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Home Alone

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I was thirteen when I met a girl at the movies and visited when she was home alone.


When I was thirteen,I went to the movies with friends. We were all sitting in the back row when two girls sat in front of us. In the middle of the movie the screen goes blank and the lights go on. We all start complaining when the two girls turn around. One is a girl from my Junior High, Wendy, and the other is her friend from another town. I start to talk to the other girl who's name is Beth. When the movie starts I sit next to her.

The next day at school Wendy comes up to me and gives me a phone number. I ask what gives. She tells me it's Beth's home phone number. Wendy says Beth thought I was cute and wanted to talk to me. I ask Wendy about Beth. Beth's parents are divorced and her father lives in a townhouse next to where Wendy lives.

That night I give Beth a call. After some small talk she invites me to her dad's house on Saturday. He's going to a college football game and is letting her stay at home. She tells me to come over with Wendy. When Wendy and I go over, Beth's father is just leaving and we are introduced. When he asks me why am I here I tell him to keep Wendy and his daughter company and out of trouble. He laughs and tells me to play nice. I look at the two of them and just shake my head.

After about an hour Wendy leaves us alone and goes home. Beth and I talk to eachother about her parent's divorce, about school, the movies etc. She asks if I want to see her room. I say ok and I follow her up the stairs. I get a great look at her ass and feel myself getting hard. Now, I have been playing with myself since I was ten, but actually cumming for about one year.

When we get to the top of the stairs she stops but I keep walking and walk into her. I tell her sorry, but she said it's okay. Her room is very big with a queen-size bed. She tells me to take off my shoes and jump on the bed. After I do, her bed smells great just like her.

After she gets on the bed we stare at each other until she leans in and kisses me. I kiss back and fell my hard on getting bigger. After we break the kiss she asks me if I'm hard. I turn red and she laughs. She tells me she knew I would be because of the book. I ask her what book. She pulls a book about sex from under her pillow. It explains everything from kissing to having a baby. She opens to 'Male Sex Organ' and reads to me, 'a male can become aroused from just kissing a women'. She shows me a picture of a male penis. Then she looks at my crotch. I tell her let's look at the book.

We flip throught the book and keep looking at each other. We are both turned on. When we get to male masturbation Beth asks me if I do it. I say a few times a week. I ask her the same. Beth says only a few times. We continue to look at the book until we came to 'sperm.' After reading the passage Beth asks me to show me my sperm. I was so turned on I said ok only if you get naked with me. Beth nods her head ok. We both get down to our underwear and I go first. I pull them down and my dick springs up and bounces. Beth is wide eyed staring at it. She replies it looks even better when it's real. I say fair is fair. Beth takes of her bra and shows me her 34B and then her underwear. She has a little hair above her vagina.

We both lie on the bed with her up on an elbow. I take my dick in my hand and slowly start to stroke. In a few minutes I notice Beth has her hands between her legs. This gets me excited and I start stroking faster and faster. In a few minutes I am going very fast and tell Beth I am going to show her some sperm. She watches as a stream of cum flies out and lands on my stomach. I am catching my breath when I hear Beth moan and look to see her middle finger is wet and going in and out of her vagina. A second later she moans very loud and has small body spasms. After we recover we read she had an orgasm. It's only her second one ever.

We get dressed and call Wendy to come on over. Thiry minutes after Wendy's arrival Beth's dad comes in. He asks us how our afternoon was. We tell him great and he asks if we want pizza for dinner. After dinner I walk to Wendy's and ride my bike home. In school on Monday Wendy keeps looking at me different and smiling. Beth and I did this a few more times before her dad moved.



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