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Hospital Sucks (Literally)

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I was hit by a car that broke both my legs. I was in traction for months.


There's no privacy in hospital, even in a private room. People are always in and out taking temps or cleaning or generally just doing stuff. I'd already had the embarrassment of my first period in hospital when I had to rely on my nurse to change my tampon, and finally, I learned to pee into a bedpan without soaking the bed.

My nurse was called Karen, and she did lots of little things to make me feel more comfortable, things like she would sneak in some chocolate or I would wake up and find a cute cuddly toy in my bed.

Late one night, I was in a fair bit of discomfort. Not sharp pain, exactly, more of a dull ache in both thighs where the breaks were. Karen had told me this was a normal part of healing and that it would pass, but since the floor was quiet, she sat with me just chatting to take my mind off it. Somehow, we started talking about her boyfriend, and Karen told me that they had sex all the time and in as many different places as possible. She had just finished telling me how they had once done it in the bathroom of my very room, and it was the first time Karen had tried anal sex.

As I am still a virgin, I told her that the only person who had ever made me cum was myself. Karen said 'What, you never even made out?' I blushed and said no. (Well, apart from a little kissing, I have never let a boy even touch my breasts. I dont know why, maybe just I wasn't ready to.) Karen said that having someone else make you cum is a whole new world. Then right out of the blue she said 'How often do you masturbate?' I thought about it and realized that it had been getting a lot more and that before the accident, it had been every day. Karen smiled and asked if I had done it here (Which I hadn't.) Then, settling herself down, she began to tell me in great detail what her and her boyfried had done before she came on shift and that they had fucked in the car park only minutes before coming on duty.

I said something dumb like 'When he cums in you, does it leak out?' Karen said 'Sure, but I like the feeling of it. It makes me feel sexy for hours knowing that his sperm is wetting my panties.' I asked if they were wet now and she just opened her legs and told me to feel. I reached up her skirt and felt the warm wet material between her legs. At the same time, I felt Karen's hand stroking my bare pussy. I wriggled as much as the traction would let me to give her better access and soon she was on my clit and I felt on fire. I kept my hand where it was, stroking her wet panties until Karen reached up her own skirt and pulled them to one side.

I could feel that she had no hair and asked her why. She told me that she shaves every day and that she and her boyfriend like to play 'young girl' fantasies. Looking at her I guessed that she could easily pass for 15 or so because like me, she was very small breasted. I felt my finger start to slip inside her and pulled it back. 'No, its ok. You can finger me.' Karen muttered. By now, I was so wet and Karens expert fingers were playing with my clit and pushing inside me alternately. As I got close, Karen said, 'Pull your fingers out of me and lick them. Taste Mike's sperm.' As I did this, I came harder than I have ever cum in my life. Karen kept her two fingers in me with her thumb on my clit until the last wave of my orgasm subsided. Then she slipped her hand out and licked my pussy juice off her fingers.

Karen did a lot more for me during my stay in hospital and during that week, and another week when she was on night shift. One time, she and her boyfriend fucked in my bathroom while I watched them. Another time, she got him to finger me to orgasm and, while she watched the door, I got to make him cum on my tits.

I know one thing for sure I may not have been ready for a guy before hospital, but now, I think I am ready for a guy OR a girl.



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