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Honest, I Didn't Mean To

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The names aren't, but the story is true. None of us ended up together, but oh what a summer! It's long but my slow to trigger sisters might find enough sizzle to pop.


Honest, I didn't mean to...

I'm brushing my long brown hair. Dan should pick me up in just a few minutes. Mirror, sometimes I wonder if I really am happy for Trudy and Dan. They are just the cutest couple and she's my best friend. Truth is Dan was a pretty good friend before she transferred and swept old Dan off his feet. The friend part of me is thrilled for both of them. The selfish part of me is sad, almost envious. Dan and I had some great times, but somehow never quite made the jump to more than very close friends...Oh! There's the door.

Why am I so happy to see him? We walk to his car and he opens my door. He is considerate. I have until he walks around the car to pull myself together. We're going out for a movie or a walk at the mall nothing more. This is not a date; it's just a break from Daddy asking more dumb questions about my mindless job at the bank.

'You look nice.' 'Thanks.' 'No, I mean even more than usual. Your hair shines and that sweater accents your good looks.'

I like that he's considerate. 'Oh, with Jay in D.C., I don't get a chance to dress up and go out enough. I thought I'd impose. It makes me feel special to at least pretend I'm on a date.' 'I'm flattered. I didn't have anything in mind but a movie. Do you want to do something else?' 'Movie's great. No, let's go to the restaurant just for an appetizer.' 'OK.'

'What's the latest from Mr. Up and comer?' 'Oh, his job's fast paced and there's a lot to see, but too little time to see it. He's already out of time and trying to get stuff done before he heads back to school.' 'Too bad.' 'How are Trudy's little darlings at camp Lost in the Park?' 'OK, I guess. She hasn't written for a week or so. Did you get a note?' 'Just the one we talked about last time. She loved most of the kids but is dirt tired of chasing the five wild ones.' 'Did she say anything about us, uh, um, me?' 'Just that you're cute.' 'Is Jay cute?' 'Whoa! It sounds like somebody's feelings are on his sleeve?' 'Maybe.' 'Why?' 'It's been a week or so since she wrote, and the last letter wasn't 'Dear John', but possibly a 'Do folks often call you by your middle name, Jack?' letter.' 'How dramatic!' 'Well?' 'If the truth be told, I think Jay's busy checking out the interns with skirts.' 'Is that why the really great sweater?' 'Maybe.' 'JEESE! Don't we sound morbid! Let's have some skins and pick ourselves up.' 'Let's.'

The appetizer is good. My mood lightens. We park blocks away and my sweater though cute isn't too warm. Did Dan see me shiver, or is he just that good? His arm is around my shoulder before we walk three steps. I am not cold anymore. I am comfortable though, comfortable for the first time in weeks. Oh stop it mind! I like Jay very much, and Dan is absolutely smitten by Trudy. Don't mess with good things. Oh good, here's the car. Damn, he guides me in. ...I'm melting.

'April, are you in a hurry to go home?' 'No, let's go out to the bluff.' 'Sure?' 'Sort-of, no Sure!' ...Wow are we there already? 'A penny for your thoughts?' 'It would take a half dollar tonight.' 'I've got two quarters.' 'Dink!' he says as he plunks my nose with his middle finger. I felt that all the way to my tailbone. 'Careful, you know I like the attention.' 'Still?' 'Maybe more.' 'Dink!' I'll melt into a puddle if he does that a couple of more times. In the smallest voice I have, 'What about Trudy and Jay?' 'Listen... I don't hear them asking about Dan or April.' 'Me either.'

I begin to slide towards Dan, but he beats me and we meet in the center of that huge front seat. Before I can muster a protest his arms are around me pulling me into his chest. That big strong chest that should've dissolved from all the tears I washed across it when I thought the sun rose and set with Charles, then Jay. It's hard enough to take my angriest blows and about the softest spot I've ever laid my head...I'm melting! His hand brushes the hair from my eye. 'D-d-don't.' 'Don't what?' 'Kiss me.' 'I'd love to.' I turn my head. It saves my lips but he nuzzles my ears. That's worse... I'm melting! Whose breath is so sharp? Oops, it's mine. Before I can protest, his lips find mine. OH! I have been missing this! 'Not the tongue.' I almost draw away before his tickles the inside of my mouth... I'm melting!

I can't breath. 'Stop!' Darn he does. 'Are you OK?' 'It depends on what we do next, and what OK means.' 'So what do you say it means?' 'My mind says chill. My body disagrees. I can't breathe... Free my boobs, NOW!' Dan's so cute. He can't remember which way the hooks go so he pulls one way and then the other. Finally I feel the band relax. Cool refreshing air fills my lungs. I pull my arms inside my sweater one at a time, grab my bra and put it in my purse so I won't accidentally leave anything embarrassing. 'That's better.' I don't need to offer, Dan's hand slides up under my sweater. I feel my nipples harden. He's still inches away from my boobs. His touch is so light I lean into his hand and giggle.

