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History of a Therapist

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This is almost a novel


When I was 16 my cousin introduced my girlfriend and I to a married couple in their early thirties. I'll call them Lynn and Chad. The four of us became great friends and regularly went to rock concerts, picnics, hiking and parties together. Our 15-year-plus age difference only added to the fun. The year was 1967 and the San Francisco area was warm from the famous 'Summer of Love.'

Although I liked Chad a lot, it was Lynn whom I became close with. She was sophisticated, liberated, attractive and always anxious to encourage me in all of my interests. During the next two years I had a few different girlfriends and they all adored Lynn. Many of these girls, as I did, had long intimate discussions about love and sex with Lynn. Lynn became a sex therapist-counselor-conspirator-confidant to me and my lovers, which we all enjoyed. Lynn was pleasantly obsessed with love and sex, especially if it was a relationship other than her own.

Lynn was the assistant to a veterinarian, member of a women's political group and appraiser of antiques. Her positive personality and various jobs brought her into contact with hundreds of people, many of whom were quite bohemian. Over time her active social life caused problems in her marriage. It all came to a head at my 18th birthday party where the two of them had an argument and Chad stormed out. When the party was over I drove Lynn home where we found a note from Chad. He had given Lynn notice of his desire for a divorce. All of Chad's clothes and other possessions were gone.

We sat on her couch in the dark and she snuggled up to me. I thought it was because she was upset, but she was actually relieved that Chad had left. As we talked, she slipped her hand down the front of her pants and started rubbing herself. She told me she often masturbated while thinking of me and she was doing it right then and there. While she played with herself she asked if I ever thought about her when I jacked off. Of course I denied ever masturbating, but she laughed that off. She said all men, especially young men, jack off. Then she put her warm hand on my crotch and asked me to tell her how I did it.

'When I'm in bed alone,' I said.

'Do you look at magazines?'

'Sometimes, if I have them.'

'Do you want to look at some now?' she asked.


Lynn left the room and came back wearing sheer lingerie. She had a candle in one hand and some magazines in the other.

Lynn expertly undressed me, taking off everything except my underpants. Then she opened up the first magazine and we looked at the photos. The pictures were of beautiful young women fingering themselves, playing with dildos, fingering each other and licking each other. I had never seen porno that good. My cock was getting stiff in my underwear and Lynn rearranged it so the head almost pushed up past the elastic band. There was a drop of clear slimy liquid oozing out of the hole. I was getting hot.

'I like to see women fuck themselves,' she said. She was kneeling on the floor beside me turning the pages for me. Her free hand was rubbing her pussy with a slow steady rhythm. I've wanted to do this with you and Karen (my girlfriend) but I was too shy. I think about you and her a lot. She says you're a good lover, but she never cums. Did you know that?'

'I thought she came. She acts like it.'

'She doesn't. Don't feel bad, its hard to make a woman cum by fucking her. You need to last a long time... a really long time.' Then Lynn pulled down my under pants and started jacking me. The feelings were intense. I started humping right away. She stroked me, I came hard and fast, hitting her with a strong stream of white juice. More cum ran down my shaft and she stroked me again, her hand slick with semen.

'I'm sorry,' I said. I was embarrassed. I loved watching you cum. Don't apologize! It turns me on. I can teach you to last for a long time though, if you want,' she said. 'Let me show you.'

Lynn laid down on the couch, her legs draped over my lap. I could see her fingers underneath the sheer material of her nighty. She had her middle finger pressed against the top of her pussy. She rubbed it hard, then slipped it inside, wiggling it from side to side as she pushed it in and drew it out. She was moaning, putting on a show for me. Even though I had just cum, my cock was getting hard again.

'You have to take it slow,' she said. 'When I do myself I take an hour, sometimes longer. Whenever I feel like I'm ready to cum, I slow down and try to stay in that sensitive zone were my contractions are just starting, but I don't give them a chance to go all the way. I bet you just whack yourself until you cum, don't you?'


She laughed. 'That's what I used to do it when I was your age. I'd have sexy thoughts at work or driving and as soon as I got home I'd go into the bedroom, strip down to my panties and start humping on a pillow. After a few minutes of that I'd put some baby oil on my hand, stick two fingers in my cunt and bang away until I got sore, my mother called me, or, if I was lucky, had an orgasm. I was ashamed about doing it, so I tried to get it over as fast as possible. Now I know it's a good thing and I make it last, like this.' Her hand was moving slowly on her pussy, sometimes flicking her clit, sometimes going all the way past her cunt to her ass. Her other hand was rubbing her tits, sometimes pinching her nipples. 'Are you getting hard again?' she asked.

