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Home Gym

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Just happened last weekend and I have to tell somebody!


It was a hot humid saturday and the temperature had hit 80 by ten a.m. The neighborhood was filled with the drone of lawnmowers as everyone attacked the grass which had exploded upwards in the last five days of constant rain. I was out as was my neighbor Rich. It was so hot already that he had his shirt off and I couldn't help noticing how lean and muscular he was. I mean he was RIPPED with a six-pack you could do laundry on! I should mention Rich is 10 years older than me. We chatted for a minute and I asked him where he worked out and mentioned I wanted to start working again. (It's been several years since I hit the gym and it was showing...)

Rich said he had a gym setup in his basement and invited me over after I was done mowing. I readily accepted and finished cutting the jungle my yard had become down to size. I changed out of my sweat-soaked clothes and headed to Rich's house.

Rich had a great set downstairs and he put me through a solid workout. The whole time he was giving me tips and advice. I should also mention that the whole time his life Sarah was in and out of the basement doing laundry. She was sunbathing on the upstairs deck between loads so she was wearing a very skimpy bikini which showed off her petite, lean and glowing body.

We finished and Rich crashed down on the couch. As if on cue Sarah showed up with protein smoothies and hopped on the elliptical machine. I tried to subtly watch her amazing body moving back and forth as Rich explained the importance of post workout nutrition. I thanked him for the help and he smiled.

'Oh, we're not done yet!' He laughed. 'Can't forget the most important part of your workout...'. He smiled and winked at Sarah who smiled too. I asked what the most important part was. 'Testosterone'. He smiled again. 'You gotta flush your muscles with T to get them really growing'. I asked how you did that. He suddenly pulled his shorts down and whipped his penis out and began tugging on it. 'how do you think?'. He laughed again. 'seriously this is the best part'. And he began wanking away on his stiffening cock.

I just stared open mouthed. His cock wasn't exactly enormous but it was thick and as he pumped it it got fat and vein and the wide purple tip swelled til it looked like bursting.

'Come-on! Don't be shy... Trust me you'll love it and it makes all the difference on the world... Seriously'. I was mortified but incredibly aroused between watching him go to town on his Dick and his wife on the machine.. He saw me glance at her and rolled his eyes. 'Dont be shy in front of Sarah... She loves dicks. You'll make her very happy.'

'Yeah let me see it... Pleeeease?'. She made big bamboo eyes and I couldn't resist. I reached down to pull my shorts down and then hesitated... She made a pouty face and then smiled. 'come on...' She pleaded. 'if you show me yours ill show you mine....'. She dared me. Without thinking I yanked my shorts down and my semistiff pens popped up to half mast. I will admit its not a big dick. About 5 inches at best and not thick or remarkable in any way. But when it popped out Sarah giggled and clapped. 'oh I love it!'. I didn't care if she was lying or not. Her enthusiasm made it stiffen instantly. 'come on, make it big and hard for me!'. She giggled more and I began stroking away, slowly at first.

'ok babe, fairs fair its your turn...'. Rich urged. We was stroking his swollen cock as well. His wife jumped down and in one swoop stripped both her top and bottom off. She stood right in front of me so I could see her bare pussy. First thing I noticed: no tan lines... My cock got harder as she leaned over me with her small round breasts inches from my face and pulled my shirt up and off. I noticed Rich had lost his shirt as well. Then Sarah plopped down on the couch between us and spread her legs wide, resting a leg on my thigh and one on her husbands.

'pass me the lube, baby..' she said to Rich, who pulled a tube of KY jelly from somewhere. He squirted a glob on his thick purple head and spread it up and down his quivering cock as he handed it to Sarah. She put a bunch on her hand and started stroking her wide open pussy and turned to me. 'you want some too?'. I could barely reply 'please' and she poured out a large glob right on the tip of my rock hard penis. She watched with pleasure as I stroked up and down. I knew I would CIM any minute but was afraid too with everybody watching. We continued like this for several minutes, each stroking ourselves in silence. We were all watching each other and while I loved watching Sarah work her open pink pussy, I was strangely fascinated by Rich pumping his cock. Suddenly Rich arched his back up and grunted loudly. Ropes of pearly white cum spurted up onto his chest and abs. Watching him pushed me over the edge and I came shortly after. It was one of the most intense orgasms I have felt for a long time. As I was finishing Sarah started whispering 'oh yes oh yes oh yes... Oh fuck Ahhh..' and she came, trembling and gasping for breath.

We sat there basking in the afterglow for a while. Suddenly I got all embarrassed, and stammered that I should be going. Sarah lifted her leg off mine and watched me get dressed. As I was heading out I thanked Rich for the tips. He suggested I should come back next Saturday. I am sorely tempted too but nervous as well....



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