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Hot for Teacher 10

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Valentine's Day


It's Sunday, 2/16, two days after Valentine's Day. I planned for Valentine's Day for months. I knew I wanted it to be special. In September, I got a job as a lifeguard/swim instructor at a YMCA, which gives me some fairly decent money. In October, I started planning. I had started doing the math. I put in about three hours every day Mon-Thu, and make about $150 a week. So I figured that with my job money, plus birthday, Christmas, etc., I'd have about $4000 to my name by mid-January. I guess I was feeling a little dramatic, that added to my excitement. I decided to put away $2500 for the day--again, dramatic. I started withdrawing $150 a week and stowing away the cash. The anticipation and theatrics were killing me. I scoped Mrs. A out. I led on that I was planning something big. I got her opinions on some elegant gowns and her favorite recipes. In mid-January I spent about $2000-- $900 pearl necklace, $400 gown and heels, $250 suit for me, $150 lingerie, and $400 for perfume for her and cologne for me. I used cash, which got me weird looks from vendors, but my parents didn't suspect anything and the bank didn't call me once. I was picturing Mrs. A wearing that flowing red gown and pearl necklace, the lingerie underneath and the smell of the perfume radiating from her. I know it was a lot of money to spend at once, but considering the fact that we've been seeing each other since summer and have gone out exactly once, I was just making up for lost time. I kept prodding her about what to make for dinner, and finally got an answer about her favorite dish: linguine with clams. I ordered chocolates from Maison du Chocolat about a week before V-Day, then bought a bunch of candles. I arranged for 10 dozen roses to be delivered to her house at 4 pm on V-Day. I told her to stay away from her house till eight or so. She agreed and said she couldn't wait to see what I had planned.

I got to her house (I have a key), got the flowers. It was rush time. I set up candles in the bathroom, bedroom and the hallway leading to it, as well as the dining room table. I used six roses on the table, and used most of the rest for their petals, covering the bed in tacky little pattern, and covering the bathtub and bathroom floor, as well as the hallway leading to the bedroom. I saved about eight roses, just in case. I ran out to buy the ingredients for dinner. I made salad then changed into my suit. One hour to go. I cooked the food, dabbed on cologne, and lit the candles on the table and in the hallway. I got the lingerie and the gown. I set the table just as she came in.

She marvelled at the setup and gasped when she saw the gown and lingerie. I helped her out of her casual clothes and took in her form as she pulled on the black sheer lingerie that did nothing to cover her beautiful bush and pink slit or her puffy, perky, pink nipples. she put on her perfume, followed by the gown and the heels. She reached into her purse and got out some bright red lipstick. She looked phenomenal. It took everything in my power not to take her right there.

We ate by candlelight, and she liked the food, or at least pretended to. I excused myself towards the end to use the bathroom, in reality lighting the candles in the bedroom and getting the chocolates and necklace. I presented her the chocolate. "This is all too much," she said. I took out the necklace. "Nothing is too much for you," I said, and put it on her. I kissed her neck and beheld her, gown, necklace, and lipstick. She was the image of beauty. I kissed her deeply and took her by the hand.

She slipped out of her heels and I led her to the bedroom. She gasped happily at the setup. "Tom [not her husband's real name] never did anything like this for me." I took off my jacket and shoes. I pulled gently on her gown and it crumpled to the floor. I undid the bra and dropped it to the floor. "Forget about Tom," I said, and kissed her. I laid her down on the bed. She glowed by the candlelight. I kissed her again and worked my way down, kissing her neck and down to her chest. I massaged her breasts and pinched and rubbed her nipples, kissing and sucking them. She moaned gently. I kissed my way down her stomach until I reached her sheer panties. I rubbed her bush and slit, and felt the panties start to get damp. I kissed her inner thighs, massaged and kissed her slit, and slowly pulled off her panties, leaving her completely naked except for the necklace.

I grabbed a rose and traced it over her body. I traced light circles around her neck, and lightly brushed her nipples, making her gasp. I traced down her stomach, making her shiver, before I rubbed her bush and slit with it. I sniffed the rose and laid it beside her. I brought my hand to her vagina and began to rub. I kissed her and used my other hand to massage her breasts. We broke the kiss and I used my mouth and hand to stimulate her breast as I used my other hand to massage her bush. She began to squirm a bit and exhaled sharply. I stopped rubbing her and began to stick a finger in. I felt a wet squish as I entered her up to the base of my finger. The wet warmness of her was intoxicating. I moved my finger in and out, slowly, wiggling my finger back and forth, in and out, round and round as I went, alternating speed. She responded well, as evidenced by her moans, light squirming, and increasing wetness around my finger.

I probed with a second finger and worked the same routine, and I worked her breasts more aggressively with my free hand and mouth. Her breathing grew more audible and her moans fuller, and I decided to push in a third finger, moving faster on average, sometimes moving all the fingers as one, sometimes wiggling them independently. She reacted well. Her moans turned into helps and she wrapped her arm around me. I kissed her and sped up with my fingers. She moaned into my mouth harder and hard, and I felt her contract around my fingers. She broke the kiss and yelped as orgasm took her. I slowly pulled out my wet fingers and tasted them. It was so sweet. She barely had time to breathe before I pulled her by the legs to the edge of the bed and got on my knees at the foot of it. I rubbed her clit and she moaned loudly, still, sensitive from orgasm.

