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Hot Hands

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Sorry about the slow start, it gets better. A handsome mixed straight guy with a curious side.


Sorry for the slow start but I promise it gets better. Never did I ever think this would happen to me but what occurred after my birthday barbeque was quite surprising to me. I hope it doesn't cause my friend to force me into something more but I am curious as to see what the future holds.

I digress, my name is changed for identity protection but for the sake of secrecy I am Henry and my friends name is Julian. I am about 5'6', not that tall for the very least, I am Jamaican Chinese and Scottish kind of a mutt and considered very personable and nice by my friends. I am fairly handsome although I would never consider myself a model since I'm so short and I played soccer, football, basketball, and ran track when I was in high school. My friend Julian is Argentinian and African mixed with long curly hair and rugged good looks. Sometimes I feel insecure standing next to his six foot frame and chiseled abs and pretty eyes. I am a little jealous because girls always go after him over me. But what I lack in appearance, I more than make up for it in personality and experience, wink. I digress Julian is tall handsome and has about the nicest body I have seen.

I have never been sexually attracted to guys growing up and have only ever had strong sexual feelings and sex with girls, I like them older as they have taught me things. But when I encountered Julian I realized that attraction could come from any person. I still consider myself straight but I cannot lie that I feel as though we are kindred spirits and have a lot in common. I like him as a friend and consider him a brother to me since we have had some of the same experiences in life. We have both been cheated on, it took us time to come into our bodies and develop strong personalities. I am very outgoing and comfortable but I still have insecurities about my height. I have only had sex with a few girls but Julian has laid his pipe in several girls since he is very charming sexy and damn it he's hot as fuck. Now for what happened on the night of my birthday barbeque.

Several of my friends came to support me at a beach barbeque despite the weather forecast in the area. I live in Florida where the weather is fairly unpredictable but always humid and hot. Florida has some of the most relaxing places I have ever experienced, the water is cool the girls are hot and the sun is always bright. So my friends came to party we ate and drink and swam and all 64 of them had a great time. I continued the festivities with my friends at Dave and Busters for an after party. Then I went to a hookah bar with Julian and three of my other friends. We left after 4am and I went to Julian's house to sleep over.

Initially Julian was gonna spend the night in my house. I live in Palm Beach and he brought about three days worth of clothes since he lives in Fort Lauderdale. I am sure he had planned on hanging out with me away from his family. When we finally got to his place he said he missed me and was glad that I was staying over since he wouldn't have to sleep solo. I liked sleeping at Julian's and we watched a movie since he is a big movie buff and quite the actor, I know he will go far in life if he continues to follow his dreams he is very intelligent and insightful I am glad were friends.

So he said he wanted to watch a movie, he suggested broke-back mountain and I laughed and told him how funny I thought the movie was. So we got cozy on his bed and started to watch the movie. First off I don't think it's weird for two straight guys to share the same bed since we are both secure in our sexuality but I was surprised at what would happen next.

Julian: So you wanna watch this movie?

Henry: I guess so I mean they get pretty intense with the sex scenes.

Julian: Ha ha they are so extra they didn't even wait to start making out.

Henry: I know jake g. is the instigator since he was the one trying to get into Heath Legder's pants it's sad that he's dead.

Julian: Wow that movie was intense what do you wanna do now?

Henry: I'm kinda tired I have been awake since six am setting up for the bbq and just wanna sleep. If your gonna keep texting that girl turn the volume on silent please thanks.

Aww I woke up five I got all this energy I can't go to sleep yet.

I noticed that he started to get a little horny during the movie because I could see that damn snake and it looked like it was ready to strike. I grazed it with my hand and Julian said it felt good. I don't know what provoked me to reach my hand in his pants but then Julian said let's do this! It's not a big deal right? I was taken back, did my friend just ask me to jerk him off? But I was also intrigued. Does it mean that me touching him will make me gay?

At that moment I threw caution to the wind and started to slide his pants down. He helped me pull them down as I started feeling his v-cut I mean his stomach could cut titanium I am not lying he has a nice ass and body I would eat off it. Anyway he started to slide them off and I began feeling his belly button and I counted his abs about eight hard and what I saw next scared me a little. The snake in his pants turned into an elephant trunk and it started moving. I was nervous and excited, what is this monster dick about 9.6 inches and heavy like a steel pipe. How does this lean cut guy have such a heavy ass dick. I mean I was astounded but what came next almost made me cum.

I asked him if he ever used lube, he said no but then Julian he asked me to spit on his dick. I wiped up some in my mouth and spat a wad right on the head of his dick. Now I have never done this before to another guy so I was a little confused at what to do next. I tried different techniques I use on myself. I cupped his nuts and slid my hand on his shaft hard then I grabbed the head and placed it in between my hands they almost couldn't fit around it. I was jerking him off and spat it numerous times he said don't stop please it feels so good. My dick came to stand to attention and was scraping against my zipper in my pants and was hurting like hell. I have only been this horny before sex with my ex gf. I was dripping pre-cum and so was Julian but what he said next disappointed me.

I spat on his heavy dick then he asked me if I was gonna put my mouth on it. Henry are you gonna put those lips on my dick? I said what the fuck? I like you and all and never in million years did I imagine I would experience this with a guy. But I told him no I would never do that. He said ok and to go harder. I gripped the base of his meaty cock with one hand and the high part of the shaft with my other hand there was still about 1.5 inches left and both of my hands are four inches fisted. I began fisting his heavy dick and he said please it's too much. So I stopped. He told me not to stop. I quicken my pace and I noticed his purple head and his legs begin to flinch as his toned muscular legs raised up and his tight ass lifted off the bed as he began to thrust into my hand humping my fist. Then he came more than I had ever seen. It was hot, globs of cum so much so much fucking cum. I milked it for all it was worth and he collapsed in my hands.

I had never done this and I must say that I was proud of myself. He said I was really good with my hands and asked to return the favor but I was so insecure that I declined. I mean my dick is about six, eight maybe seven inches but that monster in his pants only made me more jealous he kissed me on the cheek good night and I passed out. The next day we woke up after some intimate snuggling and he got on top me and ground a little on my body. I still don't know what the future holds but I am intrigued to find out. Comment if you guys wanna know more about what happened with our friendship.



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