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Hot for Teacher 4

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A great weekend (7/20-7/21). I'm still recovering!

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Mrs. A and I needed to see each other again. She knew her husband would be out of town for business--again--this weekend, and arranged for her kids to sleep over with a friend. The day came. I got ready to head over to Mrs. A's house to "babysit." I didn't dress up much, because I figured I wouldn't have much use for clothes where I was going. Shorts (commando), a t-shirt,and some old flip-flops. At 5p.m., I headed on over. I couldn't wait to get there. I hadn't jerked off all week--very hard for a boy my age. I was saving up for an experience I knew I'd have a hard time topping. I was already pitching a tent when I knocked on her door, anticipating the hours of pleasure in store. She opened the door andI saw she also dressed up in clothes just waiting to be torn off: a sports bra and athletic shorts. She smiled and grabbed my hand. She lead me to the living room, where I assumed we'd begin on the couch. I was wrong. She led me right past the living room and into a bedroom where we stopped. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. She seemed very horny. I felt the crotch of her shorts--which I correctly assumed had been panty-less--and felt a pretty big wet spot. I ripped of my shirt and her bra. I slipped out of my flip flops and we pulled each other's shorts down. She threw me onto the bed. She sat on me, not where penetration could happen--and straddled me. She put her tits in my face. I sucked them as I firmly gripped that killer ass of hers.

After about a minute of tit sucking, she stood up. She grinned a naughty grin as she eyed my stiffy. "Sit on the edge," she said, the first words either of us had said. I dutifully did as I was told. I sat up at attention, just like my cock She got on her knees in front of me and grabbed my cock. She still had her glasses on, giving her an innocent, demure look that almost pushed me over the edge right there. She pulled back my foreskin and took a look at it. She scooped off some precum with a finger and slowly brought it to her mouth. She sucked her finger. I could see the lust in her eyes and couldn't wait to feel it on my cock. She grabbed my cock again with her right hand and slowly started playing with my balls with her left. Her strokes were not too quick or slow. Very steady, at the perfect pressure. I reached out and stroked Mrs. A's hair. She smiled at me.

"Enjoying yourself?" She asked me. I nodded. "I'm gonna take good care of you," she said. "Just enjoy the ride." She continued her stroking, keeping up the pace and working my balls like an expert. I looked at her in awe. I couldn't believe this was happening. After about 10-15 minutes of this bliss--I don't know how I lasted that long-- I could feel the pressure build. "I'm gonna cum." She immediately stopped stroking. I let out a pathetic little whimper. "Don't worry, honey. I won't torture you too much. She went outside in the hallway. I heard her footsteps disappear. Then I waited. I was all alone for about 5 minutes, still hard but nowhere near the point of no return. Just when I thought the blueballs were permanent, I heard her coming back, and she came in the room holding a medium-sized bottle of baby oil. "Didn't think I forgot about you, did you, baby?"She asked. She poured a healthy amount on her hand and rubbed her hands together. She grabbed my cock with her oily hand and Began stroking at that slow deliberate pace. With her other hand, she played not with my balls but with my anus. She slowly etched a circle around the edge. The two sensations together were electric. I'd never even thought about anal play before, but now here I was, receiving it along with an oily hand job. I felt the pressure build after about five minutes. She must have felt it because she let go again. Reached up to kiss me, pushed her tits together, and pushed them onto my cock. Her tits aren't huge, maybe B or C cups, but they're soft and pillowy in all the right places, and firm where it should be. She pushed her tits up and down along my cock. The oil on my cock and the intoxicating movement of her tits was too much. I came in about thirty seconds. I closed my eyes with the force of the orgasm, and did not see how many ropes I shot. It felt like a geyser, and when I opened my eyes, I knew the saving up had been worth it. An enormous load of cum had blasted her chin, and much of it was dripping on her tits. The sight of her alone got my stiff again. She smiled stood up.

