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Home Alone Surprise

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We live in a small university town so there are always a lot of young people around. Last summer a new couple Rick and Mary moved into our town to do graduate work. They were taking over the apartment of a couple who we were friends with who had finished up and were moving away. We were introduced in July and really didn't think much more about them. People come and go and we're used to it. Sometime in Sept they showed up on our doorstep. I had to admit I had no idea who they were until they reminded me so then we invited them in. We hit it off fairly well playing the same card games liking the same TV shows etc. We usually had a late lunch with them on Sundays and would play cards or such and just discuss the world in general.

One week night Rick came by alone and just wanted to talk. It was a bit late and I was the only one up but he clearly wanted to talk so I invited him in, gave him some juice and settled in for a chat. After talking about nothing for about 15 minutes he finally said he had just needed to get out for a walk and explained that again he wanted to have sex with his wife and again she said no because of a medical issue she said. Before the conversation could go further my wife came down and commented on the time. Rick apologized, excused himself and went home. I went to bed.

One day a week later near Christmas my wife said she was going to go shopping for the weekend to the nearby large city and since it was a long drive intended to stay the night at her parents who lived near there and take the kids for a visit as well. She knew I would have no interest in going along so didn't even ask. I think most guys idea of fun is NOT shopping with their wives. She left Friday afternoon while I was at work so on the way home I decided to stop and get the Christmas tree and have it set up for when they got home. As I was struggling to get it in the car Rick walked by and asked if I wanted any help. Two people really made it easier so he helped me take it home and set it up, two people making it a lot easier than by myself.

About an hour later 6:30 PM the phone rang and it was Rick who asked if he could come over. He said his Friday night had just fallen apart, Mary was tired and was going to sleep. I was alone and did not mind the company so a bit later he showed up. We settled in around the TV with some pizza and talked a bit. A few minutes into the conversation he said this was typical for Friday night and there was still no sex in sight. He said that when they had sex she said it hurt her a lot and she would sometimes break out in a rash or itch real bad and it just wasn't fun for her and he was getting more and more frustrated. Having been in a similar situation like most men at one time or another (getting none) I mentioned that there were a lot of positive things to be said about masturbation and not to bother telling me he didn't do it.

He said he generally got off in the shower but it wasn't the same and we talked very openly about the different ways we masturbated, how we learned how different ways felt differently etc... I'm not sure how it came up but he mentioned that he wasn't circumcised. I am and told him so and we got into a discussion about foreskins and he told me that the foreskin withdraws when inserted - something I didn't know and have since found out is not exactly the case. I told him that I had absolutely no idea about that asked a few more questions about it at which point he stood up and took off his pants and underwear and stood there with about a 7 inch dick completely hard about a foot in front of my face pulling on his foreskin and showing me all about it. He then sat down next to me and took my hand and put it on his dick and gave me a guided tour of everything.

All this had started to get me hard and when he put his hand between my legs I was immediately rock hard. I took off my pants and he ran his fingers around the head of my circumcised dick with a little spit and it was a great feeling. I pulled up his foreskin and pushed it back several times and we looked each other in the eyes and settled down and started stroking each other. I played with his foreskin and he continued to circle the head of my dick while stroking the base. We felt each others balls and played with each others nipples. Low stroking - staying away from the head to last longer and went on like this for the better part of an hour. The pleasure was intense. We were moaning and gasping and had not even cum yet.

Then we decided it was time to cum so started stroking full shaft with special attention to the head. I stroked him hard for a couple more minutes and he started to gasp and groan and shot a huge load all over his chest stomach and my hand. He had kept stroking me a bit but cumming had made it hard for him to concentrate but as he came back to earth he went to work on me and stroked hard with one hand and rolled my balls with the other. A minute later I shot a huge load onto his stomach and chest and it felt great. We just stayed there for a few minutes and the cum started to get cold so we got some tissue to clean up then just pulled a couch blanket onto us and continued to talk and play with each other until we were hard again then tried some of the other techniques we had discussed earlier. He went home fairly late and I went to bed well satisfied. He came over again the next night but that's a different story. It was a great weekend



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