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Hot for Teacher 5

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Another amazing weekend (8/3-8/4). Sorry this one is so long. It was a packed weekend!

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Hey everybody! Sorry for the absence! As I said, I was on vacation.

A day before I returned (8/1) I texted her asking if she'd need a sitter any time soon. She responded no, her husband was off with the kids to spend quality time for a few days, the 2nd to the 5th. I knew this was my indication to have tons of fun with her, and waited for the third anxiously. I arrived home late at night on the second. My family was exhausted and passed out when we got into the door. I was pumped up and horny. I drove to the store and bought some condoms and a small bottle of lube. I got home and took a cold shower--I didn't want to jerk off. I hadn't all the time I was away, and wanted to save a nice big load for Mrs. A. I fell asleep at about 3 in the morning. I woke up at about noon. I ate, showered, and put the products in my pocket and left for her house at about one. I didn't check in with my parents. I have the perfect family for this situation. As long as they know I'm alive and safe, they don't get involved in where I am or what I'm doing. I planned to spend the night, maybe two, at Mrs. A's house.

I knocked on the door. Mrs. A quickly answered. She was wearing a see-through blouse and these greenish pants showed off every perfect curve of her divine ass. She quickly pulled me in and shut the door. I pounced on her. I grabbed her and pulled her towards me. I smashed my lips to hers and felt for her tongue with mine. I grabbed her ass with both hands and she wrapped her arms around my neck. We made out passionately for a few minutes before she broke the kiss. She smiled at me. I caressed her ass. She winked and turned around, and bent over. I had to use all my willpower to keep from ripping off her clothes and fucking her like an animal. My stiffy was visible through the jeans, and she backed up and began grinding on me. I grabbed her ass and we dry-humped for a minute or so, before she stopped and giggled naughtily. We went to the couch and stood in front of it. I removed my shirt, and she removed her thin excuse for one. She pushed me onto the couch and sat on my knee. She looked into my eyes and began to bounce gentle. "You like my ass, huh? My ass makes you hard?" "Oh yeah," I said. She laid herself down across my lap.

"I've been very naughty." I was stunned. A wicked grin crossed my face. "Have you? Well, I'm going to have to punish you." I'm not really into spanking or inflicting pain, but her tightly clad ass was begging to be whacked. I gave her a playful spanks on her cheeks, and she let out a sensual, playful yelp. "Were you naughty while I was gone?" "Yes." "Well then, you need to learn a lesson." I slapped her harder. Several times, every time she let out a sexy yelp. The slap of my hand on her ass, slightly muffled by the cloth of her pants, was making me painfully hard. "Harder," she moaned. I was a little uneasy and taken aback, but lust took over and I full-on smacked her ass, utilizing both hands, using her butt like a drum. She moaned and yelped with each smack, sometimes wincing. After about two or three minutes of pretty heavy spanking, she flipped onto her stomach, sat up on my knee and we kissed while I pinched her nipples. We broke the kiss. Still tweaking her nipples, I said "I didn't know you liked to be spanked." She grinned devilishly and said "neither did I." She got up, and I saw a small wet patch on her pants, and suspected she was going pantiless. She turned around and popped her ass for me, and I pulled down her pants. My hunch was correct, she was pantiless and I beheld her ass, a light red patch on each buttock proof of a good spanking. Through her legs I could see her swollen pussy lips and a hint of her beautiful bush. I grabbed her red buttocks and squeezed them, spread them, massaged them, and slapped them. I snuck my hand under her legs and massaged her pussy. She turned around and held my chest down, planting me on the couch. "Not yet." She said. "This time, you're first. I relaxed and watched as she got on her knees in front of the couch. Her tits jiggled a bit before settling. I noticed her lips were bright red. I wiped my own, and the back of my hand was smudged red. I looked at her and she smiled. I relaxed, knowing I was about to have a great time. I watched her undo my belt. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles. My imprisoned cock sprang up. She gingerly pulled back my foreskin, revealing a healthy coating of precum. "Did you miss me?" she said as she began pumping ever so slightly. "I've been waiting for this two weeks," I said. She smiled and pumped faster. She gave me a handjob for a few minutes. She would look up at me with this naughty puppy-dog look. I tried very hard not to cum there. She stopped stroking and held my cock. She brought her face to it, and licked and kissed the head. Finally, she put the head in her mouth and began giving me a nice wet blowjob. As she bobbed up and down, I saw my cock stained red with her lipstick. She looked at me as I held her head, stroking her hair and beholding the sight.

