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Holiday Fun at Work

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I work in a small office with mostly men. Luckily a few months ago my company decided to hire a very petite and attractive woman to help with administrative duties of the accounting department. We have a small office space so I was asked by my boss if I minded having the new girl (we will call her Susie) bunk up with me in my cube. I said sure, thinking it would be nice to have a beautiful woman in my cubicle every day.

Susie was about 5'1' and 120 lbs. Long dark hair and olive skin. I would say she has nice perky C cups and a nice round bottom. The craziest part was that she was a 37 year old mother of three. She is quite a sight to see everyday.

After starting with our company she began wearing a different wardrobe and we began seeing Susie coming in shorter skirts, tight tops and sexy knee boots. She was quite a sight and everyone was jealous of my new cubicle mate. Not to mention she was a lot of fun. She was funny and even used crude humor as well. She was quite a catch. Over the months we got pretty comfortable with one another and starting innocent flirting. Playful touching, lingering hugs from Susie and lingering looks from me at Susie and her outfits.

On our last day before the holiday Susie talked all of us into wearing some holiday themed clothes. I had a hideous Christmas vest and Susie came in a Christmas tree skirt with a gift on her right thigh. She was also sporting a candy cane top with a mistletoe head band. We started work with no issues, normal banter and jokes. As we were talking I happened to take a glance up Susie's skirt and noticed I could see her underwear. She took the holiday dress code serious and even had some holiday underwear. They were white with what appeared to be a pink present in the front. It was very hot.

She caught me looking and just laughed. She asked if I liked her present and I said of course. She mentioned that she could see my candy cane and I could feel my cheeks turn red. She told me I was cute. We went back to work and were busy wrapping up our tasks before taking off the next 10 days and did not talk much.

Around one pm we stopped and had lunch and noticed about 75% of our office was gone. Everyone in our area was gone. Only three people in the very front of the office area were left and they never came back to our side of the building. I was reading the online newspaper as is my lunch time routine.

Susie came into the office and said that she wanted to give me my Christmas present and I started to say I felt so bad because I did not get her anything. As I turned around in my chair she tossed a small white piece of cloth at me. It took me a second to realize that it was the cotton panties I had seen earlier. She just stood there with a smile and lifted her skirt a few inches and revealed a well trimmed bush area. I was floored. She apologized for unwrapping my gift, but she wanted to surprise me. She then leaned over me and gave me a long kiss. Her lips tasted so sweet and she placed her hands on my growing member.

She checked the hallway and when she was sure no one was coming she took off her top, revealing a pair of perfect tits. They were perfect C cups with small little brown nipples. I did not know what to say. She then wiggled out of her skirt. She stood there with her knee high boots and in all of her glory. I finally managed to say that this was a great gift. She then asked me if I wanted to give her a present. I said sure. She then told me to stand up and take off my pants and lose my shirt. I was hesitant at first, but my cock got the better of me and I took off my pants and shirt.

I had a major tent in my boxer briefs. Susie came to me and knelt before me. She kissed my chest and stomach working her way down. She then got to my waist and skipped my naughty area and began kissing my thighs. She then looked at me and smiled. She worked my boxers off of my waist and pulled them down to my knees. She kissed the area right above my throbbing shaft. I was so surprised and horny.

I wanted to fuck her so bad. She then took some of her hand lotion and began rubbing it between her hands to warm it up. She slowly grabbed my cock and began working my steel hard member. She then got up and kissed me on the lips as she pumped. I had to touch her and began fondling her perfect little tits. I began working my hands down to her well trimmed pussy. I worked my fingers between her lips and found her clit. It was about the size of her nipples. It was pretty big, so it was easy to work that. She moaned softly and pumped harder. This continued for about five minutes and I was going to explode. I told her and she said ok. She then backed away and told me to stand up. I stood and she continued to work my cock. I moaned and began cumming. She aimed the stream at her mouth and took two ropes for herself and then let the rest speckle her tits. I was in pure ecstasy.

As I sat down and came out of my stupor. I heard someone clear their throat. I glanced up and saw the other three guys standing there watching. I was a little embarrassed, but also so proud to have my eyewitnesses to my adventure. Susie sighed and then smiled. I guess you ruined your presents.

It is enough to say that we did not get all of our work completed before leaving for our break. I can only hope that Susie gets me a great birthday gift come the spring.

Love the site and enjoy all the stories.



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