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Holiday Centre Hostess

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I was a hostess in a well-known UK chain of holiday centres. It was an amazing time of my life! To start out, this is true. Exactly as it happened.


The staff quarters totally sucked! They were small crammed little rooms and one bathroom between 15 rooms. It would never be allowed these days, but back then, hey.

Now, because our contracts said nothing about working hours, (again, wouldn't be allowed today) we were working from 7:30am through to midnight six days a week, with a couple of hours off during the day. If we were really lucky, those couple of hours might even be back to back in which case, SLEEP!

But, we had to socialise with the guests who always brought us drinks. Tea/coffee, beer, whatever. So when I crashed out for my nap, it usually ended by me making a dash for the bathroom. As there weren't many of them and we were not allowed to use any bathroom in the guests areas, sometimes it ended with me having an accident.

I guess, looking back, I had told a few people about the times I wet myself, and one of them was the guy who ran the band. One evening, there was a power cut and all entertainment ended at 11:30pm which was early for us. He decided to go for a walk because it was hot as all hell on stage. I said I would go with him. (NOT intending to do anything!!!!)

We walked down onto the beach where it was much cooler with a sharp breeze blowing in off the sea. Suddenly he stopped dead and said 'Can I tell you something?' He went on to say that he had had a dream about me wetting myself. He said 'In the dream, it was really sexy!'

Now, as I said, he was a friend, nothing more, and anyway, I didn't think getting caught short would be attractive in any way but just the way he said it, I figured, what the hell. So I lifted up my skirt and started to open my legs but he stopped me. Instead he walked around behind me and put his arms around my waist and squatted with me, tucking my skirt up as we did so.

Then I felt him stroking my inner thighs. He had no way of knowing, but that can actually make me cum on its own! Then, he whispered into my ear 'Go on. Let it go real slow!' So I did. He stroked my thighs and even my panties as I peed. God I was SO aroused, doing it slowly was electrifying, being masturbated at the same time was fucking mind blowing. I held it back as long as I could before cumming hard and very VERY long. By this time he had his other hand down the back of my now soaked panties and had a finger deep in my arse.

I wanted him so badly that night. I had never had sex only in a bed, but I wanted him in me on that beach. Instead, I got his cock out, and started to wank him slowly at first and then quicker. I was still squatting and his cock was aimed at my tits. When he shot his load it was massive. I had known a heavy cummer before, but this guy was intense. It ran between my tits and into my bra and even down my tummy.

We walked back to the centre and then into his room where, well, we did more than masturbate although that was part of it. Afterwards, I had never felt so well and truly satisfied... in every way and in every hole!

He taught me that my little accidents could be sexy and I know friends who do the same thing from time to time.

Now, I am older (34) and panty-peeing is not part of my daily routine, or anything like that... but now and then... only now and then, I like to do it. Oh how I wish I had made the sexual link when I was learning to masturbate aroud 14 or so. I could NEVER fucking cum back then, but peeing in my panties can usually get me to the point of orgasm on its own. If only I had done it back then!

So, personally, I would be interested to hear opinion on this, from both those who do it, those who would like to do it, and yes, even those who don't like the thought.

One request, I wrote this honestly, and it is just me, ok? Please, say what you want, but there is no need for name calling. OK?



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