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Holiday With the Guy That All the Girls Want

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This story starts at the beginning of the summer holidays. My family had recently bought a vacation house by the ocean, little did I know that it was right down the beach from one of the guys from my school.

His name was Damian. He was tall, muscular, dark hair, tanned, he was perfect. He was the guy that every girl at my school wanted to go out with. I shared one or two classes with him, and he occasionally copied my homework, but I didn't even think he knew who I was.

So anyway, it was about six o clock and I decided to go for a walk along the beach. It was really hot, and I eventually had to take my shirt off because of the heat. I'm not a very muscular guy, I have a six pack, but I am quite skinny. So I walked for quite a long time, and then it started to rain.

I started making my way back to the house but the rain was starting to fall harder. 'HARRY!' I spun around, Damian was standing on his porch calling to me and waving for me to come over. I couldn't believe it, I ran over to him.

He reached out to pull me under the porch, his fingers sent vibrations down through my body. 'Bet you weren't expecting it to rain. Come inside, I can lend you some dry clothes and you can go home when it stops raining.' I was stunned, he was inviting me inside, 'Uh.. Won't your parents mind?'

'No, they aren't here right now. They've gone out on a date' he laughed. His deep laugh reverberating around the porch.

We walked up to his room, he pulled open a cupboard and threw out a tshirt, I put my wet tshirt down and quickly replaced it with a dry one. He then bent over and dug around a bit, I couldn't help noticing his tight butt, the muscles so perfect. I felt like I wanted to eat out his hole. I started to get a semi.

He eventually found a pair of shorts and threw them onto the bed. 'Thanks' I said. 'No prob, see if they fit..' he smiled. I was shy and I was embarassed about my hard on. I turned around and I was about to pull down my pants when he laughed and leaped forward and pulled down my shorts and underpants in one jerk.

He spotted my hard on and laughed a little. He could see my face go red, he suddenly looked guilty. 'No, no, don't feel bad!'

Out of nowhere, he reached down and pulled off his pants, exposing his semi hard (but already massive) dick. 'Look! Now we both hard and horny.'

I laughed a little and pulled up the shorts. He looked at me, smiled and pulled up his pants too.

We went down to the lounge, and we put on the TV. I called my parents and told them where I was, and said I would come home when the rain stopped.

About an hour passed, and we were both joking and laughing when he finally asked me if I had ever jerked off with another person before. 'No, and you?' I laughed nervously. 'Not yet...' He smiled at me. Pulled down his pants and a hard dick bounced out.

I reach down to where my dick was and it started to stir. I pulled off my pants and he hit his dick around while mine grew.

No words were spoken, we were suddenly jerking off next to each other. In my wildest dreams I had never ever thought this was possible...

Suddenly, he reached over and grabbed my dick. He spat onto it and started jerking me off, using his spit as lube. I sat there stunned, he picked up my hand with his free one, brought it to his mouth, spat in it and put it on his dick. I got the picture, and I started to jerk his massive 7' dick.

He laughed and bent down and licked my neck, it sent shivers down my spine. I licked his neck and he shuddered. Suddenly we were both thrusting into the air and there was an explosion of cum. Ropes of cum flew onto my chest and his. We sat there, breathless, just trying to catch out breath. Our hand still on each others softening penises.

Since then, we have often spent time alone at each others holiday houses and it has always been a pleasurable experience.



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