wet little pink pussy. I insterted my fingers... she was so tight. As I was fingering her I started to suck on her nipples, It was so great because she started to moan! I kissed her stomach on down to her thighs, and she was getting so in to it.. her body was moving and I would not help but touch her breasts while doing this! God she was so hot! This went on for a while and then I asked her if she would turn over on to her hands and knees... she agreed. I started to finger her butthole from behind and I just could not stand how wet she was... god and so young.

I then inserted the dildo slowly in to her wet pussy, I could see her pussy lips clenching the dick! She was on the bed and I was standing (still clothed)... I started slowly moving my dildo in and out and then even faster! She was moaning and such... it was amazing! I licked my finger and stuck it in her ass at the same time and rhythm that the dick was moving in and out of her. I was trying to hold off a little so she wouldn't cum. I wanted to have a good time. We did this for a few minutes and I couldn't take it any longer. I told her to turn over and masterbate herself while I got undressed. Got I was so wet!

She was lying on the bed and I was on the floor on my hands and knees and I started fingering her pussy again, even more vigorously this time. My fingers felt so good masterbating her hot wet pussy, and with my other hand I was giving myself a good seeing too... god... and my face in hers. It was all too much, this went on only for a few minutes and we came together. We moaned and my sisters body trembled. I got up to go to the bathroom and Sis followed me and she was helping me clean up. I then told her that no one knew this but when I was 18 for two years mom used to come in my room at night and finger my pussy. She told dad it was because I was having nightmares and she needed to be with me at night! We never really spoke of that day again as a family but sis and I mess around now and again.

Anyway, its time for me to run, hope you enjoyed my story.



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