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Hooked on Masturbation

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This is a quick story about my start of masturbation. I have more if folks, especially the ladies, are interested.


The first pussy I ever saw up close was a girl that lived a few doors down from me. She was in the sixth grade and I was several years younger. I was on my way home from school, walking through some woods and she called me over into a dry ditch. She said she wanted to show me something, but she wanted to see something too. She pulled down her pants and panties and showed me her pussy, which was covered in thick black hair. I was fascinated at the sight! There was an empty space and all that hair. She let me touch her bush, again the coarsness of her pubes was very exciting. My cock was rock hard when I pulled my pants down to show it to her. She seemed equally fascinated by my penis as I was with her vagina. I never saw her lips or her hole, but the hairy patch is what has stuck in my mind. She never showed me again, even after I asked to see it again. It would be several years before I had a chance to see a pussy again.

A couple of years later my cousin had shown me several playboy magazines that my uncle kept in a closet in his bathroom. We snuck several of them out to the tent we had pitched in the backyard and looked at them for hours with the little light we had hooked up. My cock would get so hard looking at the hairy pussies in the magazine, but I didn't know what masturbation was. My cousin had said that he rubbed his cock one time until sperm came out of it. We didn't masturbate that night, but when I got home, I looked at the sports illustrated swim suit issue that showed girls in wet swimsuits with their nipples and pubic hair clearly visible. I tentatively stroked my cock as I looked at their firm bodies and the open space between their legs. Soon my orgasm happened. My cock convulsed and shot out it's warm cum, my balls, legs, stomach and face tensed as I came. My eyes involuntarily squeezed shut. I was breathing hard and was surprised how warm my semen was. I was hooked on the feeling. As I matured I would look at my developing cock and pubic hair that started to sprout little by little although I was almost 16 before I got full pubes. I got teased a lot in the locker room before I got pubic hair.

My biggest turn-on now when I masturbate is the thought or sight of a woman masturbating. I have sent small videos to ladies that I met on-line and had asked to see me make my cock squirt. I love jacking off and do it almost everyday and sometimes several times a day until my cock is red and sore.

I have been married to a wonderful, sexy lady for 27 years. We have a once a week sex life that is good when we do it, but not frequent enough for my needs. I have to keep my masturbation habits from her since it upset her so much on the several occasions she has caught me. I have tried to stop for her but I can't. I just love the wetness of my cock as I work myself up, and the tension in my balls as they bounce and make up my load, the tingle in my stomach when I get turned on and the euphoria that washes over me as I release my semen through the air, splashing my chest, stomach, cock and balls. I have sucked my own cock on several occasions when I was younger and more flexible. I showed my wife my little trick, but she seemed unimpressed.

I love to hear about ladies masturbating, especially stories about watching men masturbating. Thanks for the site, I enjoy it on a daily basis.



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