'Yeah.' That was all I could say. I was 18, inexperienced and dumbfounded.

'Grab your cock and stroke it for me. Don't be shy. Every time you squeeze your shaft it's like you're touching me. It really makes me wet to see a man masturbate. Do it. Do it for me.'

I wrapped my hand around the shaft of my cock and started wanking. Lynn put her hand on mine and stopped me. 'Slower, baby. Like this.' That was the first time she'd called me anything but my name. It made my cock even harder. She had me run my hand up and down very slowly. 'Pump one time with your hips when you get to the bottom,' she said. 'After a while I want you to leave your hand in one place and fuck with your hips like this.'

She put both her hands on her pussy and started humping. Arching her back, straightening her legs, relaxing them, thrusting her hips forward, but never moving her hands. Her body was doing all the work. She fucked her hands for a long time like that, building up a strong fast beat, then slowing down to enjoy the rush of her heartbeat. When she rested, she went to work on her pussy with her fingers again.

'Squeeze your cock in time with me,' she said. I moved my hand up and down my rod in time with her as she fingered herself. She stopped for a moment and put some baby oil on my cock and her pussy, then she started again. 'Are you with me now? Does it feel good?'

It did feel good. I was surprised how much better it felt to jack off with her than alone in my room. The smell of her pussy and the sounds of our hands slurping with oil and sweat as we masturbated was a real turn on. Looking at her fingers moving over her cunt was a million times better than staring at a magazine page while a wanked off.

As I got closer to cumming she sensed me speeding up. 'Slow down, baby. Make it last. Take your hands off yourself and rub my ass while you suck my nipples. Don't cum until I do. We'll time it together.'

I did what she said. When I was cooled off a little, and she was hot from having me rub my oily hands all over her she reached down and felt my cock to see if it was losing its stiffness. It was not quite as hard as before, so she got me to start stroking it again.

We went on like this for an hour. The oil kept me from getting sore, but eventually I really wanted to fuck her. I tried to move her so I could get my cock inside of her, but she pulled away. 'Let's make ourselves cum together,' she said.

Then I started wanking myself really hard. My hand was moving as fast as I could get it to go, up and down my rod at full speed. The heat of the movement felt fantastic. Under normal circumstances I would have shot my wad right away, but for some reason I couldn't cum. I worked harder and faster and I felt better than ever, but the tingling that signals an orgasm wouldn't come. Lynn was fucking herself hard too, but she was getting close. I could tell from her breathing that she was going to cum. Suddenly she straightened her legs really hard and arched her back. 'Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!' she whispered as she forced two fingers deep into her pussy and used the other hand to put pressure on her clit. Her climax was intense and I felt her heat and sweat against my skin. I tried to cum with her, jacking off as hard as I could, but my juice wouldn't come. Then she relaxed and I stopped too.

She looked down at my hand. 'You didn't shoot?'

'No. I can't do it. It feels really good, but I can't cum. It's the first time that's ever happened. My dick is hard, but it won't cum.'

'That's good. That's what I was hoping would happen. You've reached the plateau.'

'What's that?' I'd never heard of the plateau.

'It's the plateau phase of excitement. The place where you want to be. It happens when you've had a hard on for so long that the blood is trapped in your cock. You're stiff and sensitive, but you can't cum because your cock is too full of blood and the passageway that your cum travels through is crowded by nearby blood vessels. You can't pee or cum until you relax, but the trick is not to relax. The trick is to stay hard. When that happens you can be the world's best lover. You can fuck your woman until she cums again and again. This is what I wanted to show you.'

'Can I fuck you now?'

'I'll show you something better. Let your cock relax just a bit then I'll help you to cum really hard!' Lynn got up and brought back a dildo. She oiled it up and slipped it between the cheeks of my ass. My cock was a little softer, but still big. The feeling of her moving the dildo was great. 'Jack off for me now,' she said.