My cock is pretty average. It's about 6.5 inches long, not too hin, not too thick. I got an idea as I was overcome by lust: a quick deepthroat. Following what I'd seen in porn, I pushed her head all the way down. She gasped with surprise. I felt my cock tip in her throat. I felt her uvula on my shaft and was in ecstasy as her throat clamped and her tongue leaped and saliva coated my cock as it was pushed out of her throat. There was a ring-shaped red smudge on the base of my cock where her lips had stopped. She lifted her slobbery mouth off my cock, leaving a strand of saliva between her lip and my cock. She smiled, and began going down on me again, a little rougher, taking me almost to her throat. She massage my balls with her hand and worked her tongue on my cock as she made exaggerated slurping and sucking noises. She looked at me with that naughty look. I lost track of time. I was in pure bliss. I felt the pressure in my balls. It felt like gallons of cum were churning, ready to shoot out after being pent up for so long. My balls clenched and I felt the pressure begin to build in my cock. "I'm cumming!" I shouted. She took me out of her mouth and began jerking me off, and for about 15 seconds my balls and cock churned, preparing to unload. I kept myself from looking away from Mrs. A or closing my eyes. I wanted to see this. I slammed my arms against the armrests, and she looked at me, naughtily proud of the animalistic rage I'd been flown into at her hands (and mouth) my wet cock made a squishing sound as she pumped, and that is what finally sent me over the edge. Finally, my cum came shooting out, a load that would have made Peter North proud. The first rope landed just below her eye. Cum ended up on her lips, her forehead, her hair, her chin, her tits, here nose (basically her whole face), and her hands, which continued to milk my cock of a few more dribbles. My cock twitched as it came down from the orgasm, and settled down after a minute or two. I beheld the scene with lust and some pride. Mrs. A looked like a porn star, I had coated her face and tits in still-dripping cum. She licked her lips, which had some of my cum on them. She stood up, dripping cum. She looked a bit surprised that I had unleashed so much cum, and I knew waiting had been worth it. "You wait here and gather your strength, big boy," she said. "You'll have to live up to that. She turned around and walked down the hallway, swaying her hips as she gave me a little show with her ass. I heard the shower run. I reached down and pulled the condoms and lube out of my pocket and put them on a table next to the couch. I threw my clothes across the room. I grabbed Mrs. A's pants and gave them a whiff. Her scent was intoxicating as always. I threw the pants on the pile of clothes and sat back, content with the situation and awaiting what the rest of the day held. I looked down at my red-stained, cum covered cock, and knew that it would be getting a lot of attention. I sat and fantasized for a while. She came back, clean and with newly applied lipstick. She gestured for me to come to the bedroom. I grabbed the lube and condoms and went. She saw the lube and looked at me greedily.

She sat on the bed and opened her legs. "I waited for you too, big boy." I jumped on the bed and went to work. I'd been away for two weeks, but I remembered all her sweet spots. She was very wet, and I easily jammed three fingers into her slit. I spread them out, contracted them, wiggled them, making sure to get all the sweet spots. She moaned and squirmed in pleasure.I fingered her with one hand as I massaged one tit with the other, sucking on the free tit. After 2-3 minutes of this, I kissed her and turned her on her stomach she popped her ass. I stared before grabbing the lube and squirting some on her cute little asshole. She shivered and gasped and looked at me smiling. "I got myself ready earlier." That turned me on. I couldn't wait for some anal play. I rubbed the lube with a finger, pushing it in ever so slowly. She was very tight, and I doubt anyone had been granted access to it prior to our last encounter. I lustily pondered the fact that her anal virginity in all ways was mine, and found myself prodding my middle finger in. it pushed past the rim, and she gasped as middle finger and pointer together slowly pushed in and out, filling her with new sensations. She looked back and smiled. I got into a good groove, and began kissing her pussy. I prodded the lips with my tongue before finally mounting an oral assault. She squirmed and yelped. With my free hand, I grabbed at her hanging tits and tweaked them. She bucked her hips, and my face was coated in moisture. The whole time, my fingers explored and slightly stretched he anus. She grabbed the sheets and moaned, then I felt her anus contract and moisture leaked onto my tongue. Her pussy contracted and she yelled from her orgasm. I licked up her juices and the fingers in her ass fought against the clenching muscles pushing them out, leading to happy groans of desperation. I pulled out the fingers and wiped the lube off of the sheets. She grabbed my arm and sucked the two fingers. I was shocked at the kinkiness she was displaying. She released the fingers, leaving a red, lipsticky stain. I sucked the fingers before grabbing her tits and kissing her. "Enjoy yourself? I asked." She smiled and kissed me.

