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Some friends are more than friends!


My mom, sister, and I were forced to move across town when my dad left us-we just could not afford to continue living where we were. My sister had no trouble adjusting to our new neighborhood. Actually she was quite popular. I, on the other hand, still missed all my old friends from the other neighborhood-especially Travis! We would talk on the phone and visit every now and then but it was about a 1/2-hour trip each way so visits were rare. When we would see each other it was usually in a group setting-so Travis and I couldn't really 'hang out' like we used to. I had become a bit of a loner and spent many days hiking in the woods near our house. It was in these woods where I stumbled upon a plastic grocery bag filled with gay porn! Now most guys would be repulsed by such items but not me! I had thought I might be gay. I looked at the other boys in the showers, thought about their cute hairy dicks when I jacked off, and I was quite curious about being with another boy. I quickly grabbed a couple of the videos and ran like the wind all the way home; just waiting for chance to watch them and see what guys can really do with guys! By the way, I am Derick, I was 15 when this happened, and we had been in our new house for about 2.5 years.

It was a cold, rainy, dark October morning. Even though it was early, our house was full of activity. My mom was getting ready for work, she's a nurse and was working a double shift for extra money. My sister was preparing for all the homecoming activities-decorating, football game, dance. Like I said, 'Little miss popular.' As for me, I was lying in bed just waiting for them to leave because I knew once they were gone I would have the whole house to myself for the entire day and night!! I had the whole day planned-watch porn, jack off, eat, sleep and repeat! Ahhh the perfect way to spend a crappy October Saturday. Finally the house fell silent.

I waited a couple minutes to make sure everyone was really gone before I got started. I jumped out of bed, stripped out of my boxers, took a long piss, grabbed one of the tapes, threw it in the VCR, grabbed some Vaseline, positioned the pillows, and climbed back into my nice warm cozy bed already for porno and masturbation! Just as I was getting ready to push the play button I heard noises in the house like someone coming up the stairs! I figured my sister had forgotten something so I figured I would pretend I was asleep and wait for whoever it was to leave. I knew neither my mom nor my sister would dare barge in. In our house a closed door meant you wanted privacy and remained closed. You can only imagine my surprise when all of the sudden my bedroom door flew open! There in my doorway stood my best friend in the whole wide world-Travis! My delight soon turned to paranoia as I remembered that I was naked in my bed with Vaseline on the bedside table and a gay porno in the VCR!

Travis explained to me that he had just gotten his driver's license yesterday and could not wait to come over and take me out for a ride! I came to find out that he had arrived just as mom was leaving and she is the one that let him in to 'surprise' me. He said, 'Let's go,' and with that he started pulling on my bedding to grab it from me forcing me to get out of bed. As I was fighting hard to keep my naked body covered the VCR remote went flying across the room. Travis bent over and picked it up. I was terrified. Travis got this devilish grin on his face winking at me and saying, 'What ya watchin' dude?' I begged him not to hit the play button. But the more I protested the more determined he was to see just what I was watching! My face was beat red and I was fearing what he might do. Would he call me a fag and go running out of the room or would he beat me up-I just did not know what to think or do. He pushed the play button. Silence fell over the room for what seemed an eternity but in actuality was probably only about 15 seconds or so as we both watched two cute guys jack each other off in a '69' position.

'You like this stuff?' Travis finally asked. I stuttered and stammered trying to explain how I had found it it the woods and did not really know what was on it. He said, 'Don't worry about it dude this is cool. Mind if I watch it with ya?' Before I could answer, Travis had stripped himself of his shirt and was unbuttoning his jeans.

I just mumbled, 'I guess not.' I could not take my eyes off him as more and more of his boy flesh was exposed to me. First I noticed his beautiful smooth chest and sexy hairy armpits. My eyes wandered down to his navel following the trail of hair disappearing into the top of his boxers and emerging from the legs as some of the curliest sexiest leg hair I had ever seen. I also witnessed his penis growing in his shorts which really started my mind racing and my own hardon throbbing! He slowly walked over to the edge of the bed.

