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History of Wanking - Part 7 - Susie 1

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A masturbation journey from the beginning taking my hard dick to many varied territories, Susie part 1. Part of a continuing series.


After my week with our cousins life returned more or less to normal if that is what normal is. I was starting my final year at school and life revolved around school work, sport, my porn mag collection and my right hand. I suppose it is probably normal for guys in their mid to late teens to masturbate at least twice a day. Well, you have got to keep checking it still works and where else can you get that much pleasure for free. I was at least getting better at prolonging the sessions. They actually lasted more than a minute or two now!! In fact I was getting quite good at holding back and one of my mates had told me all about edging! At that age you always seem to have sore balls, they ached if you over used them and they ached if you went a couple of days without a session (unlikely I know).

I actually got my head down and worked like I had never worked before during that year, I wanted to go to university! I was looking forward to studying a subject I wanted to do but perhaps more importantly I wanted to take advantage of the great sport facilities at university. I was really getting into sport and the fitter I got the better it became and the more competitive I got. I got into the university probably more on my sporting achievements that my academic ones but here I was starting the next part of my life.

I joined a gym quite close to the university as they offered much better facilities especially for weight training. With a student membership it was quite reasonable. I used to go about two or three times a week and after a few weeks started to notice this girl who always seemed to be there. She was extremely fit and very strong and I have to say I tried to match her in the gym. She noticed this and we got chatting one day. It turns out she was heavily into a sport that required a significant amount of stamina work and endurance training. I will call her Susie (not her real name) I won't identify the sport either, as she became an athlete of international standard and competed at the highest level!

Anyway, over time we became good friends and got to know each other very well. We started to train together and got very competitive with each other. In fact I pushed her very hard and probably helped in a big way in getting her stamina and fitness to a high level. She lived in a shared flat fairly close to the gym and one day after a very hard workout she asked if I would like a coffee back at her place.

'OK, thank you'. I replied.

We got our kit together and went back to her place. It was about a 10 minute walk and we were chatting about sport in general. I am about 6ft 2ins and she was not far short of that either. When I first knew her she was quite shy at first but as I have got to know her she relaxed and she was quite an attractive girl.

We got to her place and she put the kettle on. We sat in the kitchen relaxing and chatting away about sport, exercise and life in general. I asked her what a girl like her does to relax after a hard workout. She looked at me and blushed slightly.

'I might tell you one day'. She smiled and went and made the coffee.

When she sat down again I pressed her on the point. Now we have got to know each other quite well and what she said next quite surprised me.

'Well, sex is a great relaxer!' She explained.

Now up to this point we had never spoken about sex at all and suddenly it was right out there.

'Pardon me for asking but do you have a boyfriend?' I asked.

'Not at the moment, in fact I have had one or two but they never last, mainly due to my lifestyle which revolves totally around sport and training as well as the day job'. She replied

'So, how does sex help then?' I asked maybe a little niavely.

She was still blushing slightly but leaned back in her chair and looked me straight in the eye.

'I play with myself down there, you know jill myself, masturbation!'. She said while pointing down below.

I was a little stunned at her candid answer and felt the usual stirrings in my pants at the thought of her jilling herself off.

'I get quite horny when exercising, especially during a heavy session. It's a girl thing you know, maybe due to all the stretching and rubbing. I have actually had the occasional minor orgasm while pushing myself very hard in a weights session!' She went on.

I was amazed.

'I also get quite horny as a result of exercise and usually have to satisfy myself afterwards.' I added

She smiled 'See, it's not just me!'

I had finished my coffee and had to get going as I needed to be at one of my classes at Uni. I got up to go, still with a semi-hard in my pants, and we agreed to meet up the next day in the Gym.

'Yes, that would be good, looks like you need to sort something out as well!' She smiled as she glanced at my pants.

For the first time I gave her a friendly peck on the cheek, thanked her for the coffee and headed off.

When I got back to my digs I went straight into the shower and as she suggested sorted something out. I soaped up my hand, grasped my hard cock and started stroking while all the time wondering if she was doing the same back in her shower. It's true though, hard exercise really does make you horny. The slow steady stroking was building up to be a massive orgasm. I wondered how far up the shower wall I could get it and as I felt all the muscles start to contract I turned to face it. The first squirt went about to chest height and then I felt the second one really push and managed to get this up to about nipple height. The rest then went much lower and eventually stopped after eight squirts. I cleaned up the wall and dried myself off.

I met Susie at the gym the next day as arranged and suggest a real tough workout as we were both having a break the next day.

'OK!' she said 'Don't push me too far!' she smiled.

'We'll see' I replied.

