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Home Alone

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It was early Sunday afternoon. I had just dropped my wife of at the airport and was heading home. It had rained all weekend which did not help my disposition. Wife gone for a week and too wet to get in 9 holes at the club before heading home. Upon arriving at home...I scanned the Sunday paper, more for something to do than anything else. I did some TV surfing, but the only 'sport' on was Nascar Racing. Still don't understand how driving a car in a circle for hours-on-end constitutes a sport...but that's another topic.
It was then that I decided a nice nap would be a way to spend a part of the afternoon. Stripping down to my silk boxers, I pulled back the sheets and and slid in between the fresh, cool cotton sheets on the bed. Running my arm up under my pillow to cradle it...I was stirred to find something soft and silky beneath my pillow. Raising it up, I found a pair of my wife's silk lace panties, the lavender ones that she had worn the day prior. Attached to them was a note. 'Enjoyed our day together and the great sex we had last night. Will think of it as I pleasure myself this week while I'm away. Please do the same with these as your 'stimulus'. Love, Lisa' In bringing them closer to my face to read the note...the sweet fragrance of her used panties began to fill my nostrils. Without even noticing, the aroma had caused me to develop a huge erection...just thinking about the crotch of those panties being closely pressed to her hot, wet and cummy pussy for the entire previous day got me real hot, real quick. Slowly and methodically, I begin to rub my engorged cock against the fresh, cool sheet. I closed my eyes and saw her lying there on the bed the previous night...gently running her fingers up and down the outside of the crotch of her panties, pressing the material firmly into her smooth crack...causing a wet spot to seep thru the material. Her fingers deftly moved from the outside to what lie beneath in a move that made my cock twitch to see her playing with herself.
Bringing the crotch of her dry, stained panties to my face, my nose took in the exquisite and sexy smell of my wife's pussy. My olfactory sense began to make my cock grow stiffer as I began to rub it more firmly on the bed. Smelling the sweet fragrance and picturing in my mind of how they got that way, soon pushed me over the edge of orgasm. I could feel squirt after hot squirt of cum soaking the material of my boxers. I was going to get up and change, but the vision and the tranquility of the moment came over me. Laying the panties aside, I drifted off into a satisfied state of sleep.
A couple hours later, the phone rang, awakening me from my peaceful sleep. It was my wife. Sounding a bit groggy, she asked if I was sleeping. I told her I was, but that her voice was a welcome sound. She asked if I had found 'anything' since she was gone. I confessed that I had found her panties beneath my pillow and had made a 'small mess' of myself before falling asleep. 'Good...' she replied '...that's what they were there for. Have you found anything else I may have left out for you?' I told her I had not. 'Well, if and when you do, I'm sure your will find them as pleasurable as your first surprise.' Where is it, what is it, I inquired. 'Oh, you'll find it soon enough...don't want you running out of 'fluid' the first day.
The next day, while doing some computer work at my desk, I opened the drawer to find a small photo album with the words, 'For Your Eyes Only' monogrammed on the front. Quickly opening the album, I found page after page of pictures of my wife that she had taken with our digital camera and had developed on our computer. The pictures showed her in some of her naughtiest lingerie and doing some very naughty things with her fingers and toys to herself. Guess you know what happened next...but that's another story.



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