I moved my hands and held her firmly by the sides, just above the thighs. I licked and gently bit her lips and clit before I began to eat her out, slowly at first, but then deeper and faster as she started moaning loudly, still very sensitive from her last orgasm. She moaned my name several times as I lapped up her sweet juices, licking her fast and hard like my life depended on it. She exhaled sharply and moaned my name as she came a second time. This time I let her catch her breath.

I got on the bed next to her and stroked her hair and kissed her neck as she recovered. Then she sat up and kissed me. She pulled of my socks and threw them on the floor. She slowly undid my tie and dropped it over the side of the bed. She undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants, pulling them off. She kissed me as she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled off my undershirt, leaving me only in my boxers. My bulge was bursting it at the seams, and there was a sizeable wet spot where precum had soaked through the fabric. She felt the gooey spot and slowly, seductively brought her finger to he mouth. She slowly rubbed my bulge and bit her lip.

How am I ever going to thank you? She asked. Should I talk dirty? She pulled down my boxers and slowly began to stroke, pushing out fresh precum with each pump. Do I let you stick it in my ass? I think you'd like that. Do I let you use my throat like a sex toy, fucking me till I can barely breathe? Or maybe I could let you hold me down and ravish me like some cheap whore? Her words were like a mouth on my cock. Hearing her talk like that was almost enough to make me cum. She kissed my cock and began to slowly suck the tip, painting it red with lipstick. I felt myself reaching the point of no return. Then she stopped and sat on my legs, my throbbing cock brushing against her pussy. Or maybe I could work for it. I could kick and scream and fight and make you work for it. I could pretend like I'm not dripping wet. How would you like that?

I was stunned. I don't think I've ever been so turned on in my life.Then she got up. No. I've been saving something for a special occasion. She got up and went to the closet. She dug and found a little box. She pulled it out and showed me. It was a skimpy little French maid outfit, a one-piece skirt with a little hat and brush. She put it on. The skirt ended a full three inches above her slit, and about as far below her breasts. She did a little twirl. Her full, round ass was completely uncovered. I'll be your maid. I can clean you up. You've been very dirty. You can take me however you want, sir. I stared in awe as she did a little show. She brushed furniture and made sure to bend over low and often. Finally she made her way back to the bed. She put down her brush. Should I clean you up, sir? Yes please.

She slowly started to stroke my cock, again pumping out fresh precum. This isn't working at all! Maybe I should try cleaning it another way, she said, and began to suck my cock, painting it red again. She sucked it enthusiastically and wetly, smiling at me naughtily the whole time, slurping, moaning and giggling, often taking it into her throat, which tightened around me. After a few minutes she stopped. Well, its a little cleaner. I lifted her up and lined her up to me in a 69 position. Should I keep cleaning, sir Yes. She continued. I spread her ass cheeks and looked at her tight little anus and gave it a good lick. She gasped and giggled and kept going. For a few minutes that continued and then I had a change of pace.

I told her to get on her knees on the floor. I stood up and told her to continue. It was pretty kinky seeing my teacher dressed up as a maid on her knees sucking my cock. Fulfilled a couple fantasies at once. I felt myself start to reach climax and looked her in the eyes. Her naughty look drove me over the edge and I grabbed her head as I came into her mouth. It felt like a gallon shot into her mouth. I pulled out, still rock hard. She showed me the cum and swallowed it.

She stood up. I kissed her neck and slipped her out of her skirt. I laid her on the bed. Maybe I should hire you to clean up after me more often. She laughed and we kissed. But now, just you and me. No costumes, no character, no one in charge, I said. We kissed more and engaged in activities that fall outside the scope of this site. We should clean up.

Wait here, I said. I went to the bathroom and lit the candles. I filled the tub and told her to come in. She came in and smiled. This is all too much. Nothing is too much for you, my dear. I got in and beckoned her to join me. She smiled and told me to wait and left. She came back with a bottle of wine and two glasses. I smiled. Scandalous. I wont tell if you dont, she purred as she poured the wine. She handed me a glass and got in, sitting on my lap. We chatted and sipped wine. I asked her about the necklace. She said she loved it. After a while, I started to grow aroused again, and I started to get hard.

My cock rose out of the water just between her legs. She giggled. You don't let up, do you? She teased. Forgive me, miss. It's Valentines Day. I have a beautiful woman I love naked on my lap. She grabbed my cock. Well, maybe I could help out. She began to stroke. Tom could never do this. Two sips and he was soft all night. Haven't we established that I'm not Tom? She giggled. I leaned her back. She was still stroking. I slowly poured my wine over her body, trickling it down her neck, focusing on her breasts and down to her stomach to where it met the water. I kissed her up and down, lapping up the wine from her neck and breast as my hand worked it's way to her pussy. Our hands often rubbed each other as we stimulated each other, we worked very slowly. Her strokes were slow, and I slowly rubbed and fingered her pussy. I massaged her breasts with my free hand and mouth. There was no noise but the gentle movement of water, our kissing, and our breathing and moans.

After a while she gently arched her back in orgasm, and I followed soon after, shooting five ropes on her stomach and her hand. She turned and kissed me. I was sure we'd drained you. She scooped some of the cum up and played with it and popped her finger in her mouth. I always have some for you. We cleaned off and went to bed. We spent much of the day together, but none of it was very ST-friendly. Thanks for sticking with me. Hopefully I'll have more to write about soon.



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