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Home Alone on a Gloomy Autumn Day

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It is a gloomy November day in my junior year in high school. As usual, I walked home from the bus stop with the girl next door. She is cute and perky, and I have a lot of fantasies about her. Opening the front door to find that I'm home alone, I instantly get the rush of knowing I am going to masturbate. I'm not aroused yet, but there's that feeling in the pit of my stomach as I anticipate getting naked and touching myself. I had a lot of fantasies in school today and sat at my desk trying to cover a hard on, while wanting to stroke it right then and there. I'm really ready for this now, and I'm so glad my mom isn't home. There's nothing like the luxury of having the whole house to myself and knowing I'm not going to be disturbed. I walk into my bedroom and close the door.

Outside, low, dark clouds cover the sky and drops of rain are pattering against my window. I'm in my own little world now, where I can be naked, have sexy thoughts, and do anything I want with my body. There is just enough light coming through the window to see my reflection in the mirror as I undress and begin a light feathery touching of my nipples. Foreplay and fantasy are such an important part of my masturbation experience. I think it's almost more mental and emotional than physical. Anyway, I know that deep emotions I am barely in touch with are very much with me as I prepare to pleasure myself, and this gloomy autumn day only serves to intensify the feelings.

One of my fantasies is that the girl next door comes over when I'm home alone. We talk about sexual positions and she bends over the back of the living room sofa. I lift her pleated skirt to reveal her bare ass and thighs, and she knows I'm standing behind her with a very hard dick pushing against the inside of my jeans. I allow myself to wonder whether she has any idea that I'm home alone right now, naked and getting ready to beat off. Is there any chance in the world that she is in her bedroom doing the same? If so, would it excite her to know that I'm next door rubbing the precum into my nipples and contemplating my bare, hard dick in the mirror?

I get my favorite magazine from its hiding place in the closet and open it to the page where a nice looking girl is rubbing her clit. I lay it on the floor near the mirror and kneel between her legs so I can see her and she can see me. I crave the intimacy of masturbating with a female. I want to know how she does it, what she thinks about, and what feels good for her. I want to know that she accepts my beating off and my sexuality, because I always felt like kind of a strange kid. I mean, all those hours in my room touching myself and fantasizing; all the things I've penetrated myself with or fantasized about having in me.

Kneeling in front of the magazine, I rest my butt on my calves and alternate between teasing my nipples and rubbing the precum lightly around the sensitive head of my dick. I think about going to get a candle, warming it in hot water, and slowly inserting it into my ass with the help of some lube. I indulge myself with the thought of how good that would feel, but decide I'm not going to do it today. My throbbing dick and rushing heartbeat tell me it's time to beat off.

Slowly, almost reluctantly, I stroke first the head and then the whole shaft of my dick, intent on the picture in front of me. I try to look deeply into her eyes and understand what's behind her facial expression, while my own eyes keep wanting to look at her middle finger touching her bare, wet pussy. Oh God, the idea that girls really do this is so thrilling for me. I imagine her looking at me and saying that she likes to see me beating off. My hips move up and down slightly as the sensations in my dick intensify. When it feels like the cum is at the tip of my dick, I stop and try to hold it back. I don't want this moment to end. Finally, I can hold back no longer and let the cum rise and spurt into the palm of my hand. I allow myself one last pleasure of rubbing it on my bare stomach and nipples as I enjoy the emotional release, which is like slowly releasing the air from a big balloon. Knowing I have the luxury of time, I curl over onto the floor and lie in the fetal position with one hand holding my dick and the other on my chest. I stay there for what seems like a long time savoring the afterglow before slowly getting up to get dressed.



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