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Hot Hot Holiday

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A few years ago when i was about 13 i went on holiday with my best friend Brad and his family to a small coastal village. We took our bikes so we could explore the area as we pleased (and when we were sure no 1 was looking pull stupid stunts and jumps)One day me and Brad were cycling around some sort of grasslands/woods (its hard to describe exactly what the area was) when we came across a strange geographical formation. We had been biking up a steep hill and when we reached the top we could see that the hill ran all the way around in a full circle with a huge dip in the middle (almost volanco like) There was also a stream coming from somewhere leading into a central pool. We cycled down to the bottom and explored for a little while. It was a hot day so Brad suggested we go for a swim in the nude. I figured that the area was remote enough for it to be unlikely that anyone will see us and so i took me clothes off. This was nothing new for me and Brad to see each other naked, we'd grown up as best friends and had just got used to getting naked sometimes when we were naked we'd wrestle or something and we never got turned on by it even when our cocks rubbed together. Anyways, Brad had a nice looking cock of about 3 inches when not erect with a fair amount of pubic hair around it. My cock was of a smililar length but slightly thicker. We were both uncut. We jumped into the pool and splashed around for 45mins before deciding to get out. As the sun was shining we thought we'd catch some rays. So we layed next to each other on our backs and caught the sun. We both closed our eyes and just relaxed. After about 15minz i opened my eyes...for some reason i couldnt remember... and thats when i caught sight of it...Brad had a rock hard boner. It was standin straight up and about 5.5inches long with a nice purple head on the top. within a few seconds i was aroused and my penis grew to about 6inches long and thats when i thought to myself 'its time to get some cum' (id seen enough porno even at the age of 13 to know all about handjobs, blowjobs etc...) so i moved over and got down infront of Brad. then i moved my hand towards his cock (his eyes were still closed) and then wrapped my hand firmly around his cock. it felt so nice to feel it throbbing gently in my hand and i almost 4got Brad was there until he said without openin his eyes 'are you gonna jack me off or not?' with that i pumped his foreskin up and down for what seemed like and eternity while Brad moaned with pleasure. then he said something which shocked me 'i love to get head....can you suck it?' i didnt know he'd ever had any sexual contact and i couldnt help but ask 'who gave u a blowjob?' expecting him to say a girl from skool but instead he said 'my sister jenna, she gives me a blowjob almost everynight' Brads sister jenna was a 17 year old with a pretty face and large tits. still jacking Brad i asked 'why does she do that?' to which brad said 'well she stole from mums purse and i saw her so i asked her to suck my cock or id tell on her...and she agreed and basically she cant get enough of it... and whats more my friend...shes promised she'll suck you off if you'd like' i couldnt help it i just said 'hell yes!' so brad said 'well hurry up and suck on me so we can go and get jenna to do you' and with that i took that hard cock into my mouth and slurped on it wildly until it shot a load of cum into my mouth which i gladly swallowed'
after that we went to fetch jenna and before long we were back at the same secluded spot with jenna and brad giving me a double blowjob. and that was the beginning of a beautiful sexual relationship between the 3 of us...by the end of the holiday we'd agreed we'd have a 3sum at least once a week...not just handjobs or blowjobs...but full on fucking....oh gotta go...im gonna get 2 titfuck jenna.



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