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Homework Fun

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Very fond memories


I have been reading and enjoying the exploits written by others who have discovered the great fun to be had masturbating. I find I have had very similar experiences to those posted on this site, so since I have loved reading about others, why not post some of my recollections in the hope that some of you might just enjoy them enough to get your cock out and jack off.

I am now 52 and have been married for almost 30 years. I started jacking off when I was about 10 coming up to 11 after discovering those wonderful feelings you get when you play with your stiff cock. I made the discovery while taking a bath one time. I stood up in the bath soaping myself all over and got to my penis and started soaping it and then pulled back the foreskin to wash under it when I started to get an erection, or as I called it in those days 'a stiffy'. Washing round the top of my cock felt very different with that erection and I lay down in the bath with my cock sticking out of the water and carried on rubbing the end with the bar of soap. The feelings grew and grew until I experienced my first orgasm. Then I didn't know what it was or why, all I knew was it felt terrific. I didn't say anything to anyone about my discovery but next bath time I had an erection as soon as I got in and was soon rubbing the soap over my cock. Once discovered it was a case of jacking off every time I had a bath. Very soon bath night wasn't often enough and I started to jack off in bed, it was easy in the early days as I had no prying brothers or sisters and I was too young to shoot cum everywhere. I also discovered that I was not the only guy in my neighbourhood to have discovered jacking off. One of the guys I was in class with at school also lived a few doors down from me so we spent quite a bit of time together, either playing or doing our homework. This time we were at my house doing homework on our own. My mom had gone out somewhere and left us working but we didn't have that much to finish so were soon done. It was as we were closing up our books that John just asked right out, 'Do you ever get a stiffy?' I knew what he meant but wasn't sure how to answer so asked him what he meant. 'You know, when your cock grows and goes all stiff and hard.' So I told him yes I did get a stiffy and why did he want to know. He grinned and said, 'Cause I've got one now, do you want to see it?' He didn't wait for a reply and stood up away from the table and showed me his erect cock. He had unzipped and got it out while we had been sat at the table doing our homework and I hadn't noticed a thing. I remember we had both laughed but there was an extra tingle in the atmosphere as he stood there showing me his stiff cock. Not really sure what to do next I asked him if he ever rubbed it and made it sort of itch. 'What like this?' Took hold of the shaft and started to move his hand up and down pulling the foreskin back and forth over the end of his cock. Watching him jacking off I felt my own cock wanting to join in so I unzipped and got it out and we stood watching each other masturbating. We were still trying to master the art of stopping before we went too far and soon we had both cum. We were a little embarrassed at what we had done and John soon left for home. The next couple of days we didn't mention our escapade but it didn't stop me jacking off in bed thinking about John's cock and the two of us masturbating together again.

On Saturday I was round at John's house and we had been out playing but his parents were going out for an hour or so but we didn't want to stop playing and go with them so they said we could stay home as long as we stayed in the house or the yard. Not long after they had gone John suggested we go into the house as he wanted get rid of his jumper he was too hot, so we went in, I stayed downstairs reading one of John's comics while he went up to his room. After a minute or so he called down the stairs, 'You know the other day when we were at your house and I got a stiffy?'

'Yes.' Was all I said.

'I'm getting another one, come upstairs if you want to see it?' He shouted down to me. I dropped the comic and headed upstairs. He was stood at the top of the stairs completely naked facing me as I went up. His cock was still only half erect and still growing but I watched fascinated as it grew all by itself until it was stood upright in front of us both. My own cock was straining to get out but I was more interested in his. He was enjoying showing off and asked, 'Do you want to touch it?' I didn't need to reply I just reached out and took hold of his lovely warm stiff cock in the same way I loved to hold my own, then started to move my hand up and down making his foreskin move back and forth over the end of his cock. He let me play with his cock for a while and then said it was his turn but I had to take all my clothes off as well. I was soon naked enjoying the feel of John's hand jacking me off but I wanted to get hold of him again so we managed to get so we could masturbate each other at the same time. Then before we came he told me to let go and put my hands behind my back and he did the same and said, 'How about a sword fight,' and waved his cock towards mine so I move forward and we waved and rubbed our cocks together as if we were having a sword fight. It felt good and was funny but John soon had hold of my cock again and we went back to masturbating each other before I felt his cock stiffen even more and then throb in my hand as he came and I felt the same thing happen to me as I came in his hand.

After that experience most of our games would end up with the penalty for loosing being to have to strip naked or jack off the winner, but we would both end up naked and jack each other off. In fact the first time I shot spunk was into John's hand and a few weeks later he did the same to me. We also found out that some of the other guys at school were into jacking off and while John was the only one to play with my cock, at one time or another I jacked off with 5 other guys. The biggest group was when 4 of us jacked off at John's house, all of us naked.

However things change and we grow up with our lives taking different paths. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had not lost contact with John when I was 13. It happened when my parents moved and I had to start a new school and make new friends that I had not grown up with and at the age when jacking off with other guys wasn't done. I was starting to take an interest in girls and what they looked like but was really too young to be dating. So for the next few years I enjoyed masturbating on my own, naked when I could be or in my pants if not but with plenty of tissue.



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