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Home Gym 3/4/5

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If this is getting boring let me know. I'll try to keep it interesting but there is really nobody else I can tell about what has been going on with my neighbor.


So after the first two visits to my friend Rich's basement home gym I was very excited about another visit. The next two Saturdays were pretty much a repeat of the previous. Sarah came and went, often wearing her tiny bikini or something equally revealing. On the fourth workout she was wandering around topless part of the time with only a wraparound skirt which made me suspect she wasn't wearing anything underneath that. I knew she tanned on the upper deck and that she had no tan lines so I believed she was working on her gorgeous tan. She even walked in during one of our regular post-workout wanking sessions. She winked at us as she walked by but didn't say anything. I was growing more comfortable jacking off in front of Rich and Sarah and assumed it would be a pretty regular and uneventful thing.

The fifth Saturday, however, upped the ante a notch. It was a hot, humid, cloudless day. Rich and I decided to max out on a couple of our lifts and I set a couple new personal bests, as did Rich (although his were significantly higher than mine!) He was very encouraging. When we were done, he was explaining some technique ideas so I followed him to the kitchen where we made our post-workout shakes. I was a little disappointed we weren't downstairs with our shorts around our ankles and our swelling cocks in our hands but I didn't want to appear too eager....

Rich suggested we go up on the deck to drink our shakes so I followed him upstairs to the bedroom and out onto the deck. Rich's house is one of the few houses in the neighbourhood with a top story deck and I realized that from up there he could see down into everybody's yard and house, but nobody could see up into the deck. Sarah was up there already, stretched out on her stomach getting browner. My suspicions that she sunbathed nude up there were confirmed. I tried not to stare at her tight, cute ass and gorgeous petite body but it was hard not to. Rich peeled off his shirt and dropped his shorts and sat down on one of the deck chairs. He patted the one next to him and smiled.

'Don't worry. No one can see up here. You can do all sorts of stuff up here and nobody will ever know... as long as you are relatively quiet.' I took the hint and stripped too and sat down. My cock was already at half mast from checking out Sarah lying nude next to us. Rich was eyeing his wife as he started stroking his dick with one hand and sipping his protein drink with the other while I did the same.

Then Sarah looked up and took the earphones out of her ears.

'oh hi, boys.' She smiled, looking from one hardening dick to the other. 'I didn't hear you come up!'

'I thought we would enjoy the sunshine.' Said Rich, winking at me. We were enjoying more than the sunshine as Sarah rolled over onto her back and bared her naked body to the sun. She even spread her legs a little so we could see the totally bare cunt between them. I was instantly rock hard. Sarah smiled at me.

'Well, be my guest.' She said. 'Enjoy all you want..'

Rich handed me a bottle of hand lotion which I applied generously to the tip of my throbbing cock. I worked the lotion up and down my thickly veined shaft and Rich and I continued to slowly work our cocks in silence, the whole time both of us staring at Sarah's golden body. As I was getting close to climaxing I slowed down, not wanting to end the experience too soon. But then Sarah sat up and reached for her tanning oil and poured some on her chest between her small breasts. She poured some on her hand and then began working the oil into her smooth tanned skin with both hands, pushing the oil up onto her breasts and spreading it all over the small hemispheres. Her nipples became hard and pointy as she squeezed and massaged her tits. Then she spread the oil down to her stomach. My cock was close to bursting so I pulled my hands away and let it just stand there, throbbing and pulsing in the open air.

Then Sarah poured more oil right onto her mound and began rubbing it around her bare pussy and thighs. She opened her legs a little more and I could see her pussy was slightly aroused and opening up a little, revealing a tiny pink gash between the thick brown lips. She sat up more and rubbed the oil down onto her legs, blocking my view, but the damage was done. With a kick and a jerk my sperm flowed out of the tiny hole at the tip of my cock and rolled down the shaft in waved after wave, forming a thick white pool on the chair between my legs. I was amazed I had never cum before while not touching my cock. Sarah looked at the pearly white stream hanging from my still throbbing dick and raised her eyebrows.

'Nice!' was all she said before she lay back down, put the ear buds back in her ears, and closed her eyes.

I looked over at Rich who was already cleaning up his cum-covered dick. He nodded to the side table where there were a couple bottles of tanning lotion and hand lotion and that kind of stuff.

'Wipes are there.' I saw a package of baby wipes. I stood up and put my hand under my slightly limp dick to catch the cum from dripping on the floor. I kind of waddled over to the table, awkwardly (one free hand!) pulled a wipe out and cleaned off my now limp dick and hand and then the chair. I tossed the cum covered wipe in the trash and started to reach for my shorts.

'You in a hurry?' Rich asked.

'Not really.'

'So stay a while, if you want to.'

'Sure, if you don't mind.' I sat back down. Rich handed me a bottle of sunblock.

'You might need this then. There are some things you definitely don't want to burn..' he laughed as if he had personal experience in that area. He began applying lotion to himself as did I. I stayed almost a whole hour and came home with a terrific tan. My wife never asked about the tan or the extra time I spent there. She just asked if I had a good time and I told her I did and about my new maxes.

'Oh, and one more thing...' I told her. 'Rich says I'm making really good progress and thinks I should come over on Wednesday nights as well.'



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