I started wanking again and I immediately felt the familiar tingling that signaled a climax. Then she turned on the vibrator in the dildo and I knew I was going to shoot a big one really soon. She encouraged me to fuck myself harder than ever. I formed a circle with my thumb and first finger, like I was making the 'okay' sign, and ran it over the head of my cock and past the point where my shaft starts, then back again. I concentrated on the spot just behind the head of my cock. The sweet sensitive spot that makes the back of my legs and my balls tingle. I worked on it harder and faster while Lynn forced the vibrator a little farther into my ass. Then it happened. My muscles started contracting and I felt the load of cum shoot up my cock and out the hole. It shot at least two feet out and splattered Lynn's neck. The second wad was weaker, but it still reached her tits. Then three more contractions pushed a load of white jizz over my knuckles and down my hand.

After I rested for a while Lynn told me the secret of how to reach the plateau every time.

'When you masturbate, take at least 45 minutes before you cum. Then an hour. Then stroke yourself for an hour, but don't come. When you can get yourself hard for a solid hour and then save your cum, you'll be able to fuck a woman for as long as it takes to get her to cum. But there's more. When you're with her, you have to get hard and stay hard for at least 20 minutes before you slip your cock into her. You have to reach the plateau before you fuck her.

Kiss her, fondle her, gently finger her, rub your leg between hers, squeeze her ass, suck her nipples, put your tongue inside her... do it all. Have her stroke your cock every now and then, but don't let it go so far that you squirt. After 20 or 30 minutes you can fuck her, but start slow. Then you'll last long enough to make her cum.'

That's how I learned how masturbation can be used to train myself to maintain a good stiff cock for a long time. With Lynn's encouragement and nightly phone calls I masturbated often and long, sometimes for two hours, just sitting on the couch watching TV and stroking myself. I learned to really enjoy staying on the edge without squirting. Lynn taught me to reach down and hold my cock so I could rub the head against Karen's clit like a vibrator. She loved it. I encouraged Karen to use my cock to make herself cum... masturbating with my cock. With Lynn's help she got quite creative with it. On one occasion Lynn, Karen and I spent a whole day stroking ourselves and each other. The whole day.

Karen and I were Lynn's first coached couple, and due to our young age, we achieved remarkable things. Karen claimed that she came eight times that day. I came once, at the very end of our session. Lynn had made me promise not to cum for a week prior to our date, so I was fully loaded. It was a huge amount of cum! It shot all over both of their tits and into Karen's eyes and hair. I treasure that memory!

Lynn's fascination with sex, and masturbation in particular, became a business for her. With a major house payment to make after her husband left, she started having 'parties' at her house with other women. At first she called them 'Melting Frigidity' parties. She started with two or three women at a time, showing porno films and getting them to masturbate in separate bedrooms. Eventually she set it up so all the women laid in a circle on a soft padded carpet on the floor and the film was projected on the ceiling. She would go around to each one, coaching her on how to masturbate. She encouraged them to hump, moan, and scream. The 'Circles' workshops got very popular and in a year she was making enough of a living to buy a new house.

For a while I attended parties at Lynn's house where as many as six women friends came over for the 'Circle' We observed strict rules of cleanliness and swore oaths of secrecy concerning our clients. (Don't worry alumni! I will always respect those oaths, even though I would love to talk with some of you now!!!)

Many of the women were unattractive, but if I kept up with my masturbation routines every day, I was able to remain stiff when I needed too. Whenever I began to lose my resolve, I'd visit the Circle Room to watch several women masturbating! I get hard thinking about that right now.

I was never paid in money for my 'work' but I often received valuable gifts, including a brand new car, a down payment for a condo, a trip to Europe, a year's pre-paid college tuition and countless other things. On one occasion the police came to arrest everyone, but Lynn delayed them at the door long enough for all of us to get dressed. After that, Lynn hired an attorney to write up contracts for her clients so it was seen as a 'private art experience' by the law. Later Lynn earned her PHD in Psychology and the harassment ended forever. My only regret was that Karen despised me for attending Circle and left me.

I quit doing the Circles after a year because I fell in love with a woman and wanted to be faithful to her. (She knew nothing about my connection with the Circles.) As soon as I stopped the long masturbation routines, my ability to stay stiff for hours also failed. I tried to get back into it, but it was so much more fun concentrating on my lover than myself. I can still stay hard longer than any man she's known, but not like before. We've been married for 31 years.

Lynn's technique can work for any healthy man, but the eternal hard on is only achievable by a youth. Certainly the routine Lynn taught me was effective, but it was Lynn herself that was the real secret. She is a priestess of sex and her encouragement supplied most of the energy. She is still practicing her craft. I visited her on her 65th birthday and she actually got me to masturbate for her! What an amazing woman. Go Lynn Go!



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