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Holiday Fun With Sister

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Growing up as a teen I had lived quite a naive and sheltered life in the south of England. As a family, we certainly never discussed sex or sexual matters, and I was left to learn about the 'birds and the bees' by myself by looking at fairly theoretical and uninspiring library books. A few years earlier, at the age of 13, I had discovered how to masturbate and had had my first wet dream, which for a young lad like me in my closetted environment was an embarrassing experience. My mother, who changed the sheets, never bothered to comment on it nor ask my father to have a pep talk about it with me.

Now back to the story: In the summer holidays we drove down to the south of France to go camping. Normally my father would just take a chance on there being some vacant pitches at campsites he had found in his travel guide, but on this occasion all of them seemed to be complete. It was getting quite late and we had nowhere to pitch our tent for that night, when my mother saw a sign for a campsite, which led us off the main road. We arrived, tired from the long journey and my sister, who was just over a year younger than me, was really getting on my nerves, as younger sisters tend to do.

My dad appeared from the campsite reception with a bright red face and initiated a private chat with my mother. She looked to be on the point of tears. The reason for her shocked appearance became clear when she told us that it was a naturist campsite and we had to stay for a minimum of one week, according to the campsite terms.

Although I was feeling uneasy about the whole idea, I got excited about the prospect of seeing some attractive young nubiles girls, so I kept my disquiet under control. My sister, on the other hand, protested vigorously but ultimately she knew there was no real alternative at such a late time in the evening, plus my father had already booked the pitch.

After setting up the tent we were all totally exhausted and went to sleep for the night. My parents in one section and my sister and I in the other part of the tent. There was a hushed silence and an unusual atmosphere, in which I found it difficult to fall asleep.

Emerging from the tent the following morning the first thing I noticed was the volume of nudity. I had no idea what to expect, but my eyes were working overtime, feasting on all kinds of people walking around near our pitch. Then I saw my mother and father at the camping stove, cooking breakfast, and more significantly, without a stitch of clothing on them. I couldn't believe it. It was already a hot day, so I came outside wearing just my bermuda shorts. My sister followed about 20 minutes later in a bikini. I had never really noticed her body before at home and it surprised me how much she seemed to have filled out. She was slim and about 5'5' and her hips and chest were more feminine than I had imagined.

Nothing much was said as we ate breakfast until my father broke the ice telling us that we ought to make the most of the good facilities and that, after all, we were on holiday and should enjoy ourselves.

After breakfast my sister and I went for a walk and soon found the swimming pool. Along the way we got some frosty looks from the other campers, clearly upset that we were not adhering to the camp rules about nudity. I tried not to let it get to me but I did feel uneasy. The sight of gorgeous young women and girls was also having its effect on my penis, which began to harden with every new image. We found some grass at the poolside and put our towels down and after a few minutes my sister lay down on her stomach and unfastened her bikini top and put it casually to one side. A few of the younger girls were wearing their bottoms and it seemed acceptable for them to do so, but none of the boys wore trunks. I found enough courage to quickly take off my shorts, when my sister wasn't looking and quickly lay on my front. I pretended to read my book for a while, although I was secretly scanning the pool for sexy girls. My sister tapped my on the shoulder and announced that she was going for a swim. Before I turned around I heard the splash and she shouted up for me to come in. My penis was at half mast so I ran quickly and jumped into the cool water, hoping no one would notice my excited state. We swam up and down a few times together and then went our separate ways. I stayed in a bit longer and when I was about to get out again I noticed that she had already gone. I felt less embarrassed at this stage but did not yet feel comfortable enough to walk back to the tent without my towel around my waist.

At the tent my sister was lying outside on an inflatable mattress reading a teen magazine. She informed me that mum and dad had gone into the town to get some shopping and would be back in a few hours.

The heat of the sun at this stage of the day was at its most intense and it was no longer pleasant out of the shade. Our pitch had no tree coverage so we both went into the tent. My towel was still wet from the swimming and I knew my dad would go ballistic if I were to make the inside of the tent wet, so I just decided to cut my losses and lie on my stomach again. My sister, who was back in her bikini sat up next to me complaining of the heat. I could see that she was looking at my bare bottom.

'If you're so hot, why not take something off' I said.

To my surprise she took her top off, and despite trying not to, I found myself looking straight at her boobs.

'What ?' she said

'Nothing.' was all I could reply.

She was my sister but she had a beautiful pair of round C-cup breasts with small nipples which were slightly erect. As she flexed her back she winced in pain. She had been out in the sun too long and was beginning to get sore. The flexing movement enhanced her chest further and I my loins.

'Can you put some after-sun on me, please?' she asked.

She turned her back to me and lifted her long hair from her back. I looked at her straight back and could also make out the contours of her firm boobs. I got up and began to apply the cream almost in a trance. I heard the odd 'ouch' and 'ah...careful' but wasn't taking in what she was saying. At one point she turned around abruptly to tell me something but then froze as she saw my erection. At 16, I had done a lot of my growing and I was about 7' uncut. Now it was her turn to stare and mine to say 'what?' When she said 'nothing.' she smiled and we both laughed. She turned around to face me and said 'It's no use trying to be all coy in a place like this'. I agreed and was impressed with the maturity of someone who had only recently turned 15. We found ourselves staring at each others bodies for what seemed like an eternity until she positioned herself on her knees and removed her bikini bottoms.

'There. That's better' she exclaimed, matter-of-factly.

Her pussy had light tufts of brown hair and I could make out the outline of her lips. She reclined on her elbow facing me, looking beautiful and asked me what I felt about being nude. I didn't really know what to say apart from 'it's ok, not that bad, really'. She was constantly looking at my cock which was rock hard.

'Looks like you're enjoying yourself here' she grinned. I was totally embarrassed with nowhere to hide. 'I think it looks good.' (she had read the signs of my shyness).

'Sorry' was all I could say, rather pathetically.

She came a bit nearer and asked whether it hurt me being in 'that' state. I repled 'no, but it is uncomfortable, especially with you looking.'

Suddenly, she asked whether she could touch it. I was horrified but at the same time excited. My cock had been tingling throughout this brief episode and it needed relief. I managed to nod somehow and then felt her hand slowly reach my throbbing erection. It travelled down to my balls and I let out a soft groan.

'Is that ok ?' she asked


Her hand moved back up to the shaft of my cock and she wrapped her small fingers and thumb around it and moved them up and down. I lay speechless at what she was doing but could not resist reaching out to feel her ripe, pert breasts. Her nipples hardened quickly at my touch and her breathing became shorter and more frequent. I noticed her hand had moved to her crotch and she had her eyes closed and was rubbing her pussy lips at speed. I also observed her fingers entering her vagina and brushing against her clit. I was now approaching the point of no return, breathing heavily. She sensed my orgasm coming and pumped my penis more furiously than before until five strong ropes of cum burst from my cock, the first two landing on and between my sisters boobs. I was spent. Hearing my sister's loud whimpering and seeing her body buckle as she gasped an intense orgasm of her own brought me back to what was going on. My fingers were still rubbing and squeezing her left nipple and as she came she gripped my hand tightly and let out a loud earthy groan.

We were both embarrassed and a little guilty when we had realised what we had done and just lay in silence, shattered both emotionally and physically. Nevertheless, we felt less ashamed of our nudity and didn't bother getting changed.

When our parents returned, they were amazed to find us playing beach tennis outside the tent without our clothes on, looking happy with life.

We never had the chance to repeat what we had done, and maybe that was for the best. One thing is for sure, I will never forget that holiday.



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