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Hostess With the Mostess

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I was 17 years old when I applied for a job as a bus-boy in a busy local restaurant. After filling out my application, the General Manager refered me to the Dining Room Manager. As I approached her, I saw this tall, beautiful, dark complected woman in her 40's wearing a sexy dress and shiny black patent leather shoes. Although I was a bit nervous, My cock got instantly hard. I have had a shoe fetish since I can remember. Hi, My name is Elizabeth Delgato Front End Manager, you can call me Liz. She asked me what hours I could work. I told her anytime after school. I could not keep my eyes off of her! She said 'Well, you are a handsome young lad and look like you can lift some dishes.' 'When can you start?' I said, 'anytime after school or football practice M'am.' She told me that I was hired and not to be late. I ran to my car extatic about the whole thing! As I drove home, I was rock hard thinking about my new boss. She had much more than the little preppy girls my age at high school. The next day I reported for work and Ms. Liz showed me the kitchen, dishwashing area and explained my duties. Her heels clicking on the floor made my blood boil. I could hardly remember what she had told me. That night, I was busy as hell bussing tables, thinking about Ms. Liz and drooling over all the hot college aged waitresses there! I was in heavin. One waitress asked me ' So What classes are you taking' What is your Major?' I did not want to tell her that I was just a Highschool Football Jock. Then one of the waitresses told the others,
'This is Bob our new busboy' He's just a senior in HS but I think he's pretty cute. Wadda you think? My cock got hard. They all giggled. I was nervous, but flirted back with them as I tried to conceal my boner. I went to the men's room and jacked off. As I left the restroom, Mary, one of the waitresses said 'well do you feel better now?' I replied. 'Yea, I had to pee'. She just smiled and said, 'I think you did more than that!'. If I only knew then what I know now. At closing time, I noticed that Liz would take off her shoes and leave them behind the register. I loved to see her bare feet, shiny toe nails all clad in nylons. I was vaccuming the floor when she approached me and told me what a good job I was doing. As she walked away, thoughts were racing through my mind about what I would love to do to her. She walked into the kitchen. I saw the perfect opportunity to sneak a whiff of her shoes behind the register. The waitresses were busy, I took a quick whiff of her shoes! I was so intoxicated by this that I quickly covered them with my bus towel went quickly to the men's room. I drove one shoe up to my face, un-zipped my fly and lubed up my cock with handsoap. Then I sandwiched my cock between Liz's Shoes, pumped away and it was only seconds before I shot gobs of cum all over them, the mirror & the sink. I would quickly clean up and sneak them back to the hostess station.I practiced this ritual for a week or so.One night, as I was stroking hard on Ms. Liz's shoes, the men's room door flew open. It was Liz. I was behind the partition in the men's toilet about to cum. I thrust my cock back into my pants and dropped her shoes on the floor.She peeked into the stall. I became very scared & nervous.
She said' 'so this is where my shoes have been disappearing to'. 'Ms. Liz uh, you see I spilled coke on them and I was just cleaning them for you.' 'Hurry up now and finish your duties' she said in a stern voice. 'I will need to see you after you clock out!' 'Give me back my shoes' 'Yes M'am' I replied in a shaky voice. I was sure I would be fired. When I was done mopping ect. I reported to her in a humble manner. She said, Bob I have some work that needs to be done at my house. I have a new A/C window unit that needs to be installed. Can you do it for me? You Look very Strong. YYYYeeeass, M'am! I replied. 'Good!, I will make it worth your while.', She said and told me how to get to her House. The next morning, when I pulled up to her house, she came out in a mid-drift top, tight shorts and sexy sandals. I told her how nice she looked and asked her what I should do. We unpacked the new window unit as my cock was growing harder. She helped me lift into place, I installed it with no trouble. 'Oh Bob, My back hurts!' could you rub it for me?' I was glad to oblige. I massaged her as she said, 'Oh that feels so dam good!' I asked her if she could return the favor by rubbing my back with her long sexy nails. She tickled me into a frenzy. My hard cock was protruding out of my shorts. She grabbed it and began tickling my balls. Then she said, 'Stop!' I'll be right back! She ran to her bedroom. When whe came out, there she was completely nude wearing the most beautiful pair of shiny black patent leather 4' heels. I fell to my knees and began to lick her clean shaven pussy. She screamed and groaned to my every move as I massaged her ass & legs. We collapsed on the floor and had wild passionate sex!I pounded her in wreckless abandon. She wrapped her legs around me and dug her nails into my back as we both came violently. We collapsed afterward. She told me that she had a thing for young men. Kinda like the thing I have for shoes. For the next 8 months we had a hot passionate, discreet affair. No one at the restaurant suspected us.



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