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Hoop Dare

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hoop dare
Ever since I arrived at college, my love life is pretty much DOA. But in high school, it was alive and well. My first and one of my only mutual's was a bit weird for me but now thinking back on it, it was one of the most memorable moments of my life so far (I just didn‚??t know it at the time).
It‚??s weird how sex changes everything; it can either build a relationship or destroy it. This was the case with my friend and I.
Dave, my friend, was the kind of guy that all the women wanted and all the men wanted to be. He was 6‚??3', blonde hair, blue eyes, with the looks and build you see on fitness journals. He was the master of all sports and could get any girl at our school just buy saying hello to them. I on the other hand was the master of my classes (third in ranking) and not quite as suave as he was but still good looking, like the extras used at photo shoots. Since kindergarten, he and I were like brothers going on trips together, helping each other in the fields we were lacking in, and sharing women and the tricks of the trade to get them. We would even share how we would masturbate and different techniques to improve the sensations, but we never would show each other in fear of rumors if we got caught. But all of that was about to change one evening during the fall of our junior year of High School.
My parents were going on a trip for the weekend and said that if I wanted to, I could have a few friends over just so long as I kept the house looking spotless. They even bought me a twelve pack of beer just so long as we didn‚??t get caught drinking it. So the second night they were gone and I called Dave up to see if he wanted to go find some girls and get drunk at my house that night. He agreed and said that he would be over after he got done with his basketball practice for the evening. He showed up a little after seven and he came in full uniform. It was kind of weird being so cold outside. He explained that the girls were having a game after their practice which meant the boys locker room was given to the opposing team (It was a small school). He said that he was too tired to go out and that he just wanted to take a shower and play nintendo64 or something. So I gave him a towel and showed him where my bathroom was and that if he wanted anything to holler. So I resumed watching TV until I heard him yelling out after his shower that he needed some toilet paper. So I grabbed a roll from the guest bath and took it up to him. As I walked in, he was standing there buck naked and masturbating. As I turned my head away, I felt something warm hit me twice. I reached down to brush it off and examined it to find it covered in cum.
I looked at him and in disbelief of what just happened and all I could muster was, 'What the hell?' He said that he was just doing it to see what my reaction was going to be. So I walked out and took my shirt off to change and he came out wearing his practice shorts and apologized for it. I said 'no problem, you know I would have done the same to you if I had the chance.' So since we weren‚??t going out, I changed into my pajama pants. He came in right when I was pulling up my pants and I heard him say, 'damn' glancing over and seeing him looking at me so I turned away real quick and said 'what?' To cover he looked up and saw that I had a Nerf basketball hoop in my room. He said 'Do you want to play and every time a person scores, he has to make the other person do a dare?'
So we started off and the first few dares were eating a jar of mayonnaise, prank calling teachers, and other weird stuff. But as time rolled on, testosterone kicked in and the dares got sexual. The first was to make him do something unexpected. So he came up to me like he was going to tell me a secret and he instead gave me a great kiss on the lips.
I looked shocked and shrugged it off. He made the next shot and wanted me to measure his dick‚??s length and width. So I agreed, and found it to be 7' by 4' round. So not to get upstaged I made him do it to me, 6.5' by 4.5' round. I thought this would be the end but the next dare was to beat him off to orgasm. After debating after a long time, I gave in and thought next time it‚??ll be my turn to get him to do something weird. He sat down and pulled his pants down a little so I could do my dare. I sat next to him with some lotion. I took a little and started to stroke him up and down with my full hand he uttered that he did it another way but to continue with my method. It was a weird feeling as his once limp member started to get long, warm, and straight in my hands. I could feel every bump in it and noticed how it had so much more veins around it than mine. Every stoke I could feel it bumping against my hand as he let out little gasps of air. I kept asking if everything was going good; he would utter out f-i-n-e.
I continued pumping and then I felt his hand on my back brushing it ever so slightly up and down. This started to turn me on because I could feel my dick pushing up on my pajama bottoms. He reached around and started rubbing my chest and my slight six pack slowly making his way down to my pants. He pulled up my elastic band and started stroking. I was going to say it wasn't part of the dare but it felt sooo good. So we both continued our stroking until he stopped to take off his shorts all the way. I did the same with my pants so we would both be naked. He then laid down and suggested that we finish each other off with a 69 position.
I agreed because it felt so good. I took his dick in my mouth and mine in his and could feel him deep throating me so I returned the favor to him.
I mentioned I was going to cum and he said that he would eat it. So out it came, six shots of cum right into his mouth. He continued to suck as I worked him. He then mentioned he was going to come so I took it into my mouth without swallowing. As we slowed to a stop I turned around to his mouth and started to kiss him putting his cum into both our mouths. I then rolled off onto my back.
We both sat there in silence reflecting on what we just had done. I looked over and saw his pecks heaving as they were catching air and how he had eight well-defined abs and his dick. It started to turn me on again and the sight of mine did the same to his. So he started to lick my stomach and pecks and asked if I should ass fuck him. I said that I would but that he didn‚??t have to return the favor because that was pushing it for me. So I grabbed a condom, lubed up and dived right in. He heaved at first and I thought that I had hurt him but he just kept insisting that I continue. So I started to thrust and heave and he started to masturbate his cock in tune with my thrusts. I continued and cummed at about the same time that he did. He cupped his hand and took the small amount of fluid he had (being his third time that night) and ate it. I dismounted him and sat there looking at the ceiling. He sat there too just staring upwards and mouthing like he wanted to say something but every time, we would just burst into laughter.
I got up and started for the showered when out he shouted, 'I think I‚??m gay.' I paused and stared straight at the bathroom door stunned. He then said that he planed this sort of thing to make sure he was. I continued in and started to rinse off when he came in after me before I could object he took my dick in his mouth and gave me the best blowjob ever and asked me not to tell anyone. I asked if he would tell anyone and he agreed not to. He said he was going to come out when he got to college. So we agreed on secrecy and went to sleep.
When we returned to school we acted as if nothing had happened. For the next two years, we would do more of this sort of thing with each other. Since we‚??ve parted ways we haven‚??t seen each other since I said I wouldn‚??t see him after he came out so that no one associated me in that way. Some day we‚??ll hook up again and maybe 'reminisce' about the good all times.



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