"Not so fast. It's my turn." She went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. She wiped the cum off of her and laid down on the bed on her back, arms out alluringly, straight ahead. "Kiss my feet." She said. "And work your way up." I could tell she was horny and obliged her. I'm not a foot person per se, but I noticed then she had beautiful feet. I kissed them One by one. I sucked lightly on her big toes. I kissed Up her legs until I reached her inner thighs. I teased her there, almost but not quite kissing her vagina. Around her crotch I'd lick a little after the kiss,and I felt her shudder every time. I Kissed my way up her stomach, continuing my upward journey, hoping what Hollywood taught me was right. This time it was. I gave her tits similar treatment as her pussy, with similar results. I kissed up her neck and on her cheek and then we locked lips and held that position for about two minutes. She broke the kiss and reached for the oil. She looked me in the eyes. "Give me a massage," she said.I got on my knees on the bed. I took the oil and poured a large amount, maybe an eighth of the bottle, just above her tits. I rubbed it around her chest and torso, paying special attention to her breasts. I worked my way down her stomach. I poured another healthy dose just above her beautiful bush. I ran the oil around it, oiling up those angelic thighs and down her legs. When I was done, I tweaked her oily nipples with an oily hand for a few minutes. Responding to her moans and the spreading wet patch on the sheets in front of her pussy, I decided to turn my attention there. I ogled at it. Every time I'd seen it I was floored by how perfect it was. I stroked her soft push and pulled apart the lips with my left thumb an middle finger. I'd been planning out a technique all week, and tested it out now. I stuck my pointer and middle finger of my right hand into her warm, wet, pussy, strong but not too tight (but by no means very loose). I used my left pointer finger to play with her clit. The technique worked wonders. She squirmed with pleasure, breathing heavily and moaning. I replaced my finger on the clit with my tongue, continuing to finger her with my right hand. Her pussy juice was delicious and intoxicating. I felt her squirm and she held my head to her crotch as I felt her muscles contract around my fingers. She let out a loud, long moan, and bucked her hips. I thought she was gonna break my jaw! She stopped bucking and continued to moan quietly. Her legs shook a bit, and she calmed down after a few minutes. My face was soaked with her juices. I could tell she needed that, and it turned me on to see her so thoroughly satisfied by something I'd done.

We kissed again and told her to roll over. She got on her back. I grabbed the baby oil and poured some on her back. I rubbed it all over her back and then stared at her ass, so long a fantasy of mine, now bare in front of me. I was going to savor this moment. I poured some oil on the back of each thigh, rubbing it carefully between the backs of her hers knee and buttocks. Finally, I poured oil on each buttock and slowly spread it. I grabbed handfuls of cheek, pushing them together and spreading them apart, giving my a great new angle of her beautiful pussy and access to her tight little asshole. I gave her wet juicy ass a spank. She let out a little gasp. I began to rub her pussy. Slowly but surely. She raised her lower half, sticking her ass up a bit, to allow me freer access to her pussy. I had the oil bottle and had a devilish idea. I poured some on her buttock, dropped the bottle, and used my free hand to pool it around her tight little asshole. She'd touched mine, now it was my turn. As the oil touched her anus, she gasped. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she panted for me to keep going. I traced circles around her anus, just as she had with me. I picked up the pace in her pussy. My fingers were drenched, and the movement was making sexy splashing sounds. I was feeling confident about penetrating her ass. I ever so slowly began to apply pressure.Her hole was very tight and clamping around me. She let out a happy sigh. I felt her vagina clamp at the sensation. Her muscles loosened a bit, just for a second, and I used that opportunity to finally penetrate her ass. Even with plenty of oily lube, it was hard to get it in. My index finger was in to the nailbed. Not very far. She let out a surprised cry but again said no when I asked if I should stop. I slowly pushed my finger deeper in, all while keeping up the pace with her vagina. After a minute and a half or so, I was down to the knuckle, and she let out a sharp, happy sigh. I slowly pulled back my finger and kept fingering her hot little asshole slowly while I worked on her wet pussy. I was in hog heaven. I thought the sight of this alone was gonna make me cum all over the place. I kept at this for a little while, anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Then, I felt her start to clamp in orgasm. She let out another long moan and her anus contracted, pushing out my finger. She Turned over on her back again, and began to pant. The sheets were covered in oil and cum at this point, and I didn't suspect they'd get any cleaner. She looked at me, still a little woozy. "Did you like your massage?" I asked. I thought I couldn't be any more turned on right now but she proved me wrong right then. She answered. "It was very relaxing. Next time I'll ask for the facial." I kissed her to cover up my shock. When I broke the kiss, she told me to wash my hands. I did, and quickly returned.

