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Here is my story from years ago, I still use it for my solo sessions


I was hospitalized around the age of 13 for observation of a rash I had on my leg. By the second day I was there the day nurse asked if I had bathed at all since I had gotten there. Since I had not she left the room and returned with a bucket of soapy water and a wash cloth. She removed my robe and slid it over my IV that was stuck in my forearm. She instructed me to wash myself and call her when I was done. I did as instructed but did not remove my underwear. When I pressed the call button she asked if I had washed everything, including my 'back and front.' I knew what she meant and said no. She told me to get going on that and she would be in a bit to help me get back into bed. I started to remove my underwear when a candy striper walked in on me. She offered to help me get my underwear on and I told her no I had to remove them to wash. She then offered to help with that. She took over and washed my entire backside, including in-between my legs under my ball sack. She then turned me to face her and washed my dick and belly area.

I was instantly erect when she grabbed my dick in the wash cloth. She stroked it only a few times. She then put the wash cloth down and said now what? I said I need to dry off now and she helped me with that. She then looked at me and asked if I had clean underwear, which I had not. She then said she guesses we can put the ones I had on back since that was the only option. She held my shorts and I stepped in them. She pulled them up my legs and over my hard on. She then pulled the robe back down the IV tube and put that on for me. I then went to jump into bed when the nurse walked in and asked if I had changed my underwear. She told the candy striper to leave and continue on with her assignments. I told the nurse I did not have fresh clean underwear. She said well I cannot wear dirty ones after cleaning myself. She had me stand back up and she removed the robe and held it while I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them. She saw my erection then put the robe back on me and helped me into bed. She said underwear was not required while in a hospital robe.

Later that morning the candy striper girl came back into my room and said nothing of my erection or what happened. She sat there in the visitors chair and told me about her boyfriend and how he was taking her to a concert. She sat there with her legs half opened which I instantly knew was strange for a girl to sit that way and her hands were clasped together and high up in-between her legs. There were ever slight movements of her hands and she mostly kept her eyes closed. She spoke in broken sentences and let out a gasp of air as if she had finally gotten something she wanted to say off her chest. She stayed there without moving for a brief minute, eyes closed and a smile on her face. She then opened her eyes, said thank you for listening to her talk about her lovely boyfriend and off she went never to be seen again. I have thought about this event, the whole washing thing, the erection, her being an older girl, the nurse seeing me erect, and the candy striper jilling in front of me, for years now. I use this memory to jerk off too from time to time.



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