'Is this funny?' 'T-tickles, but don't you dare stop.' There; his fingers circle my nipples. They've puckered so tight they hurt! How can his palm not scrape their ends? 'OK?' 'Getting there! You've got to keep going till I do. Promise?' 'Oh, I don't know, the last time I tried this you were saving yourself.' 'That was last time, I mean, I still am, so we don't go any further than we already have.' 'But that was more than teasing your teats, are you saying keep going?' 'If you stop before I tell you, your life or at least your family jewels are in a great deal of danger!' 'Sure?' 'Mpfh, hmmm' I hear myself moan as I bury my turgid tongue down Dan's throat. He's a sucker for that tongue. 'Oh! Oh!' I pull my head back as his finger and thumb surround my nip. I can't help myself. My legs clasp and I have an exquisite little 'O'. He's so good; his fingers clasp and ever so gently, while insistently, twist my nipple. My body shakes and pulls my chest away from his grasp, in concert with the spasms in my belly. Two, Three, Four, Five...finally they ease and his hand is still connected.

'Big boy, you've just begun!' I pant. That was wonderful, but I'm not coming down the mountain. I've hit a plateau. As feeling returns to my extremities, my hand is drawn to his belt. I pull the tab and release the prong. His one hand, gently kneads my breast, keeping away from the, now too sensitive, end while the other releases the clasp at my waist. We tug each other's zipper and he spreads my slacks open. I unconsciously lift my hips and he slips them down almost to my knees. I slide my hand under the elastic of his BVDs and am met by rigid softness. Carefully, I wrap my fingers around it. I'd forgotten how thick Dan is. Jay is longer and bends like a banana, but Dan is just round and points straight away from his taught abdomen. The tighty whities mold it upward. 'You move too much and this will be over all too soon.' 'NO!' I exclaim, 'You've got more work ahead of you.' He lifts his hips and I slip both his pants and briefs down.

When did he slip his fingers under my bikini panties? I realize his fingers are twiddling the longish hair I leave above my mound. 'I'm not sure I'll last too long either.' 'Oh?' 'Oh, your hand isn't tickling its tantalizing.' 'And that's good?' 'That's great!' My legs automatically relax and my thighs open. I am totally out of control.

As the air hits the insides of my legs I realize that my earlier mini-O may have been a little one but it was enough that I squirted. That's happened sometimes when I have that mind numbing peak I want tonight, but never before with a mini or with a guy. I thought I was melting, I guess I melted. Oh, I hope he doesn't think I'm gross. I feel his hand move over the front of my mound. 'Be careful, as you move down, your fingers might get wet.' 'Really?' 'Uh-huh,' I say tentatively. 'Ok if I touch you?' 'Do you think it's gross' 'No! It's really exciting.' The swelling I feel in my hand tells me he means it. 'Go for it!'

I'm sure all us girls are the same. Despite the excitement I felt minutes ago, my lips are taut, almost sealed, as his long middle finger slides the length of my slit without entering. His finger tip gently taps my bridge and moves in an ever so slight circle. His movements make little smacking sounds as he touches and pulls away. 'Oh my Goodness!' I practically scream as his finger curled in, its tip slipping effortlessly between both sets of my lips. My hips hunched upward and forward, his finger is inside! I'm lost to ecstasy. My hand clasps, my vag contracts as my hips rock to some inner beat. Words stop. I hear raspy speeding breath from both of us, and then time seems to slow. All my senses are heightened. I smell his cream and want to see it. My nipples contract in time with my womb and that sensitive wonderful hand tugs it just so right! I hear Dan's name almost barked as my intensity increases. Then Boom! Stars! Blackness!

Slowly the world returns. I hear my breath coming in pants. Dan is smiling. Involuntarily my hand keeps grasping and releasing his purple headed prong. As another wave wells up from somewhere deep inside me I see the first clear fluid seep from his one eyed hose. Then Boom! Stars! Blackness!

Both of our breaths are staccato blasts. My hand is covered in his cum, but then his must be covered in mine. There's no mistake that was a Big 'O' and I shot my girl come hard! My breathing slows as I curl into his arms. Blackness!

In a few minutes, I awaken chilled. Dan begins to stir. His breathing is slow and resting. His once inflated member is withered inside my sticky palm. As his hand releases my nipple my legs relax freeing his other hand. I still feel all my joints locked.

'Wow!' 'Oh! yeah! Wow!' 'I doubt I can offer more.' 'I know I can't take any more tonight.' 'I barely can describe how relaxed I am.' 'I guess we both needed that.' 'Yeah' We unfold from one another. I straighten my sweater and panties. Reluctantly I pull my slacks up and fasten them. Dan quietly does the same.

At the same instant we turn to each other and say, 'Honest, I didn't mean to...'



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