She was lying on the bed pushing her tits together. I knew what she wanted me to do. I hovered over her tits, trying my best to duplicate the procedure in that reliable sex guide known as porn. I sat on the bed on my knees, my ass touching her stomach, but not applying much pressure. My cock was nestled in her tits. I began to thrust. The oil on her stomach, tits, and my cock aided the thrusting, but I still got an ab workout out of it. As I thrusted, my hands wandered, sometimes playing with her breasts, sometimes holding or stroking her head, resting on her shoulder, or some combination. There was a little dirty talk, but much of the noise was the slapping of her tits and my grunts. She smiled naughtily at me the whole time, occasionally saying something like "oh, yeah, you like that?" Somehow, I managed to last about 10-15 minutes before I felt the pressure build. I didn't say I was gonna cum. I just thrust harder, and the sound of my crotch slapping her tits sent me over the edge. I let out a moan and shot an impressive load, not as massive as the first but still a lot. There was cum on her chin, her face, her lips, her hair, and on the bed. I got up, dripping cum. We made out and chatted for maybe two hours. We decided to order food, and she showered the smell of sex off her. We almost went in together, but decided to go separately because if we went in together we wouldn't leave any time soon. We cleaned up, put on our clothes, and got our food. As soon as the door closed, we immediately ripped off our clothes and ate in the nude. We finished and cleaned our mouths--we planed on a a lot more kissing. We moved over to the couch and made out. She turned to me and said in a seductive tone, "I got a new package." I was confused, but she turned on the TV and began scrolling through channels and saw what she meant. She had a good selection of adult channels. We selected some movie that was just starting. It was about MILFs. It started with this blonde lady who looked about 40. She started going down on this cock and then he started pounding her like no tomorrow. Mrs. A was a lot more attractive than these girls because she was all-natural, a real MILF, and took care of herself. Still, I got aroused and so did Mrs. A. By the second scene, we were both slowly playing with ourselves. By scene three, we'd gotten into a steady rhythm. She stopped and so did I. She got up and went to the bedroom and came back with a box inside was a a small assortment of vibrators and dildos. She took out a dildo. The third scene was starting to get interesting, but nowhere near as good as this. She sucked her finger and began fingering her pussy. She moaned and gasped and reached for the dildo. She penetrated herself, slowly but surely, never breaking eye contact with that lusty longing. After a few minutes she began thrusting the dildo harder, then arched her back and held the dildo inside of her. She came down from orgasm and seductively pulled the toy out with a wet pop. I almost came right there. I knew it was my turn. I locked eyes with her and began stroking. It was nothing unlike any other masturbation session, except I was more aroused, a little slower and more deliberate, and I put on a little show about how good it felt. I saw her softly stroke her bush as she watched me. That pushed me to perform. Soon I felt that familiar pressure build. "Here I come," I said, and tilted my head back. three ropes of cum shot out, ending up on my hand, legs, and the couch. The guy in the scene blew his load right after me, meaning our mutual session was abut 25 minutes. I washed my hands per her request and got back on the couch. The fourth scene was about 20 minutes long, two MILFs going down on each other. Throughout that scene Mrs. A and I made out and I fondled her breasts. The next, and last, scene was short, just a blowjob. This brunette MILF just goes down on this guy like there's no tomorrow. I looked at Mrs. A. She obviously saw my interest. She smiled and kissed me and said "maybe if you're good."

After the movie ended, another began, but we were too busy playing with each other to watch other people fuck. We turned off the TV and went back to the bedroom. She got on the bed and looked at me innocently. "Get on your hands and knees." I said. She looked a little concerned. "I'm not ready for penetration. I don't want to cross that line just yet." I assured her that it wasn't like that. She smiled and got in doggy position. It was beautiful. Her pussy, her ass, everything on display. I grabbed the baby oil and poured it on her asshole. She giggled. I was overcome by lust. I started licking her pussy furiously. I'd done this a couple times and was starting to get a feel of what got her going. I built up my speed, careful to maximize pleasure but hold her orgasm at bay at least for a little while. Sometimes that meant stopping for a while and letting her excitement go down. All the while, I was prodding at her asshole and eventually penetrated. I got to the point where I was fingering her ass fairly fluidly. I'd been teasing her for quite a while, so I decided to finally let go of all that built-up tension. I fingered her ass and licked her pussy furiously. I reached around with my free hand and tugged at her hanging nipples. Her long-awaited orgasm finally came. Her pussy became ver wet and again her ass pushed out my finger. I continued licking and she cried out, a scream of pleasure. I continued to lick, and felt her slightly spasm before coming down. I looked at her panting, and remembered the box of toys. I had a naughty idea. I grabbed a large handheld vibrator and one of those little egg-shaped ones with a wire. I told mrs. A to put her legs in the air. She did. I gave her the hand vibrator, and told her to hold off until I said so. I put a little more oil in her asshole and slowly inserted the egg-shaped vibrator. I was so excited. She still seemed like she was reeling from the last orgasm. I wanted her lost in a world of pleasure. "Now," I said. I turned on the vibrator in her ass as she worked her pussy. I worked her breasts, kissing and sucking them, fondling them with my hands as I kissed her. It was no more than five minutes before I knew she would come. I eyed her pussy and could see a mist of wetness from the vibrator. I saw her eyes begin to roll back. I kissed her as she arched her back and moaned into my mouth. She slumped back on the bed, and I was confident she was finally spent. After a little while, she came down from the orgasm.

