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Holding It off Too Much

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I never really tried to reach orgasm although a lot of girls talked about it-and probably lied in their teeth. All I knew was that touching felt nice, and I never really got the feeling anything was building anyway.


So, I settled into a routine. Sometimes in bed, I would rock my hips and this progressed to me lying in bed with my legs wide apart and knees up pretending someone was between them, although not really knowing what they would be doing to me. I rocked my hips and in my mind uttered the dirty words I would sometimes hear my mum and dad saying. 'Fuck me. Fuck me you bastard. You fucking bitch, I'm gonna cum in your cunt'. I just liked the words, and the way they said it.

All this would make me very very wet, and my clitty would throb. A couple of times, I would sneak a hand down there, but I was usually so wet, I got pre-occupied with not making a mess and cleaned up instead.

When I was almost 15, I would feel sexy a lot. I would sit in class with my legs apart just for the buzz it gave me. In the boring lessons, I would stroke under my skirt with a ruler or a pencil.

THAT was when I kinda felt something was building up.

One day, I had done it a lot. In class-in the bathroom at school, even on the playing field at lunchtime. Now I knew that it felt like I needed to pee real bad, but at the same time, it felt amazingly good!

So, that afternoon, in class, I did the same thing. Teasing, stopping, teasing stopping. I almost went too far at one point and felt sure I was going to wet myself right there in class.

When the bell rang, I couldn't wait to go the bathroom! Safe in the stall I sat down, hitched my skirt up and spread my legs. Almost immediately, my scent hit me hard! Not bad, but musky, nice in fact. I looked down and saw that my panties were very damp. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I was sure as hell gonna find out.

I saw my pussy lips swollen through the material, and I put my finger right on the place that gave me such a thrill. THIS time, I was not going to stop!

I leaned back, cupped my left breast in my left hand and worked that hard little button.

Almost immediately that 'I'm gonna pee' feeling hit hard, but I kept on going, at the same time fighting the urge to let it go. I remember suddenly being aware that my nipple was itching. So I pinched it. Taking my attention from between my legs was all it took.

Wave after wave of absolute pure unashamed pleasure raced through me. It really felt like convulsing-wave, wave, wave. Pulse, Pulse, Pulse.

THIS was the 'orgasm' that some of the girls described-and I knew right there that some of them were lying bitches.

Did I pee myself? Oh yes. It soaked through my panties, and I had to discard them in the trash.

I peed when I came until I learned to go to the bathroom first, and in time, I learned to cum without peeing.

That first cum was delightful, and it led to many more in bed at home. Sometimes, when my parents were fucking I would masturbate along with them. I even used to have the baddest fantasy that it was ME in there!



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