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Hot Friend

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I am divorced and 39. I live in condos in the southern part of the US. Living in condos you get to know all your close neighbors very well. Up my row of condos lives a married couple in their 40's. She is gorgeous with dark brown hair and a great figure. Her husband is OK but somewhat of a jerk.

She and I have had a number of conversations when he has been gone away on business. Around here, many of us hang out together after work. She is really frustrated with her husband. He shows her almost no affection and he travels much of the time. I don't know HOW anyone couldn't show affection to this woman!

This past weekend we saw each other again inside my condo. Her husband was away at a trade show for his business. Inside my condo things got cozy after a while. She sat beside me with her head on my shoulder lamenting about her marriage. I asked her about her sex life and she told me about her sexless love life. I guess it was just the chemistry of the moment ... we were soon making out on my couch. She was passionate. It was like she hadn't been kissed in years. I didn't even make the first move. As we kissed she lowered her hand to my lap which was by then bulging, and she wrapped her fingers around my dick through my pants. I immediately started feeling her breasts through her blouse.

She told me how nice my hardness felt and I asked her if I could make it easier for her, and I undid my belt and unzipped and pulled my pants and underpants off. It was like my dick was the first one she had ever seen. She carressed it, worshipped it, and she just went crazy with desire. I started unbuttoning her blouse and she took over and quickly took it and her bra off. She has gorgeous, beautiful, too good to be true breasts and nipples. I sucked them and carressed them, then as we resumed kissing I began feeling between her legs. She was wearing shorts. She didn't hesitate and she took them off. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Her pussy was shaved except for a petite triangle of trimmed dark brown hair immediately above her clit.

My fingers immediately found their way inside her pussy and her hand was busy with my dick as we made out. We did something for each other then that I'm not supposed to talk about here, and it was wonderful, delicious, and hot. She came, then she finished me off with her hand.

I'm still reeling over the excitement of it and I've kept an almost constant hardon since Saturday afternoon. Afterwards when we were holding each other close and kissing and talking I asked her if she felt bad or guilty over what we had done and she said 'not at all.' I asked if we could get together again soon and she said as soon as her husband goes out of town again she would let me know. In the meantime, I'm jacking off every day thinking about her. I can't wait to see her again.



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