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History Teacher 'Spy'

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Way back when I was young boy my friends and I used to love going around the neighborhood and "spying," as we called it, into some of the various families and teachers we knew to see what they were doing. When we wouldn't see anyone in the house we would joke and say they were probably having sex or something, though without any evidence at all.

Well one night we saw just that. It was myself and my 2 friends, Ray and Dave. We got to our history teachers house. He was in his mid-40's at the time I believe. We hid in and behind his bushes and trees in his backyard until we got close enough to watch them and not be seen. The three of us sat there talking about just watching him and his wife talk and watch some t.v. for about 10 minutes or so. All of a sudden we all saw what we were waiting for each time we looked into another home, they began kissing passionately. We knew where this would lead and all got silent and watched wide-eyed.

Our history teacher began un-buttoning his wife's blouse and feeling her nice breasts. He then pulled off his shirt while she took off her bra. They continued kissing and ribbing each other and he would occasionaly squeeze and suck on her breasts. We could not believe how lucky we were. After a couple more minutes of that, they began to fully undress. She pulled down her pants and then he removed her panties. He began eating her beautiful pussy and she looked to be enjoying it very much.

After some time of that, he pulled down his jeans and boxers, exposing his rock hard cock that was at full attention. Ray, Dave, and I were still dead silent paying very close attention. She began sucking his cock and licking his balls and he looked as if he couldn't take the pleasure. She sucked him for some time and while she was doing this Dave and I noticed that Ray had pulled his penis out of his pants fly and was slowly stroking himself. Dave and I both looked at each other and asked Dave what he was doing. He said he couldn't help it and just kept at it. Well, if he was going to do that while watching why not us!? We both followed his lead and pulled our already hard cocks out of our pants too. We all sat there stroking ourselves while we watched our history teacher get his cock sucked.

After about 10 or 15 more minutes of her sucking him and us stroking ourselves it was about time for all of us. Dave was first to shoot his load, since he was doing it since who knows. He shot 1 initial rope and the rest dribbled out of him onto his hands and pants. Still watching our teacher we saw his head jerk up and his body tense, we knew what was coming. He winsed his face and let out what appeared to me a moan and blew his big load all on his wife's face, in her mouth, and on her breasts. He shot rope after rope, probably about 6 ropes of his cum and then more dribbled out of his cock and hung from the tip.

This was all too much for Ray and I and we both shot our loads within seconds of each other. Mine shot onto the grass and then ran down my hands and onto my pants and Ray's spilled all over his hands and cock. We all sat there a little longer, cleaning up, watching them clean up and continue to mess around, and then we zipped up and began walking home. We talked about what we just saw and did the whole way home and we got very horny while talking. We all had to go to our own houses and as soon as I got home I jacked off again as did Ray and Dave, since I asked them the following day.

The next school day at school, we could not help but think about our teacher and his wife having the great night as we saw him pretty much all day. It was a GREAT time for all of us!



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