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Hospital Stay

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I am a single father with a son who is turning 15 in a couple of months and he is a pretty good looking guy as he seems to have had a string of beautiful girlfriends ever since he turned twelve. Last month, I had to go into the hospital for some unexpected surgery and had to stay in the hospital for about 5 days after my operation to recuperate. While I'm now in my mid-40s, I still have a very active libido and if I'm not dating, which is maybe only once every two months or so, I'm masturbating at least twice a day. Once in the morning and another just before going to sleep. It has become such a habit for me that what had started out when I was 13 has kept going strong all of this time.
The first day after surgery, I was doing pretty good and thought maybe I was going to be released by the second day, but the doctor insisted I say longer because I had developed some internal infection which turned out to be gone by the 4th day. By the morning of the 2nd day however, I wanted to jack off really bad and so when nobody was around, I pulled the curtains around (I had a semi-private room with another guy next to me) and started stroking my dick. The guy next to me was sleeping and I could hear him snore so I figured I wouldn't be disturbed and I probably could hear someone come in the door.
I was interrupted once when the nurse came in the door and visited the guy next to me and then went back out. Thing is, I didn't know she had left the door ajar so someone could enter without making a sound.
I got comfortable again and started fisting my dick up and down and occassionally used my fingers to lightly stroke the head and then back to the jacking motion. During this time, I closed my eyes when all of a sudden I heard someone gasp. I opened my eyes and noticed that the curtain moved a bit, so I said, 'who's there?' but didn't hear anything. After a couple of minutes when by, I started to play with myself again, but then the nurse walked in again, but this time to see me. She announced herself, opened the curtains and gave me some medication to take. Before she could see, I covered myself up with the sheet. The nurse was pretty good looking and my first thought was that it was her who had caught me in the act. This made my semi-hard cock come to full attention as she spoke to me. I must have had this big grin on my face but she acted like nothing had happened and then she left the room, closing the curtain back again before leaving. Humm, I thought maybe she didn't want to embarrase me.
I put my hand under the sheet and start jacking again when there was another interuption. I heard a sweet voice say, 'Hello, Mr. ____? Are you awake?' Damn, I thought, just when I needed to get my rocks off and I get a visitor! To my surprise, it's was my son's girlfriend Ashley. I swear to you that I don't go around lusting after young girls, but I almost bust my nut when Ashley came into the room. Wearing a small white halter top, I could see her small developing breasts standing straight out with an opened jeans jacket over that. She also had on those type of jeans that most of the kids are wearing nowadays that are pulled down so you can see their underwear. I could see her smooth tanned skin and flat exposed mid-section with her tiny breasts about the size of walnuts and what looked to be pink nipples with her slim, petite body, the cutest face and long brunette hair down to her shoulders.
She was there because I needed something from home and my son couldn't make it so she offered to drop it by instead. Rather than leaving quickly, she asked if she could sit for awhile and keep me company. Of course I had much more pressing things to do, but what could I do but say yes. My hand was under the sheet during this time and I was lightly stroking my cock, stopping every once in awhile so as not to cum right there with Ashley in the room.
Ashley sat down in the chair next to my bed and I noticed she was grinning at me for no reason. Wondering why, I asked her what she was grinning about and her eyes moved down to the sheets where my hand was and asked if it was hard being in the hospital so long. I said yeah, it was very difficult because I couldn't do the things like when I'm at home. With that, she exclaimed, 'I can help you to feel more like home' and at that point, she grabbed for the remote control and turned the TV on for me. Nice touch, I told her. The next thing she did, shocked the hell out of me. She picked up a bottle of baby oil laying on the table and looked me straight in the eyes and asked, 'Mr. ____, would you like me jack you off?' I didn't know what to say. When I didn't answer in time, she continued, 'I accidentially came in earlier and saw you doing the same thing my brother's do in the bathroom. They don't know I can see them doing it'.
With neither of us saying anything, she walks over to my bedside and lifts up the sheet. By now my cock is rock hard. She pours a little oil on her small hand and gives me what had to be the most delicious hand jobs I've ever had from anyone, period! My eyes were glued to her small budding breasts as she pulled at my cock for what was maybe at most a minute and then I let out a muffled scream and 3 or 4 ropes of thick semen shot out from my cock onto Ashley's hands. I almost passed out, but when I came to my senses again, she asked me, 'Feel better?'
Surfice it to say, I think my son has been enjoying this vixen's little hands too, but I didn't bother asking. Ashley dropped by on the third and fourth mornings to service me again and since my leaving the hospital, we haven't had contact since. I would see her over at my house visiting my son now and then and we would share a smile between us. But I still smile inside just thinking about having the best, most erotic handjob coming from such an unlikely source.



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