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Hit the Showers

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Until recently, I thought this story was gross. I hated myself for being part of it. I have since come (no pun) to realize that what happened was a perfectly natural thing. Let's face it, the Human Male is basically a hedonistic ape.

I seriously injured my back about 12 years ago. After surgery, I had physical therapy at a local health club; not a really swanky place; kind of old. The showers had no stalls; just shower heads. One time I walked in on five guys in the shower area who were standing in a group around one of them. At first, my mind refused to believe what my eyes were reporting. These were average, everyday guys of various ages. They were casually chatting about their wives and gf's. As they did this, they were also stroking their erect penises; every one of them; and appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely. Furthermore, they were making no attempt whatsoever to hide it. Had I been whisked to another planet in my sleep? What the sam hill was going on here? Hoping they were so involved with their pleasure that they wouldn't see or hear me, I abruptly changed my mind about showering that day and got the hell out of Dodge.

Here's the part I used to be ashamed of. That night, I had an almost-wet dream (the first I'd had in years) about masturbating with those guys in the health club shower. I was a little freaked out at first, but found the idea more and more appealing as I lay there thinking about it. I didn't climax during the dream, so I decided I needed to masturbate in order to get back to sleep. The next morning, I felt perverted and dirty. What was happening to me? I'd never even considered pleasuring myself in front of anyone, let alone a MAN! Was I embracing my latent homosexuality?

Needless to say, I dreaded my next therapy session. How would I handle it if I saw one of those guys again? My therapy kept me occupied for an hour or so, then it was shower time. I was absolutely covered with sweat, so wimping out on a shower this time was not an option. I was feeling a little better about things since I hadn't seen any of the five guys in the club that day. That went out the window as the 40-ish looking one appeared out of a racketball room. My heart raced. What was I so worried about? He didn't know me from Adam; and none of them knew I saw them........so I thought.

As we headed for the locker room, the other four men showed up from various areas of the club. OMG!! Here we go again!! Damned cataracts. I sat on the bench by my locker as they all stripped down and entered the shower. I decided to just wait for them to finish and leave before I went in. Simple solution, right? No dice. As I sat there trying not to think at all I heard a voice call out.

'You're welcome to join us, man..........' it said cordially. I looked around. Nobody else in the locker room. Well, so much for my anonymity. They knew I'd seen them and they knew I was the only one in the locker room. I gathered my nerve and walked into the shower with my towell around my waste.

There they were; all five of them, joyously stroking away. 'Uh, I don't want to disturb you gentlemen........' I stammered, 'I just need to shower.' In reply, I got a mix of 'No problem, brother; You ain't botherin' us, dude'.

I busied myself with showering and they kept busy with what they were doing. As I listened to their enthusiastic chatting, I realized they were't gay in the least; not one of them. They were just five guys who were goosing off in the shower together. One of them was talking about how much he enjoyed making love to his extremely pregnant wife. He was a man after my own heart. I'd had a fetish for pregnant women for as long as I could remember.

I got butterflies in my stomach as I realized I was actually thinking about joining them. My penis started becoming erect. OMG AGAIN!! I'm not into this!! I thought of every ugly thing I possibly could to sedate my penis as I quickly tried to end my shower and get out. Just when I thought I had myself under control, the 40-ish one walked over to me without missing a single stroke. He spoke very politely. 'I'm sorry, friend, if we're offending you....' he began. I stammered another reply as I hurredly dried off and put my towel back around my waist. 'No, sir, not at all, it caught me a bit off guard, but...........' was all I got out. The man was really enjoying his masturbation and it was rather difficult to string words together for both of us. 'Please don't misinterpret what you're seeing here, okay?' he said with a slight gasp of pleasure, 'We're just practicing good prostate health.'

Oh, THERE'S a great visual; these guys giving each other prostate exams. I almost wretched. Then, my memory came to my rescue. It recalled an article I'd read in some men's health magazine. Masturbation does promote a healthy prostate. My penis interpreted this as a 'Go For Throttle Up', promptly coming to a full rock hard erection. The 'doctor' slowly walked back to the group, still going at it. The intensity of his enjoyment aroused me even more. Not that I wanted to touch him or any of the others, but knowing how much fun they were having really fired me up. My panic reflex was telling me to get out of there, but my libido was winning the arguement. Another member of the group spoke. It was the youngest one, maybe 25. 'Its really okay, man,' he said, 'We're not doin' each other or anything like that.......'

'I know, I know,' I blurted, 'I'm just not into this kind of thing.........'

'You mean you never jerk-off?' another one said. My hand was now on auto-pilot and began massaging the head of my penis under my towel. I really don't know what I was about to say when he continued. 'Look, man, its all cool, seriously, if you wanna leave, go ahead. But you're welcome to join us.'

I stood dumbfounded as he went on further. 'Nobody's gonna look at ya or make fun of ya, man. We're all standin' here doin' the same thing. Just lube up and stroke your rod and don't worry about it.'

That did it. My panic reflex suddenly shut up. (I think my libido shoved a gag in its mouth) I slowly dropped the towell, my erection making itself extremely visible. I began half-heartedly dry stroking and walked hesitantly over to the group. Not one of them even gave me a look but I again got a mixture of pleasantries from them. It felt incredibly strange, but I liked it. Was this really happening? I just stood there listening to the conversation and rubbing the head of my penis. Their discussion had turned to sexual positions. Another one spoke to me as he handed me a tube of KY lubricant.

'Welcome, brother,' he said cheerfully, 'Enjoy yourself.......' No turning back now. I 'lubed up' my hand up and began seriously rubbing my penis, a tiny moan escaping my throat as I surrendered myself to the situation. It was so good. The most sexual fun I'd had in years. We talked about masturbating as if it were a common subject. Lubes, grip styles, circumcision, our favorite porn, etc.; it was all fair game. When one of us stopped talking the rest of us knew he was really getting into his pleasure and left him alone. It was so much fun! Sometimes we would try to cum together, sometimes we would see who could edge longer. Spent a LOT of time in that shower, let me tell you. They told me that they made sure to meet on the club's slow days to minimize the risk of being walked in on. I was glad it didn't stop ME. My therapy continued for another 3 months and I joined in the group-jack more times than I can recall. One of the group, a nice guy about 30, wasn't circed and had never used any lube to masturbate. I'm the one who convinced him to pull his foreskin back and rub lube on his bare head. Made a believer out of him!

Shortly after my therapy was done, I started feeling awful about this and remained that way for years. Reading stories on sites like this one changed my view, thankfully. Masturbation is a natural way to relieve stress and, as we all know, its good for the prostate. The words of my old masting buddy echo in my head to this day. 'Just lube up and stroke your rod and don't worry about it.'

Just thinking about it excites me sometimes.



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