After about five minutes she told me to lie down and open my legs. She grabbed the baby oil and poured it on my asshole. "Your turn," she said, and kissed me. She slowly worked her lubed finger up my ass.She finally reached my prostate, and an electric shock of pleasure came crashing through my body. I gasped and she smiled, knowing she found the sweet spot. As she cupped my balls with her free hand, lightly fondling, she gently prodded and twirled around my ass.I could feel all my tension melt away, and after a few minutes, I told her I was coming. She quickened the pace twirling around my prostate, and my orgasm hit me like a train. Cum shot out of my cock, mostly on my stomach but some in her hair and on the bed. She washed her hands and climbed into bed with me. We were both finally spent. I looked at the clock. It was 10:30. "You were very good." She said, beaming. "You were amazing," I said. She looked at the clock and asked if I had to go. I'd said I'd be home about midnight, but my parents aren't huge curfew people and gave me a lot of independence. They probably wouldn't worry if I was gone. I told her this and added she wouldn't be getting rid of me that easily. She laughed and we kissed some more before falling asleep.

I woke up in the morning to something better than any dream. I felt warm softness. As I swam into consciousness, I felt it localized on my crotch. I opened my eye, hoping for the best, and got it. Mrs. A was sucking my cock. It was my first received oral sex, and man, was it good. Even without morning makeup, Mrs. A looked beautiful. I stroked her head and she lifted off my cock with a sexy exaggerated smack. "Did you sleep well?" She asked. "It wasn't as good as that, I can tell you that." She smiled. "Just returning the favor." She went back to work on my cock. Her tongue massaged my shaft as she bobbed up and down. Her mouth was the perfect wetness, it lubricated and added sensation. Her lips were pillowy. Her occasional slurps were sexy. It was my first blowjob and she's the only woman who's given me one, but I doubt it gets much better than that. I stroked her head and took in the sight. In about five minutes I was ready to blow my load. I told her this, and she slowly took off her mouth and began to jerk me off. She aimed at her chest andI fired away. My balls had replenished, and a few good ropes landed on her beautiful tits. I sat up and laid her down on my stomach. She asked me if I had to go. I checked my phone. It was 9:00 a.m. I'd gotten no messages the night before. My parents would be at work by now, and probably didn't know I was gone. I continued my work on Mrs. A. I told her stick her ass up just a little bit. I was overcome by lust. All I could think about was her butt. I grabbed the egg-shaped vibrator and stuck it in her pussy. I turned it on its medium setting to make sure the experience would last longer. I spread open those beautiful ass cheeks to reveal that tight little asshole. I stuck out my tongue and licked it. She gasped and moaned. I licked it some more. I played with her asshole while the egg vibrated. Licked, finger-prodded, lightly stretched. After some time, she said she was coming. I began licking her asshole again, and felt it clamp as she came. She flipped over and kissed me. She looked at me with a fire in her eyes. "Let's clean you up, you dirty boy.

We got into the shower. She started, soaping me up and scrubbing me down. She soaped up my cock, and began jerking it off. She got on her knees and looked up at me. She gave me another blowjob. It felt the same as the first--perfect. But it was more arousing. She was on her knees looking up at me. The water added texture. Good thing I'd recently cum. I lasted 10-15 minutes. I stroked her head as she looked up at me. When I announced I was coming, she did nothing. I came hard in her mouth. She got up, and seductively allowed a large amount of cum to drip out of her mouth. ThenI grabbed the soap and worked on her.I paid special attention to the breasts and pussy, slowly inserting a finger or two. After about three minutes of that, I was the one on my knees. I rubbed down her pussy. It was wet. I got right down to business, fingering her with my right hand and licking her. My left hand traced circles around her anus. I picked up the speed and changed the rhythm as I felt her tip over the edge. After a few minutes Her muscles began to clamp. She held me to her crotch and screamed in pleasure. I got back off, and we finished off the shower with one last cum. I stood behind her, fingering her and massaging her breasts and kissing her neck while she reached around and gave me a handjob. We came at around the same time. She shuddered and spasmed a bit, and I shot about five ropes at the wall. We finished up our shower.

We got dressed and chatted for a little while. We made out a couple times, then she looked at the time and said she had to pick up the kids. She paid me for my time babysitting and she said she hoped to have my services again in the near future. We kissed one last time and I walked home, feeling elated. As I suspected, my family was none the wiser. My parents had both gone to work and, unless they decided to wake me up at 6 on a summer weekend, left assuming I was asleep. I arrived home at 10:30. My brother was still asleep. I got my bearings and opened up Solotouch. This one took a long time to write up. The memories just made me so horny.

I'm leaving town this week for almost two weeks, so unfortunately I won't be seeing her for a little while. I'm sure we can more than make up for the missing time. You'll be the first to know when it happens!

Thanks for bearing with me.



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