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Hot Coffee Nights

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One summer I didn't have a regular 'girlfriend', but I had a great sex life.


One summer in High School I had a job working evenings at a local coffee shop. There were two in our town, and this one was the hang-out for the teenagers-everyone came in and did homework and talked and met each other. My co-worker, Cindy, was a girl I knew from school. We got to be friends. Her mom would drive her to work, and I'd drive her home after we closed the shop.
Cindy is really social and knows everyone. She knows all the gossip, especially who'd dating who and whether they're having sex. She seems to know it before anyone else-I bet she knows a couple is having sex before they even get their clothes back on!
She also had a bit of a reputation as being pretty 'friendly' with a lot of different guys, but I didn't know much about that. Anyway, we'd talk all the way home about who came into the shop with whom, and who was sexy and who wasn't, and who made us horny that night.
I had a crush on a girl I'd seen at school. She had great breasts and was very round and sensual. Her name was Sally. One afternoon she came in with a girlfriend and they spread out on a table to do a project--cutting up a map and making poster boards.
Anyway, she was WAY sexy-she had on a very low halter top that left her boobs round and bursting out the top, and her jeans were also low cut, so her soft, flat tummy was open pretty far down, enough to see a little fuzz. I couldn't believe it!
They got to work and were very intense. What that meant was that Sally was bent over the table, marking and cutting and pasting things, with her boobs hanging out, or pushed against the table, just bursting out of her halter top. I was going nuts.
They were there for a couple of hours, and I brought coffee over to them, and then Sally noticed I was noticing her, and she flirted and got self-conscious about what she was showing but she kept showing it anyway. I was having a very hard time paying attention to the other customers. I was getting pretty horny, half-hard under my apron.
When Sally and her friend left, I told Cindy I had to take a break and headed for the bathroom. Before I locked the door I was stiff, and it didn't take long for me to satisfy myself very well thinking of Sally. Ahhhh!
When I went outside, Cindy looked at me a little turned her head in this way she had, and whispered, 'Did you just jack off???!!!' I was flustered, and said something like 'maybe', but she obviously knew. Then she laughed.
For the rest of the night she acted differently, kind of hot. We didn't say much when we cleaned up, but when we got in the car she said it was soooooooooo obvious I was horny for Sally, she could almost see my dick sticking out under my apron. I started to get a hard-on again.
We stopped outside her house, and she said,
'It makes me really horny to think about guys jerkin' off. '
I said, 'Really?'
She told me it was about her biggest turn-on, in fact she almost came at the shop thinking of me in the bathroom.
I said, 'Wow!'
Then she looked at me and said, 'Do you want me to give you a hand job?'
I got embarrassed again and mumbled something, got nervous but I unzip my pants pretty fast anyway. My dick sprung out, and Cindy grabbed it.
Wow, she was great. I'd never had anyone else's hand on my dick, and hers was so soft and smooth and she really knew what to do. She did me for a long time, and didn't let me cum, even though I was on the verge the whole time. All the time her eyes were on me.
She grabbed some tissues from her purse, and then started grinding me real hard and I popped pretty good into her tissues. When I was back together again, she gave me a little kiss on the cheek and went inside quickly. I drove home, and as soon as I got to the bathroom, I jerked off again, and again in bed, and also when I woke up, and probably before work.
The next time I drove her home, I didn't say anything, but when we got to her house, she leaned over and said, 'Again?' I unzipped for her again. This went on regularly. At work, we didn't flirt or touch, but outside her house Cindy would 'do' me and then go inside.
I started having fantasies about HER masturbating-I was sure she did it every night when she left me-and one night I said I bet this made her horny, and she probably was playing with herself before she got in the door at night. She smiled and said, 'Yesss!' I asked why she didn't just do it here in the car.
Cindy hesitated a little and then said that when she masturbated with guys they always got horny and wanted to have sex, and she didn't too. I told her to try me. She didn't say anything, but after she unzipped me, she got one hand on my cock, the other up her skirt, and before long she was moaning and squeezing my cock while she came.
She got back together and finished me off in fine style-I was about as hot as I could be-and then went back to fingering herself more. I guess she must have had several orgasms, she was hot and intense, and was rubbing herself harder and harder, and her thighs were so hot and twitchy.
This went on all summer. A few times Cindy let me finger her, but she obviously liked it better herself. What really turned her on was to watch me masturbate, so we'd both do it together. I loved her hand jobs, but I didn't care. I had great orgasms watching her finger herself.
Cindy had about the best legs in the whole school, soft and muscular, and when we got comfortable, she'd pull her skirt up and open her legs. Her crotch muscles were a real turn on to watch, and I could see her cum by her thighs. I got really into watching her, and she'd have some awesome orgasms, writhing all over her seat.
The other thing that really turned me on was when she'd play with her nipples. Usually she didn't pull up her shirt, but she did a few times, and I got a good look at her boobs, and her big round nipples. Her boobs weren't big, her nipples would get really hard which got me really freaky and horny.
Whenever she did that, I felt my own nipples start to burn, and when I'd go home in bed, I played with them, and imagined what it felt like for Cindy to finger herself. Her nipples are a real light pink, and fleshy when they're not tight and hard. I can remember how she smells and sounds when she cums, and have some really sweet orgasms.
At work, when I'd get horny, my nipples would get tight and tender, even before I got a hard on. (In fact burning now, while I write this. I've gotta finish quick).
We never did anything more than masturbate, but it's great. Lots of times that summer we'd share our fantasies, especially about our customers. At work we had a little signal for when somebody was making us horny-we'd ask the other for a Kleenex! A few times I excused myself and went to the bathroom to jerk off; this made Cindy so horny she'd follow me in a minute or two.
We're still friends, and see each other on vacations, now and then. We get together to talk, and, sure enough, we end up masturbating. We don't hide much from each other any more, and Cindy tells me about the guys she's been jacking, all about how big they are, and what they do when the cum. Cindy says she gets really horny thinking about guy's dicks. I have to say, it's kind of a turn-on to hear about it.
Once we went to a nude beach together. We got incredibly horny-she jacked me off three times after we left. We have a fantasy about getting my best friend to jack with us, but I've never jacked with him, and I'm kind of afraid to ask.



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