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Hot Beach

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I have been a fond reader of the site for years now and this is my first ever tribute, but this is an experience which I could not stop thinking about and had to write down and share.

My wife and I were on our summer holiday with our kids to the Spanish Costa Brava. We had rented a small bungalow near the beach. As it is with these wooden bungalows they are extremely noisy and they are very small. This brings all kinds of other problems with it. Like you are not going to have sex there like you can have at home. As the kids would surely wake up when we would be enjoying each others bodies. The faces you would get at the breakfast table the next morning were not the faces I was looking for from these teenagers. This did not mean we did not tease each other. As the sexual tension grew almost with the hour. Even after almost twenty years of marriage we were as the two teenagers who had met each other ages ago and teased each other then.

My wife normally has a trimmed but hairy pussy, which I very much enjoy. She knows I also like it when a woman has a totally shaven pussy or just a small strip. She has never wanted to do this as it itches when the hairs start to grow again. It seems on this holiday her sexual tension made her do things she had never done before. As I walked into the small bathroom, on our third day there. She gave me a glimpse of her pussy while she was having a shower. What I saw gave me an instant hard cock, as she had shaven her pussy and had left a nice small strip of pubic hair straight above her clit. It was such a hot sight, I just wanted to step into that shower right away. But sure as it would happen, one of the kids came into the bungalow leaving me horny and my wife smiling. The teasing had started, because when she later got out of the shower and had her bikini on she could not resist, when passing me in the small corridor, to stroke against my crotch with her hand and softly squeeze my cock.

The tension was really getting to a level which started to be unbearable. She was not the only one who can tease, as I enjoy a bit of teasing myself. And I got my chance not long after breakfast when she asked me to help her put on some sun lotion. I sprayed the lotion on her back and started to rub it in slowly moving my hands from her back slowly along her sides towards her breasts and just touching them slightly. The slight touch made her softly moan. I then moved further down her back and ran my fingers just into her panties and between her butt cheeks and a gasp for air left my wife's mouth. I started to oil her shoulders well and at the same time I pushed my semi hard cock against her butt, she answered this by pushing her butt even harder against my cock. Then she turned around gave me a long wet kiss and asked if I was coming to the beach, with a cheeky look in her eyes as she grabbed her bag to head off to the beach. Leaving me looking for release and that would mean I would have to take matters into my own hands. Not that I do not enjoy a masturbation session, but with my wife as horny as hell, it could be an enjoyable visit to the beach.

I quickly put on my swimming shorts, grabbed a towel and followed my wife to the beach. As we reached the beach I could see we were not alone, to put it mildly as the beach was packed solid with people. I was extremely disappointed as I knew there would be no release for me then and there. I thought and made the best of it and checked out the other woman on the beach as my wife was sunbathing. I am not the most picky guy as I like the woman large and small, but this afternoon I could only enjoy looking at my wife and fantasising what I would do with her. After a while my wife seemed to need some cooling down and made her way to the sea, asking me if I would join her. And there was that cheeky look in her eyes again which made wonder how cooling down would take place in the sea.

I followed her into the sea and we swam just a bit and nothing happened as it was quite busy in the sea. The longer we stayed in the sea, the less people were near us in the water, but still the beach was packed. What then happened I could not believe. As my wife is really a prude woman who would never have sex in the open air in the middle of the desert with no one around for miles, started feeling me up. She moved close to me and moved her crotch against my leg. She started humping against my leg, first just teasing but in due time more intense. Her breathing became heavier as she kept moving her crotch rhythmically and moving her body more towards my cock. Which had started to get hard and enjoyed the feeling of my wife's pussy pushing hard against it.

She had wrapped her legs around my waist tightly. I moved my hand under her ass and slipped my hand into her swimsuit. Running my fingers between her ass cheeks, slowly moving my hand towards her pussy. Even in the sea I could feel how hot and wet she was. I moved my fingers between her pussy lips and gently pushed one inside her. A deep moan left her mouth as she buried her face in my neck. I slowly started to fuck her with my finger, rapidly increasing the speed. I felt how she tightened her legs around me and started to ride my finger. Moaning harder with each push. I started to rub her clit as well with my thumb, which made her even hornier.

As I was masturbating my wife I noticed that there was an older couple swimming really nearby, like about less than 10 metres. And they were circling around us and watching us. It made me so hot that they were watching, but they could only guess what we were doing. I did not tell my wife, as she would stop right away. The older couple watching, the heavy breathing and moaning of my wife made me work her clit and pussy even harder. I wanted her to come so hard and hopefully loud that I stuck a second finger in her pussy and started to fuck her pussy fiercely with my fingers. Her pussy started to tighten around my fingers and she started to lose all control over her body. And she let out a cry of joy when she had an orgasm so intense and powerful. She buried her head in my neck to smother her cry and moaning. She kept shaking and having multiple orgasms for more than a couple of minutes. And all this time we were watched by this couple, who now for sure knew what was happening.

I looked at the woman who just gave me a quick smile. But by this time my wife had slid one of her hands down my back and towards the front of my surfer shorts and started to rub my rock hard cock through the fabric. It felt so good and a heavy moan left my mouth. Startled by this I looked over the shoulder of my wife and I could see that the other couple were still there watching us and weren't offended by what we were doing. Feeling my wife working my cock and being watched made me so very hot. I had to cum and shoot my load.

She massaged my cock with one hand and used her other hand to work on my balls. She pulled slowly on my cock, making the head free as I am uncut. Moving her fingers across the top of my cock, and down my hard shaft. Starting squeezing my balls harder and getting my cock hard as rock. I could not hold on much longer. It seemed that the other couple was waiting on me to get off and looked like they were aroused as well. This sight made me so hot that I shot my load in to the sea with a very loud moan. I could hardly stand on my legs so intense was the orgasm I had.

This experience has given me a lot of hot fantasies about the other couple as well, as we did not see or meet them after this wet encounter. Maybe I will tell you about those fantasies in the future if you would like to know more.



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