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Home Alone, And My First Time Outdoors

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This is a follow-up on my first post which can be found at: http://www.solotouch.com/story/the-early-days-46069


In my first post (#46069) I talked a lot about how much it turned me on to spend time naked and masturbating openly and freely when other family members weren't around.

Around the time I was 17, (which was before the recession) my family was fortunate enough to have a second home. Due to circumstances which are tough to explain here, it ended up working out that I spent a month living in that second home alone during the end of summer.

This was the first time I had spent more than a day or two living on my own, and the experience was liberating in many ways, not the least of which was the way it allowed me the freedom to enjoy my body. Since, historically, opportunities to spend time naked were few and far between, I usually capitalized on the experience and masturbated. As such, the very act of stripping off my clothes had become associated with sex for me. I would get out of the shower, dry off, and just stay naked. I'd walk around the big, empty house and the feeling of being so free would immediately start to turn me on. I would walk through the house, feeling the cool, hardwood floors against my bare feet, and feel my cock slowly swelling, getting thicker and longer.

This house was pretty secluded and out among the trees. There was one neighbor pretty close by (maybe 75 yards) but there was a pretty thick grove of trees between our house and his, so you REALLY had to try to see the house between the trees. With this in mind, I often left the blinds wide open as I walked around the house, as there was a very slim chance of being seen by anyone.
I loved being able to start rubbing my cock wherever I was when the mood struck-- on the couch, at the computer, in the hallway-- I would just grab a hold of my 6.5", un-cut dick and just start going for it. I would usually stay naked after I finished, and that's how I learned to love being naked in a non-sexual way.

The summer was coming to an end, and fall was near, so the air started to cool off a little, and the leaves had started changing colors. I was totally naked, sitting at the computer in the back room of the house, playing around on the internet. I wasn't particularly turned on at the time, just enjoying being nude. To my left was a sliding glass door which led out to a deck, and faced the nearest house. I walked over the window and admired the way the leaves were changing colors and thought about how beautiful the weather looked today. I decided to take a walk out onto the deck, marking my first time being naked outside since puberty.

As I stepped onto the old deck I felt the rough texture of the aged wood against my feet. I noticed that fall was definitely arriving-- the air was still slightly warm, but had that crisp, sharp feeling to it. The briskness of the air against the skin of my entirely naked body brought my awareness to every inch of my skin, and I felt perfectly aware of where I was in the present moment, and it excited me.

As I looked out at the trees, I caught a glimpse of one of the windows of the house next door between the trees. I didn't see anyone inside, but that glimpse of a window reminded me of the real chance of being seen by someone else. The thought turned me on just enough that this started to shift from a nudist experience, to more of an exhibitionist one.

I should add, here, that while my penis, when hard, is an average 6 1/2 inches, it normally comes out to roughly a full 5 inches when soft (this varies, of course). I enjoy this fact about my body, because I feel like it makes for a pretty impressive show on first glance.

Anyways, at this point I was still mostly flaccid, and my plump cock hung limp between my legs, but as my inner exhibitionist started to get warmed up, and started to hang there more heavily as it got more plump and more long. I looked down at my package and admired how big my cock looked as it started to swell. The cool air made my balls hug tightly against my body, which, in contrast, made my cock look that much bigger. Being aware of my sexuality, feeling the air against my skin, and the risk of being seen by the neighbor were all getting me pretty worked up, and my cock began to rise. As it got harder and harder, it rose to a 45 degree angle from the deck below.

I couldn't help it, anymore. I reached down and wrapped my right hand around my stiff shaft and gave it a squeeze. I slid my hand up closer to the head, and pulled back gently, savoring the feeling of my foreskin gliding over the glans, partially exposing the head of my cock to the world around me. I knew that, with all this excitement, I wasn't going to last long. I took a step closer to the neighbor's house, bringing my toes to the edge of the deck. I felt my sack, alright tight against my body, pull even closer as that familiar, warm, delightful sensation started building in my belly. I tugged harder and faster as I felt my orgasm nearing. I moaned slightly as I started to cum, and I arched my back slightly, bringing the tip of my cock out over the edge of the deck. I gasped slightly and felt the sharp, cool air plunge into my lungs and I felt the ecstasy spread outward from the head of my dick, and then rope after rope of warm cum shot out of me. I watched as it landed in the dirt below, and trickled slightly down the hill the sloped away from the house.

As I started to come down, the reality of what it would mean to be spotted by the neighbor as I stood there with cock in hand and a pool of cum at my feet suddenly came crashing down on me, so I turned and walked back into the house with my long, swollen cock dangling between my legs, bouncing around as I walked. I felt a last drop of cum drip from my head and splash against my calf as I closed the door behind me.



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