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His Hot Apartment

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This past summer when I went to visit a friend at his apartment, it was a warm day and since he lives on the sixth floor in an older brick building, it was very hot inside. Even with the windows open, it was almost unbearably hot inside.

From the time he met me in front of the building, all he had on were a pair of gym shorts and sandals, and I didn't have much more than that. We made our way upstairs and fell back onto the couch, trying to cool off with the fan he had in the room. We were sitting there watching TV when he said he couldn't stand it anymore, then raised up and slid his shorts off, leaving him naked in front of me. He spread his legs apart and said how much better it felt. It took a minute, but he looked over and told me that I could strip down too if I wanted, no need to sit there sweltering. I was a little nervous, but I stood up and pulled off my clothes and tossed them off to the side. It was weird, but I don't think I had ever felt freer than at that point.

We watched and bullshitted for a while, acting like nothing as any different, and when he got up to get us a couple of beers, when he walked back in he was sporting a semi. I kept my eye on it, and for no reason it started growing into, I must say, a fantastic looking erection. About 7 inches long, a big purple head and a slight upward curve. He tried to ignore it, but it wouldn't go away. He sat there for about 5 minutes before he said 'sorry man, but I have to take care of this thing', then grabbed it and started stroking it slowly. I couldn't believe he was doing it right in front of me, but his show was starting to make my penis grow as well. By the time I was rock hard I asked him if he minded, and he told me to go for it. After a little while he spun sideways and asked me if I had ever masturbated with anyone else before, and I told him it was my first time. He had done it a few times, and he said it was no big deal because everybody masturbates, so why hide it? He made it seem like stroking your penis in front of someone was just a normal thing.

There we sat, both of us masturbating freely, not having a care in the world. His breathing got heavier and then he said he was about to cum. He closed his eyes and threw his head back, and I watched him as he shot a huge load of cum straight up in the air, first splattering on his chest with the rest running out all over his hand. Seeing him in that state, fully relaxed with his cum-covered hand still slowly massaging his cock, my own orgasm hit me, making me cum all over myself. I twisted around and for the first time my toes curled, and it felt fantastic. It was probably the best orgasm I've ever had. After watching me cum, he got up and grabbed us some paper towels to mop it all up. We got it all into the trash, and he said he needed to take a cool shower, and that I could use the spare bathroom if I wanted to as well. It sounded like a good idea, and after we were out we were much more comfortable. The rest of the afternoon we just hung around the TV, enjoying the freedom of being naked.



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