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A car accident led to a long stay in hospital, and something wonderful


Just after my 16th birthday I was hit by a drunk driver. Both arms, right shoulder and two ribs broken. All in all a pretty miserable time.

So, thanks to my parents for BUPA, at least I had my own room. The care was great and Amanda, my daytime nurse was a sweety. She brought me treats from the canteen and when she wasn't busy would spend hours talking with me and generally keeping me company.

So, towards the end of the hospitalisation, I began to feel not just better, (still sore and all) and above all kinda antsy too. Amanda must have noticed because she said 'Hmm, looks to me like you need some private time girl.' I said that I thought so too but that with these (looking at the casts on my arms) it would have to wait a while. Amanda said, 'Isn't there someone who could do it for you?' Unfortunately there wasn't. I was ashamed of myself because as I shook my head in answer, a large tear rolled down my cheek. Amanda gave me a hug and brushed the tear away. I expected her to let me go but instead, I felt her hand under the bedclothes and she was stroking my thigh. 'Well, if you need some help, I guess I could do it for you?'

I have never, and I mean NEVER, thought about another girl touching me before but I was way too horny to stop. I nodded. She gently worked her way into my knickers and was soon stroking my pussy and boy, I realised it had been a long time. Amanda stopped long enough to lock my door, then she came back to the bed and eased my knickers off. Then I spread my legs wide and felt her tease my clit before pushing a finger really deep inside me. (Something that no one, not even I have done.) Then she kinda hooked her finger upwards, well that's what it felt like anyway. She had her left hand on my clit and was fingering me. It was heaven, but suddenly her hooked finger made me want to pee real bad and I told her.

She smiled and said 'Would you like me to talk dirty to you?' Now this is something I like a lot and I said yes. 'So, shut up and let me finger fuck your cunt.' she said, still smiling. Well the next thing I knew was I was coming too, with the biggest orgasm I have ever known. I also felt really wet and Amanda, with her finger still in me said 'Hmm you really DID need to pee didn't you? Don't worry, it happens a lot more than you would think' She eased her finger out of me which made me have some aftershocks and then to my delight, she licked me off her!

I was in hospital a few more weeks and at the end, she let me bring her off too. I don't know if this makes me a lesbian or anything but I wouldn't mind some more fun with another girl. Mind you, I still want cock too. To be really honest, I actually liked the thought that I had wet myself. When I got home from hospital, I actually did it on purpose into a pair of knickers. I sat on my lawn and just let it go real slowly. I gotta tell you, it was so naughty and so hot that I really felt horny. I actually had an orgasm doing it too.

I wonder if any other girls have found this way of masturbating?



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