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Holly's Coming

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Found this site a week ago-my girlfriend and I got so excited seeing as how other people experience the same pleasures.


A couple of weeks ago I had a really great experience with my flatmate Holly who is now my girlfriend officially.

Holly's a brunette, about 5'5' and about 110 pounds with nice tits and a great arse. She's always smiling and happy and, as I've found out, likes nothing better than masturbating in front of me before we go all the way.

As soon as Holly moved in to my flat at the end of last year we became friends but recently we began teasing each other more and I began to think about her more when I went to bed at night, wondering what it would be like going to bed with her. This usually led to a good wank as I imagined what her naked body might feel like.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I had been out for a run. My other flatmates except Holly were away for the weekend, although I hadn't seen much of her because she was working. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and when I got home for my run I went and had a shower then, feeling lazy, I sat on the couch and turned on the telly to watch some sports. All I was wearing was a towel. I must have dozed off and started dreaming something erotic. My cock was erect and tingling and it felt like a hand was touching me through the towel and it felt so real that I knew I was about to squirt. That's when I woke up and found that it was Holly who was kneeling in front of me and touching my erection!

I yelped and she jumped up, turning red. 'Shit! I thought you were working.' 'We finished early,' she said. Her eyes were wide open and I could see her nipples were straining at her tee shirt. Then she giggled. 'I thought it was a myth that guys could have an erection while they were asleep-what were you dreaming about?' I decided to be daring. 'It might have been about you!' 'Oh yeah? What about me?' There was something about the way this was heading which started my balls and groin tingling. 'Maybe I was dreaming that you were naked and oh, maybe wanking in front of me or something.' She looked me right in the eye, turning bright red. 'You'd like that wouldn't you?' 'Wouldn't any guy?' 'Not unless the guy had something to show me!' Pointing at the bulge in the towel.

Heart pounding I dropped the towel and my cock sprang to attention.'You mean this?' Holly's eyes got big again and she let out a sigh. I wrapped my hand around my pole and pulled back my foreskin to show my head which was red and sensitive. 'You can touch me as much as you like, but I want to see what you have.' Holly stared at my cock, then she laughed and said 'Okay, it's a deal.'

She dropped her jeans and panties and moved in close. My cock twitched at the sight of her cunt. Her pussy lips were pink and surrounded by a mat of curly hair. 'Do you want to see more?'

I nodded and Holly pushed her hips forward and pulled her cunt open. Her inner vulva was bright pink and very wet. Gently I touched her with a fingertip and she gave a little moan. 'Oohh, that feels good!' She swayed her hips in a little circle as I felt around her spongy urethra; when I carefully rubbed her tiny piss slit she gave an excited little yelp and shuddered. 'Oh, yeah...UH! Now feel my clitty! Ooohh, careful...oh! Th-that's it! That feeeels sooo good!' Finally, after I gently teased her vagina, looking to find her g-spot she threw back her head and with a shuddering series of yelps she came, leaving my hand wet and smelling of her clean womanly scent. Her knees buckled and she sat on my lap, making my head swim with a wonderful kiss.

Soon she was teasing my erect member, laughing and giggling with me as she made me shudder and squirm and moan. When I came she dabbled her fingers in my come and she laid snail trails around her big pink nipples and areola, then got me to lick and suck her clean. After some more kissing and teasing Holly pulled an easy chair close in front of me and, draping her legs over the arms, she slowly teased her wide open cunt in front of me as I pleasured myself for her. Then she asked me to bring out my camera.



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