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Hole in the Wall

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Shortly after my wife and I got married we moved into an older duplex. In the basement there was a small room where I was going set up a place where I could work on electronic equipment. When I was moving things around in the room I saw about a 4 inch hole that had been stuffed with rags in the clay block wall that separated the two basements. I pulled the rags out and looked into the hole and found that it went all the way through to the other side. On the other side of the wall was my neighbor's bathroom. About half of their basement had been made into their bathroom and laundry area. The old clawfoot bathtub was about 10 feet away and the commode was about 15 feet away. Apparently this hole opened into a storage closet that had a set of curtains over the opening. The curtains hung just right so that there was a small area where they didn't quite come together and allowed a full view of the bathroom area. I had an erection from just thinking about how much I was going to enjoy living there. I continued moving things that had been left behind by the previous tenant when I found another hole in the paneling on one of the other walls. I reached down into the hole to see what might be in there. I felt something and pulled it out. It was a pair of yellow nylon panties size 8. I looked at them closer and found that they had cum stains all over them. So it seems that a perv like myself had lived here before us. I reached in the hole again and pulled everything else out of the hole. I checked out the pile of stuff. There was a pair of pantyhose that had dried cum all over the front of them apparently someone had worn them while they masturbated and shot their load all over the front panel. There was also a couple pairs of nylon knee-highs with the same hard dried spots on them. But the funniest find were several big balloons that apparently had dried cum in them. I thought to myself that whoever this guy he enjoyed masturbating as much as I did. I balled everything back up and shoved them back down behind the paneling.
While we were moving our things in we met the neighbor lady, the object of the previous tenant's fantasies. She was about our 5 years older than I was, not bad looking, fair sized breasts and a nice ass, about a size 8. My wife and I talked a bit to her and found out that her older sister and husband, 11 year old daughter and their 13 year old son had lived in our side of the house. So that explained who was beating off in the basement so much. I said maybe I knew her sister and asked what her sister looked like. She told me she was about 5'6', skinny with brown hair. Of course I didn't have a clue who she was but it answered the question in my mind about who the panties probably belonged to, our new neighbor. So the kid was a panty thief too, my kind of guy. I was so about the prospect of seeing my neighbor naked in her bathroom.
After we got moved in I spent as much time as I could in my basement room. One morning I saw the light coming through the hole in the wall. I stopped what I was doing and got down too look through the hole. My heart was pounding and my dick was hard anticipating what I was doing. There was my neighbor walking across the basement in her long flannel nightgown heading toward the commode. She was standing at the commode and lifted her nightgown and pulled her panties down and sat down. I had a perfect view of her sitting on the commode with her white nylon panties around her knees and holding her nightgown up so I had a good view of her left leg and bare ass. I quickly pulled my hard cock out and started stroking it, this was so erotic spying on my neighbor while she was doing one of her most private things. Then as she got some toilet paper and reached between her legs to wiped her pussy I shot 3 big spurts of cum onto the floor. Oh yeah this was going to be a fun place to live!
I'll continue later.............



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