Now Travis and I had NEVER fooled around together before. Sure we had flashed our hardons at one another during sleepovers and stuff but that was when we were both much much younger. Remember Travis and I had not really been alone together for over three years and obviously a lot had changed during that time!

Travis took hold of my blankets and started to pull them back so he could climb into bed with me. 'Dude I'm Nude' was all I could manage to say. The bad rhyme made us both laugh and seemed to relax the tension in the room. Our laughter was soon interrupted by the loud moans coming from the TV. We both turned our attentions to the video where these two guys were finishing each other off. These guys were in orgasmic heaven-grunting and moaning, gyrating about out of control, and shooting massive amounts of cum everywhere! Travis, still intently watching the TV screen, asks, 'You wanna try that?'

'I never have but would with you,' I purred back. Travis turns back toward me, pulls back the blankets exposing my hard cock, smiles and removes his boxers.

All I hear is, 'Let's have some fun,' as he climbs into the bed with me.

Travis snuggles in close and begins caressing my chest working his way down to my stomach and to the top of my bush. I am unbelievably nervous yet excited at the same time as I start petting him back. He tells me to relax and let him show me what Ryan had shown him (Ryan was a kid in my old neighborhood who was a couple years older than us but very cool). With that Travis' fingers started playing with my hard dick and low hanging balls while his lips met mine. We kissed long and deep while exploring each others' cock. Finally he breaks the kiss gently laying me back down on the mattress.

'Let me check you out.' he says. Once again he starts caressing my chest saying, 'You are soooo cute-and look at this sexy dick-it is nice and hard. You want me to make it cum?'

'Yes if I can make your's cum too,' I whisper back. Travis wraps his had around my dick and slowly started pumping away. I lie there in ecstasy experiencing feelings like I had never felt before. After about 5 minutes of this we started kissing again while I pushed him onto his back and began exploring his body. The scent of boy sex was beginning to fill my room.

As I began slowly stroking his dick I could not help but remember that Travis and I had often been mistaken for brothers because we looked so much alike and even naked we still looked alike. We were both about the same height with similar skinny builds and long blond hair. Our dicks were about the same size-just a little above average I would say and we both had nice thick bushes but his was just a little darker than mine. I love the feeling of my hand sliding down his throbbing pole landing in his thick patch of dark curly thick pubic patch. Travis moved us around so we were in a '69' position just like the two guys in the movie!

Travis said, 'Just follow my lead and do to me what I do to you.' He began slowly and lightly stroking my hard dick-occasionally running his fingertips over my sensitive dickhead. I did the same to him. Soon we had a perfect rhythm going and were both moaning with pleasure. His grip tightened and his strokes quickened. I did the same to him. Much too soon I felt my orgasm building deep in my loins. I started bucking wildly, moaning and groaning in pure pleasure, when all of the sudden cum started erupting out of my piss slit. I had to stop jacking Travis but he continued to work my hard dick-stroking me through my orgasm and beyond. Once I had regained control over myself, I went back to work on Travis' dick which was oozing precum by this point. It did not take too long before he was bucking wildly on the bed screaming in pleasure while his white hot boy juice began shooting. I continued to stroke him right through his orgasm and until his dick was limp. Spent, we just lay there unable to do anything except feel the pleasure still running through our bodies like electricity. I break the '69' first and move so Travis and I are once again lying face to face. We start passionately making out.

Eventually we both drifted off to sleep. when we awoke we started all over again and again. At one point Travis got up to leave but after begging him to stay he agreed. I called my mom at work and asked if it was OK for Travis to spend the night. She said, 'Yes, of course.' So, instead of spending the day alone watching porn, jacking off, eating and sleeping, I now had some one to do it with me! It was the best homecoming ever-or should I say, 'homocumming!?'



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