"Wanna play a game?" she said. "I have some outfits. I buzzed with excitement. She laughed. "Put on your clothes." I took the lube went to the living room and quickly dressed. I turned around and saw her standing there in a chequered skirt and white buttoned shirt, and sexy glasses. She led me to an office type room and grinned devilishly. The office was small, with two chairs and a desk-like structure with a laptop and papers scattered about. "Why don't we pretend the year started?" she said, referring to school, which is about a week away. "Might as well practice now." She winked and my heart leapt into my throat. "Go outside and start." I was insanely horny. I couldn't believe how kinky she was today. I left the room, waited a bit, and knocked. "Come in." I opened the door and sat in a chair in front off a desk. "Yes?" I said. "I'm disappointed in your performance in class. You miss homework, show up late, and your test scores are barely passing. I like you, but I fear I may have to drop you from the class." I smiled. "Please, you can't." "Oh, and how will you convince me to keep you here?" "I'll do anything." "Anything?" I nodded. She grinned devilishly and leaned in. "Show me. Take off your pants." I did, and stared at her. "I've seen how you look at me. Show me what you do when you're all alone." I unbuttoned my boxers and pulled out my cock. I stroked it slowly and looked at her devilishly. I picked up the pace, grunting, occasionally saying her name or muttering "oh yeah." I watched her hand fold up her skirt and go inside her panties. I picked up the pace more and grunted more, throwing in her name more and talking dirty a bit. Her hand gently massaged her clit and that pushed me over the edge. I gave her a wicked look, groaned her name, and shot out two ropes of thick cum. I looked at her and said, "how's that?" "Not bad, but you'll have to do something for me." She hiked her skirt up and pulled down her panties. "Over here. On your knees. If you do a good job, I'll let you stay." I did as she asked. I massaged her silky push. It was moist with her juices. I sniffed her pussy. I spread the lips and felt the inside. She shivered a bit. I slowly worked my fingers into her teasing her, meticulously prodding and pushing and inserting, savoring every moment until, after a long while, three fingers were in, tickling sweet spots, covered with wetness. my pinky traced circles around her tight little asshole. I kissed her thighs and her bush. She moaned and squirmed, and I felt her vagina contract a bit. I pulled out my drenched fingers and licked them clean, then went to work on her with my tongue. She tasted so good and I was so horny. I ate her out like there was no tomorrow. After some time, she held my head to her crotch and arched her back. She let out a long moan and wetness filled my mouth again. She let go and I stood up. She was panting and looked at me and smiled. "You can stay. But come to me after school at least once a week to brush up on anything you need." "I think I can live with that." Mrs. A smiled and looked at her costume. "I don't know why I'm so forward lately," she said. "I just bought a bunch of these. I've never really done anything like this before." "Neither have I, but I can't wait to do it right now." I kissed her and she smiled. "So. Should we switch roles, or should I change into something else? I'm all yours."

