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Holiday First Time

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Lana and I had been friends for a couple of years through high school, sharing all the intimate stuff and generally being close friends. I liked her a lot and always had this thing for her gorgeous legs which seem to go all the way up to her armpits. (I'm not gay but appreciate good looks when I see it). We decided one weekend to take some time out at a local tourist resort, check out the guys and generally have some fun. Booking into the hotel, we discovered that all the twin accomodation had been booked, but they had a double room if we wanted it, if we didn't mind sharing a double bed. We'd shared beds before and it wasn't a problem, but I did have this thought flash through my mind of being naked together and it really turned me on. Dismissing this as silly fantasy, we took the room and proceeded to go out on the town for some fun. The night didn't go terribly well, either the guys were pimply faced young nerds or they were old enough to be my grandfather, so we decided to call it a night and try again tomorrow.

We went home, proceeded to strip off and crawl into bed, and as we were doing so I noticed that Lana's nipples were erect! I tried not to stare and made some stupid joke as we got under the covers but coudn't stop thinking of those beautiful brown nipples on her lovely olive skin. (I have pale skin and wished I had hers).

It was hard to sleep that night as I was so turned on, but I managed to doze off and finally awoke needing to go to the bathroom. Getting out of bed, I fumbled my way to the light and as I went, she must have woke and said 'You O.K.?' I said 'Yeh fine' and as I walked out, noticed that the sheet had fallen from her body showing her beautiful back and half of one of her boobs. Although we'd showered together before, to see her half naked in bed just got me going again and I walked into the bathroom not knowing what to do.

While I was in there, she said 'Guys, huh, who needs them' and rolled over onto her back just lying there. I could see her reflection in the mirror as I washed my hands, and as I splashed water on myself to cool down, she placed one hand under the sheet and started to move her hips slowly up and down. 'Hey I see you' I said in a joking sort of voice. I was so turned on but still didn't know what to do. 'Stuff it' she said and continued to remove the sheet to show those gorgeous legs, slightly spread with one hand obviously on top of her clit. 'Come and join me, to hell with it'. I guess we knew what the other was thinking, and not saying anything, I went back into the bedroom, pussy throbbing and lay down beside her.

She was really getting into it, and I just about came when I put my hands down to rub my own clit. Lana rolled onto her stomach, pulled her panties around her thighs and started humping her own hand like it was no tomorrow. I couldn't keep my eyes off her beautiful butt and I kept rubbing myself, knowing I was going to come. Just as I was about to explode, she raised her butt from the bed, pulled off her knickers and literally pounded her mound. I quickly pulled mine down and pressed my fingers into my wet mound. As my pussy exploded I could see her coming too and her wetness was all over her hand. We held ourselves together so tightly and collapsed, totally gone.

It was a great night, we laughed about it the next day, but I sure do think about it when I'm alone and feeling horny.



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