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Hot for Conner(b.j.)

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If you read this conner, give me your version


This story happened back when I was 17 and in high school band. Three of us were sharing a room at state basketball and we were all frustrated and bored after a day at the games. David was the smallest of us, only maybe weighing 130 lbs and probably just 5'5'. Conner was one of my wrestling buddies weighing in about 170 and 5'10'. I was about 145 and 5' 9' and was determined tonite was the night when we would all have some fun with each other. Since we were bored I suggested we play poker, to make things even more interesting Conner suggested strip poker. We all got around in a circle and we slowly starting losing our clothes until we were all down to our white briefs and bikini underwear, we each had bulges in our underwear when I looked around and you could hear us breathing harder. David lost the next hand and he slowly lowered his briefs embarrassed by the fact that we had a 5 1/2' stiff penis pointing staight at his hard abs. Conner and I agreed to join David being naked but I asked Conner if I could lower his tight briefs that looked so hot instead of him. Conner stood up and David scooted over on the bed so he was looking right at his crotch. I sat on the bed staring right at his underwear and just as a I took my hand to place it on his hard dick the large head slipped past the top of his underwear and his prick head came almost up to his belly button. It looked so hot, David scooted closer and began to rub my thigh as I took my hands and hooked them under the top of Conner's briefs and slowly lowered them till I was face to face with Conner's huge 8 1/2' thick penis. David's hand was now rubbing my hard mound and I could hardly stand it. David slipped down off the bed between my legs and pulled my bikini briefs down, my hard 6 1/2' cock slapped against my tight belly--precome was already dripping out the head of my dick and when I looked straight ahead at Conner's dick precome was sliding down his long thick shaft. You could smell the manly aroma in the air from our excitment. Conner grabbed hold of his huge dick and took the precome he squezzzed out the head and stroked himself slowly right within 6' of my face. David was going one step further and took my hardon in his hand and started beating me off, his hand felt so good rubbing me all over. I reached out with one hand and cupped Conner's large balls and with my other free
hand pinched David's tits. Conner's prick looked so good as his hand moved back and fourth in front of me. I lifted his balls in my hand and brought them up to my mouth and sucked first one then the other in. Conner moaned and groaned loadly as I sucked on his balls. I couldn't believe what happened next. David lowered his mouth right over my prick and slowly sucked it down, this was nothing like I had ever felt before. His tounge ran up and down my shaft, stroking with his hand what he didn't get in his mouth. I popped Conner's balls out of my mouth and decided enough, my turn as I took Conner's penis in my hand and pointed it at my mouth and slowly started licking the head and tasting the precome drooling everywhere. It felt great as I ate more and more of his hot thick prick and as David sucked me all the way down to my pubes. I quickly learned to breath through my nose and Conner started moving back and fourth sinking all 8 1/2' deep in my mouth. I could feel David moving faster on my prick, he fondled my balls and moved his other hand between my legs almost touching my hot hole. Conner and I were both heading for a terrific orgasm like none before. I reached around Conner's hot ass and found his hole, I took my mouth off his prick long enough to milk some lube out of his prick that looked ready to explode. I sank back down on his huge prick and again worked my hand around with my lubed finger finding his hole. I pushed my finger into his butt as far as it would go and found a hard spot that sent him rushing faster towards coming. David squezzed my balls and stroked faster and faster looking right at my prick head as it fired hard and fast all over his face before he could sink back down on it. About the third time I feel forward from coming so hard and David gobbled back up my prick and sucked me dry. This was too much for Conner as he bucked like crazy into my mouth and shot jism till it filled me so much it dripped out the corners of my mouth down onto David's head. Conner and I were groaning so load I thought somebody would be banging on the door. Conner slowly pulled his still hard prick out of my mouth as I stroked and licked up the last drops of his tasty come. David needed some relief bad, as he stood up his dick was dripping and ready to explode. Conner layed down on the bed and told David to sit on his chest and shove his prick in his mouth as he was the only one left that hadn't tasted anybody's come. David stradled Conner's body and moved forward until his hardon was slowly going down Conner's throat. What a sight, I couldn't stand it, I needed more. I got on top of Conner also reaching in front of David I twisted his nipples till they were hard, David's head fell back and we kissed hard. My penis was so hard again it hurt. Conner's prick was standing tall and ready again, I made my next move. I grabbed a rubber from my bag next to the bed and slowly lowered it over Conner's big prick---
Conner was busy sucking David and what came next he couldn't believe when we talked about it later. I reached for the night stand and got some hand lotion and spread it all over the rubber and then put some on my fingers and rubbed it all around my hole. I moved back, held his prick with one hand, then slowly lowered myself on his big prick. I could only go so fast as it felt so huge entering my virgin ass. After a few minutes I was all the way down sitting on Conner's prick with all 8 1/2' buried deep. I waited a second and the pain slowly started to fade. I stroked David's back as he sunk his prick deep in Conner's mouth and let sail his huge load, his body trembled as he unleashed his first boy/boy sex load. I was moving up and down on Conner's prick and the pain was pure pleasue now. David dismounted Conner and turned his attention to my cock as it waved back and fourth against my body as I picked up more and more speed. David started stroking my cock just before it blasted all over Conner's chest, with one final lunge he blasted his load up my butt into the rubber. I fell forward and kissed Conner then David, we all agreed this was worth repeating and we did --- next morning it started with Me sucking David and David sucking Conner till we feed each other our first loads of the day. I got the pleasure of burying my first load of come up Conner's fine ass.



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