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Hospital Stay II (I Go Home)

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This is a continuation of my story about my hospital stay last month that has now moved into my home. As I had mentioned, my son's young girlfriend gave me three mind-blowing handjobs while I was recuperating from my surgery. Since then, I've seen her over my house to visit my son, but nothing's happened between us. That is, until the other day.
I was at home watching some TV when my son and Ashley came in. My son ran up to his bedroom to change into his swimming shorts so they could go swimming in our pool. While he was upstairs, Ashley walked into the living room and said 'hi!'. I was very happy to see her. She was wearing a t-shirt and a short of short skirt on with her tennis shoes. She asked me if I was feeling better and told her that I felt much better, but I missed the great hospital care I had gotten. We both laughed, knowing full well what that meant. I guess she must have seen me looking her over because I caught her looking down at my crotch and I guess my bulge was evident.
At that point, I could hear my son coming downstairs and he walked into the living room and looked over to Ashley and said, 'Ready?' Ashley said, 'Yup' and with that pulled up her t-shirt to reveal the most beautiful body I've seen in a long time. She had on a small bikini top. I almost went bonkers when I saw that but I had to keep my cool. My son and her walked outside and she removed her skirt which revealed her beautiful slim legs and tiny bikini bottoms.
While they were outside swimming, I couldn't help myself and started jacking off right there in the living room. I positioned myself to look like I was watching TV but my eyes and thoughts were outside by the pool. Ashley would turn her head to look inside the house at me once in awhile and I made it obvious that I was looking at her. This went on for a couple of minutes and I was ready to blow my wad when I noticed Ashley telling my son something and starts to head for the screen door into the living room. I don't stop jacking off, but I don't want to cum because I'm thinking maybe I can get her to give me one of her mind-blowing handjobs again.
When she comes in, she says 'I thought you'd be doing that', smiles and walks toward the downstairs bathroom. But before she does, she pulls the material up into her ass so it looks like she's wearing one of those g-string bikinis. OH SHITTT! About a minute later, she comes out from the bathroom but stands behind the wall where I can see her from the couch and not from outside by the pool where my son is. Without warning, she pulls down her bottoms so I can get a good look. I almost blow my wad right then as I feasted my eyes on her small firm butt with tanned skin and white, untanned hairless pussy area. She starts masturbating herself by rubbing her finger round and round the spot where her clit is and dips her little finger into her bald slit back and forth. I couldn't help it. I gave my cock three more long up and down strokes and I started shooting cum like there was no tomorrow. I had to muffle my voice so my son couldn't hear. I looked over at Ashley and she had her eyes closed and was shaking. When it was all over, Ashley pulled up her bottoms and headed for the screendoor leading out to the pool but not before saying, 'Thanks, I needed that!'
I was completely spent but I remembered I had to do some work to finish up at the office for Monday, so I announced to my son and Ashley that I had to go to the office for a few hours. I drove away but after getting all the way over to my office which was about 15 minutes away, I realized I didn't even have my office keys so I had to head back. When I got back, about 30 minutes or so had passed and I didn't hear the kids in the living room so I figured they were still by the pool. I went upstaiirs to my bedroom and grabbed my keys then all of a sudden I hear what sounded like my son moaning. But the sound came from my window down at the pool, Upon looking down through the curtains, I see my son lying out on a lounger facing away from the house with his shorts off with the biggest hard on I'm sure he's ever had (I'm guessing only about 5' though -- pretty good for 14) and my little handjob queen jacking off his dick like there's no tomorrow. I quickly got a massive hardon and pulled my cock out and started to jack off as I watched. Ashley's little hands were covered with suntan lotion as her left hand was stroking him up and down and her other hand was massaging his balls and she had taken her bikini top off. This was the first time I've ever seen her without a top on. There were exactly as I had seen in the hospital through her halter. Small, budding breasts, about the size of walnuts. Actually, it was mostly just her pink puffy nipples that were sticking out from her chest. I jacked off faster and faster. Less than a minute later, my son ejaculated about two long white ropes up into the air with a few shorter ones and cried out in pleasure. I knew exactly what he was going through as I remembered how she pulled at my cock and did some super long strokes up and down to empty out my balls. Only thing with my son is that his cock wasn't has long as mine, but I could see she was making him feel really good.
After that show, I REALLY didn't want to go back to the office but knew I had to, so I quietly left the house and drove away. When I got to work, I couldn't keep my mind on my work and I kept thinking of Ashley, so after about an hour, I packed it in and decided to just take the work home with me. When I got back and entered the front door, I could hear the TV on and the kids in the living room. I said a quick hi and went upstairs to change. Since Ashley was still here, I thought I'd put on a loose pair of shorts that I often wear around the house and play with my cock when I'm watching some porn movies by myself.
When I got downstairs, the kids were sitting on the floor watching some program, so I took a seat on the couch. My son still had his trunks on with a t-shirt, but Ashley had put her skirt and t-shirt back on and both were lying on their stomaches facing the TV. I tried to look up her skirt but couldn't get into a good position but I soon found out that I didn't have to worry. Ashley shifted herself once in awhile until I could look straight down inside her skirt. Thing was, her skirt was so long, that I wasn't able to see anything. Ashley moved around a few more times and each time, her skirt hiked up a little more until I was finally able to see. I had never seen a young girl's pussy this close up before. She has an awesome small tight butt and her pussy looked like peach halves without any hair or fuzz on them. Smooth, white and at some point, I actually detected a glissing moisture between her gash. I stroked my cock through my shorts as I kept my eye on her slit.
By this time, my son had fallen asleep by the TV and we could be hear him snoring. Ashley turned her head to look at me and saw me jacking off and staring at her pussy. Then all of a sudden, don't ask my why, but I took my big toe and stretched it out and used it to masturbate her. She gave out a quiet sigh and as I flicked my toe along the outside of her slit, she moved closer so it would go in a little bit more into her. She was so incredibly tight that I fantasized what it would be like if it was cock instead of my toe rubbing up and down. Her breathing got really heavy and I could tell she was trying not to wake up my son who was lying only about 2 feet away! Less than a minute later, Ashley closes her legs as I could tell she was cumming and I could hear her breathlessly say 'Ohhhhh... yesss' At that point, I shot into my shorts and kept jacking myself until I couldn't stand it any longer. We both were exhausted and didn't move for a couple of minutes. I headed upstairs to clean up and good thing because my son woke up. That's all for now. Next time I'll write more.



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