Well we had a very tough but enjoyable workout, we tend to push each other when either of us starts to flag a little. We did a lot of upper body weights work which always seems to be the toughest. It feels as though your arms are going to fall off and it's all you can do to lift them up afterwards. It also puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Well, after about a couple of hours we decided that was enough as the quality of our work was falling rapidly.

'Coffee?' Susie shouted over as I was collecting my kit together.

'Yes please, that will be good, thanks'. I replied.

We got to her place and virtually collapsed into her chairs in the kitchen. She made a coffee and we sat talking through the session.

'Will you do me a favour?' she asked.

At the same time she turned her chair around and put it in front of me so she had her back to me.

'Please can you rub my shoulders just to relax them a little'. She asked.

'No problem'. I said and warmed my hands on the coffee cup and placed them on her shoulders.

We were both still in our training kit so she was wearing her usual tight top and thigh length lycra shorts. I was in a t-shirt and fairly baggy shorts. I started to rub either side of her neck and put gentle pressure into the back of her shoulder blades with my thumbs. I could feel really tense muscles which slowly started to relax as I rubbed and exerting more pressure now and again.

'That's wonderful, please don't stop'. she said as she relaxed into her chair.

I could feel her relaxing more and more and she leaned her head back until it rested back on my shoulders. When she did this I could see down the front of her top. Now, one thing about Susie is that she has very small breasts, almost non existant, not unusual for a highly fit trained girl. From where I was sitting, with my legs wide apart either side of her chair to get as close as possible, I had a great view of her tiny tits in her tightly clad top. Her nipples were standing out hard against the fabric and this sight got my cock stirring in my pants.

Looking further down though nearly stopped me in my tracks. Her hands were resting on her lap and her legs were slightly apart. She was gently stroking between her legs over the top of what looked like a beautiful soft mound. I was still rubbing her shoulders and the side of her neck.

'Is that feeling better?' I enquired.

'Wonderful, don't stop' she responded.

I sensed a slight change in her breathing as she started to take deeper breaths.

Looking at her hard little nipples and her fingers gently stroking up and down her pussy was causing all sorts of problems in my shorts. I took one hand off to quickly adjust myself.

'Are you OK? I hope you are not getting uncomfortable!' she said as she turned to me and smiled.

I ran my hands down over the outside of her shoulders and upper arms. She was definitely starting to breathe deeper and quicker. My heart was beginning to pound in my chest. I slowly moved my hands from her arms and very gently across her chest feeling the hard little nipples under my fingers. She gasped as I did this.

'Sorry, do you mind?' I asked.

She smiled 'No, but be gentle, they are very tender!'

I gently ran my fingers back and forth over her nipples and actually felt them get harder. This was having a dramatic effect on her breathing and she was almost panting now. Her fingers were pushing hard between her legs and her rubbing was getting more obvious. I let one of my hands run down over her firm stomach until it made contact with her hand.

I was still stroking her breasts with my other hand and occasionally rolling one of her nipples gently between my finger and thumb. She kept rubbing with my hand on top of hers. Slowly she pulled her hand away and let her arms fall at her side. I now could feel her pussy mound still encased in its lycra prison. What I felt nearly made me cum on the spot. She was lovely and soft and I could clearly feel both sides of her pussy with a deep valley down the middle. Towards the bottom I could feel how moist the material had got as she leaked out her slippery juices.

Cupping her pussy in my hand and with a little pressure I was rubbing it up and down. When I ran my finger up and down her valley I could feel her hard clitoris towards the top where the pussy was softest. I could clearly feel this hard little lump and I circled my fingers around it.

She was really panting now and I could feel her hips pushing forward to increase the pressure on my fingers. She was getting close to cumming herself when I felt her hand brush the front of my shorts. She found my stiff cock and started rubbing it up and down over my shorts.

'Hmmmmm! That feels wonderful' she smiled and turned towards me kissing me gently on the cheek.

I pressed hard against her clit as I felt it stiffen even more. Suddenly her panting stopped and she jerked and jolted in the chair and I felt her pussy twitch as she had the first spasm of orgasm. She squeezed my cock and simultaneously I fired the first jet of cum into my pants. She milked my cock dry with an expertise I had never experienced before. She had clamped my hand tight into her crotch as she orgasmed with one pulse after another. We both slumped back into our chairs totally relaxed and satisfied.

I got my hand out from between her legs. It was understandably damp and the smell was glorious. It even made my cock do one or two more twitches in Susie's hand as she would not let go of it. I must see this fabulous pussy, my imagination was running wild as to what was under that lycra. I didn't have long to wait as Susie turned to me.

'Have you got any clean clothes? You can't go home like that!' She asked

She was right, as the front of my shorts were soaked in my copious cum that she had managed to milk out of my very full balls.



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