I looked at her in that schoolgirl outfit, and the fantasy was too good to pass up. I told her to go outside and we'd switch roles. I pulled on my clothes. I was going to put on a more active performance for this one. I got ready. She knocked. "Mr. B?" (She used my real last name of course). "Come in. Ah, Jenny." (Not her real first name). "Sit down. What is it?" She sat. "I wanted to talk to you about my last test. I need to pass this class, mr. B." She put her tits together and displayed a lot of cleavage. "I'm not sure how much I can do." "Pleeeease? I'll do anything." "I might consider extra credit. But it'll be hard work." "Anything. What do I have to do." "Take off your panties." "But..." "Do you want to pass this class? Take off your panties, pull up your skirt, and give me a show." She did as asked. "Unbutton your shirt." She did so, freeing her tits. She left the shirt on, as well as the skirt. She began to massage her tits and pussy, moaning sensually, looking at me. She got really into it, and obviously enjoyed her jill-off session. I was too. I watched her intently, and she finally came. She looked at me with an innocent expression. "Am I done?" "Not even close. Stand up." I lifted her up by the hand and lightly pushed her against the desk. "Bend over the desk." "What are you going to do?" She asked nervously--somewhat authentic--as she bent. I got on my knees and took her ass in my hands. I gave each cheeks some hard slaps. She yelped sexily. "You're a dirty girl," I said, surprised with myself. "you'd do anything to get a good grade. Say it." I slapped her ass. "Say you're a dirty girl." She turned to me, smiling. "I'm a dirty girl." I gave her a few thwacks. "Wipe that smile off your face! This is a punishment!" "I'm a dirty girl. I'm a dirty girl!" I spread her ass cheeks and prodded at her little hole. It was unlubed, so I couldn't insert. "So tight," I said. I spread her cheeks wider and began licking her asshole, occasionally breaking to slap her ass and make her call herself a dirty girl. I enjoyed it, and she could too. I don't want to overrepresent the punishment/mastery element off all this, I would stop if she asked. The sensitivity of the situation, the access to such a taboo act was thrilling. I licked her ass for a few minutes, then got up, pulled her up by the hair, and kissed her. I bent her back over and poured a dollop of lube on her little pucker. I grabbed a marker from the desk and prodded at her anus. She gasped and I slapped her ass. She smiled and I thwacked her again. I inched the marker up, up her anus until it disappeared, sucked into the opening it reappeared a second later and slid out. I repeated that process a few times, each one met with the sharp exhale of a foreign sensation. I then settled into a groove with the marker, sliding it in and out, while I licked her pussy. She moaned in pleasure and the dual stimulation sent her over the edge. She came on my face. I stood up and went over to the chair, sat down, and beckoned her over. "Alright, dirty girl. My turn. Stroke my cock." she got on her knees and pulled down my pants and underwear. She wordlessly grabbed my cock and began stroking it and massaging my balls. I stroked her hair. "Good girl. Just like that." She jerked me for a while before I told her to give me a titjob, which she did dutifully. I lost track of time beholding the sight in front of me. I could feel myself coming. Overcome by lust, I told her to bend over again, and I finished myself off, planting four or so ropes of cum onto her ass. She turned around. "So did I pass?" I pointed to my cock, which was rock hard. "Do I look like I'm done?" She got on her knees. "Suck it." She did. My head was sensitive and it was heavenly. The sensitivity wore off, and I looked down at Mrs. A on her knees sucking my cock. I stroked her hair, and pushed her throat down, and she gave me a deep blowjob. It was sloppy and wet. I loved it. I lasted a while, maybe 20 minutes. She had a naughty look in her eyes, and never broke the wet, slobbery seal massaging my cock. I felt the pressure build and wordlessly held her head in place, shooting what seemed like gallons into her mouth. She pulled away and to my surprise, swallowed. She got up and told me she'd never done that before.I told her I hoped she'd do it again. We laughed. We decided to shower the sweat and cum off of us. Not much worse than heavy petting occurred in the shower. We were spent. We ordered pizza, talked, ate, made out. Before we knew it, night had fallen. It was about 9 p.m., and I informed my parents I'd be gone the night.

We were together the next day until evening, filling our time with wonderful experiences I will always remember but are outside the parameters of solo touch. Let's just say I went to her house with 12 condoms and left with none. We decided to get STD testing at a clinic that offered it for free (separately of course), should that become an issue, or if unprotected sex becomes a part of our lives. We talked a bit about the future, that she'd probably separate from her husband, that the rest was in the air. We came closer, became physically and emotionally intimate, and I left that evening emotionally and physically satisfied, as well as less guilty about the affair.

I got home, showered, ate, and fell asleep. My family doesn't suspect anything, or if they do, they don't care (they wouldn't; sex is not taboo in our family). The next day I went to get tested. I should have the results soon.

The future, especially this school year, seems bright. I bet I'll get high marks in her class!

Thanks for sticking with me. Until next time!



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