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Hot for Teacher (9)

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Mrs. A and I had a night out.


Hey all. Sorry it's been so long, I've been swamped lately. I'm writing about an experience that happened towards the end of winter break, the first weekend in January. That Saturday morning, Mrs. A texted me to come over that evening, and to dress nicely. I was confused, but did so, changing in my car to avoid any questions from my family. I headed over around six and knocked on the door. She answered in a bathrobe, freshly showered. She disappeared before I had the chance to ask her anything, so I waited.

A few minutes later, she returned looking stunning. Her lips were bright red. She wore a somewhat short and curve-clinging but still elegant black dress and high heels. I asked her what was going on and she chuckled and told me it was a date. She smiled, probably seeing the confused look on my face. "It's something couples go on, darling." I realized we really hadn't ever been on a date, probably for fear of being spotted. I brought up this concern. She said not to worry--we were going about an hour away and lots of people would still be out of town. That put my mind at ease, and to be honest, the thought of getting caught was a little exciting, though it could mean big trouble.

I drove us to the restaurant, the duration of the hour-long trip dividing my attention between the road and Mrs. A's figure, hoping her dress might ride up and expose her panties, how revealing they were, or if she was even wearing them. I didn't catch anything, but suspected I'd be seeing a lot of her after our date.

We dropped the car at the valet and were led to our table. The tables are fairly sparse, so we had a good bit of room to ourselves, and could speak fairly openly. We enjoyed our date. We talked about her plans for the future with her husband (they were working on finalizing the divorce; which had been very amiable) and my plans with college and my future. We discussed our future, our feelings for each other, and how things would pan out. I promised on visits from college I'd try to sneak off and spend time with her, and she offered to come visit some weekends to help me deal with the stress.

At this point she rubbed my thigh under the table and grinned. The rest of the date was filled with conversation coupled with under-the-table fondles and massages. She would take a bite of food and comment how good it tasted, at the same time slipping out of a high heel and rubbing my crotch with her foot, and I would tease her similarly. It was great foreplay, and by the end of the evening I was rocking a giant hardon, and I suspect she was fairly wet.

We left the restaurant, me waddling. I'm sure everyone saw my erection, but I didn't care. Driving home was tough. Mrs. A was rubbing my thigh the whole time. About 15 minutes into the drive I knew I had to cum or I'd go insane. I looked desperately for a place to pull in, and found a big, empty parking lot. I pulled into the center. With only the streetlights to light us, the whole scenario had an added sensuality to it. I undid my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers to my knees--I didn't care if we were caught; I figured if anyone came up to us, a cop was the best-case scenario.

That wasn't an issue, fortunately. My cock was very hard and throbbing. It was sticky from precum from the restaurant, and actively leaking more and more. She smiled and scooped some up and tasted it. "Boy, oh boy." She said. "I need to take care of this." She grabbed my cock and kissed me. "Ready for dessert?" I nodded, despite the cliche. She grabbed ahold of my cock, pulling my foreskin back and forth, actively pumping out new precum with each pump. It was like she was using lube. The situation was so sexy. Here I am, in my car, pants around my ankles, getting a handjob from my teacher. I moaned and groaned as she stroked my cock and played with my balls. She smiled at me, probably a response to my desperation and utter dependence on her.

She stopped stroking and I groaned deeply. She kissed me. She contorted herself into a position so that her mouth was lined up with my cock. She licked the head and swallowed the pre. She chuckled at my visible shiver and moan, before wrapping her lips around my cock and slowly working her way up and down, painting my cock red with lipstick. She let out little grunts and hums, and let saliva lubricate the path from base to tip. She played with my balls with her hands and took my entire length. I'm no porn star, but I definitely tickled her throat, the tight wetness drove me crazy. The ample lubrication from her spit and my pre made my cock really wet really fast, and soon her head bobs were accompanied by loud, wet, sexy slurps.

I took in the sight as I stroked her hair. My teacher in a tight black dress, slurping my cock like there's no tomorrow, streaking it red. She smiled at me, and I felt the pressure began to mount. I began to moan loud and deep. Mrs. A slowed her bobbing and worked her tongue around my head, tipping me over the edge. I cried out with the power of the orgasm, as jets of cum filled her mouth. The spasming of my orgasm continued for a good. minute.

Mrs. A gently pulled off of my sensitive cock, which made me shiver. She smiled at me and swallowed. She pulled up her dress to show her panties and I immediately forgot my weak knees. I pulled the top of her dress down, freeing her tits, leaving her dress a black stomach-cloth. I reached for her panties, which were soaked. I pulled them to her knees, and she pulled them to her ankles. I kissed her deeply. I brought my left hand to her vagina, rubbing it. She moaned. I grabbed her hair and pulled it gently, holding her head beside mine, kissing her neck as she moaned in my ear. She seemed to like it, and the close-up moans drove me to give her an orgasm she wouldn't soon forget.

I alternated between kissing her neck and licking and sucking on her tits, always maintaining the gentle but firm grasp on her hair. I inserted one finger into her pussy, and pumped it up and down, in and out, round and round, fast and slow. Then I did the same thing with two fingers. Her moans grew more frantic and her breathing heavy. I slipped in a third finger and felt the ever-increasing wetness leaking onto my fingers, lubricating as I sped up and thrust all three fingers knuckle-deep. I felt her breathing grow even more rapid and I kissed her mouth. She moaned my name and told me she was cumming.

I let go of her hair and held her in a one, armed embrace, holding the back of her head, which rested on my shoulder, as she wrapped her arms around me for support. I sped up even more and her spasming continued. I felt her clamp around my fingers and her embrace tightened as she yelled with orgasm. She shook and moaned for a while, and I took it in, smiling, knowing I'd given her pleasure as intense as she had given me. We kissed and I noticed I was hard again. So did she.

She smiled and said, "One more for the road?" Obviously, I won't go into much detail, because this isn't ST-friendly, but needless to say, about 20 minutes later, I drove us out of the parking lot. We were both spent enough to get to her place. The drive home was uneventful, but as soon as we set foot in her house, it was play time again. We were both naked by the time the door closed. I was hard, she was wet. We hurried to the bathroom and she ran the water. I thought it was going to be a shower, but she ran us a bath. While the tub filled up, she sat on the edge and pointed to her pussy.

I immediately came to her and began to eat her out. She tasted so good, tasting of old wetness and producing more as she went. It didn't take long for her to cum. The bath was full now and I got in. She climbed in and snuggled up against me. She grabbed my cock. "Let's clean you up," she said. We masturbated each other for a few minutes. We were both close to the edge, and she stopped, and we finished like that.

We relaxed for a while, chatting, cuddling, kissing, massaging and fondling each other. We got nice and pruned, and finally got out. We dried off and I changed into my casual clothes, stuffing my fancier ones back in their bag. I kissed Mrs. A goodbye and promised to meet her again soon. My car smelled like sex, which would have turned me on if I wasn't so spent.

I arrived home at midnight or so and fell asleep immediately. Since then, Mrs. A and I have been swamped and unable to meet outside of class, save for two or three rushed and secretive mutual masturbation sessions. Hopefully we'll be able to see more of each other. Sorry for the long entry. Thanks for sticking with me, I've loved sharing my accounts with you.



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